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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 21st, 2011 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

L-Shape Sports ComboOne way to make your inflatable business stand out from the competition is through partnerships and strategic alliances. By sharing resources with other businesses offering products and services in the party and event rental industry, your company will have a competitive edge, and much more versatility and options to offer your customers.

A strategic alliance is not a merger, and does not mean that your inflatable business will lose any of its individuality. This type of partnership will enable you to work as a team with other businesses. Estimates show that when companies align themselves with businesses in the same industry their revenue increases by up to eighteen percent. By combining efforts, from sales and marketing to putting on an event, with another party and event business you can create a win-win situation for both of you.

To form an alliance with a business you must first determine what you are looking to gain from the partnership. Create a basic business plan outlining your expectations for this partnership. This step will assist you in deciding what type of business and alliance would be best suited for your inflatable company. Are you looking to offer your customers more services with a companion business? Would discounted products and supplies be helpful when negotiating with your suppliers a larger order? Is your business growing to the extent that you are having trouble keeping up? Take a good look at your business and determine where a strategic alliance can benefit you.

You will also need to conduct some research to find the right company that will fit with your own product offerings. For smaller inflatable businesses partnering with a larger company may be useful to you. This type of alliance would allow you to offer your customers larger, more elaborate equipment that you are not currently equipped with. Another key area for strategic alliances in the inflatable business is with add-ons. Consider what additional services your clientele may be interested in. For example providers of everything from psychic readings and faux tattoos, to balloon art may all make great companions with your inflatable services. Adding this value to your customers will set your business apart from the competition with the additional services that you are able to offer.

Other great businesses for partnership with an inflatable company include providers of tents, tables and chairs. This will allow your customer to do one-stop shopping for their event, further increasing your company’s value and ensuring that your client’s event is a success.

Of course, it is imperative that you protect yourself and your company when forming a strategic alliance. To prevent any risk of having your customers swayed by your partner, you will need to establish a strong connection with the company’s owner. It is also advisable that you put in writing each company’s expectations for the partnership, having a lawyer read over the material and both parties sign.

Keep your mind open when considering strategic alliances. Every little advantage can help you pitch your inflatable company to customers and make a lasting impression.

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Why you Should Write a Business Plan

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 18th, 2011 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Double Slide Raging Tides & SNSLWhen you first begin your own business, things can be extremely unnerving. It’s always scary to begin something new, especially if it’s something that you have very little practice in doing. That’s why almost all business experts advise people who start a new business to write a business plan. Even business owners who have begun Fortune 500 companies look at a business plan before fully deciding to invest in something. If you’re planning on beginning an inflatable rental business, before you even begin to look for bounce house sales websites, it’s vital that you write your business plan.

What it Does

Imagine trying to build a house without any blueprints. Could you build something that looks like a house? Possibly, if you’ve built a few homes before. But is that house going to be anywhere near as sturdy as one that was built with solid plans? Likely not. A business plan is exactly that – a blueprint for your business. It’s a way to keep you organized and to help you to stay on track. You would never believe how easy it is to get off track when you’re running your own business. Things change and you find yourself trying to change to adapt to specific situations, such as trying to find the right bounce house manufacturer or trying to gauge your demographic. Your business plan can help you to keep on track.

What to Write

What should you add in your business plan? Look online and you’ll find dozens of sites that can help you to understand what types of things you should put on your business plan. What you opt to include is all up to you. You should always put into your business plan, however, your company’s goals, how you’re going to achieve them, and what your company’s core beliefs are. These three things can help you to stay on track, even when the bounce house sales situation takes a turn that you didn’t expect it to take. You don’t have to come up with sophisticated words, nor do you have to have a business degree to be able to put together a business plan. You simply have to do some research on the formatting and to flush out your business idea thoroughly.

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What to Do When Your Inflatable Business Is Slow

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 13th, 2011 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Aqua Tide 24 SlideIn an ideal {life|world} any moonwalk business would be able to start up and would have a steadily increasing income thorough out the years. Unfortunately we don’t {exist|live} in an ideal world, and almost every business from the beginning of time has gone through a slow phase. How you handle a slow phase is the difference between having a business that is able to last, and having one that isn’t. Many people, even those who {always|constantly} look at an inflatable slide manufacturer website and who know that they want to start this type of business, often hesitate in beginning their business simply because they don’t know what they would do if the business was slow. Here are a few {tricks|tips} that should be able to help you to pick up the pace if the house you purchased from the inflatable manufacturer doesn’t seem to be renting well.

Check The Equipment

Always double check {the|your} equipment. Make sure that {all|everything} is as clean as can be and that you’ve got not dirt, dust, or cobwebs anywhere. When you’re storing your bounce house or slide for awhile, it’s possible for it to {get|become} a bit dusty, which can put people off. If they feel as though they’ve rented something old and used, they’re less likely to spread your name around to others. So always make sure that your equipment is {working|functioning} perfectly and is absolutely clean. If it’s not {working|functioning} right, immediately get a replacement part from the inflatable manufacturer, or, if necessary, purchase a new product to replace the old one.

Check Yourself

How are your {client|customer} service skills? Customer service skills can make or break a business, which is why it’s {important|vital} that you make sure that your skills are up to par. Feel free to contact older customers and to ask them if they would take the time to answer a few questions about their experience with you. You can then either {talk|speak} with them by phone or, better yet, can send them an email with a questionnaire on it. This questionnaire will point out the positives in your business and if there are any flaws, which can help you to better your {company|business}.


Are you {receiving|getting} a great deal of business? If you’re not, have you {considered|been} advertising? Far too often people {buy|purchase} their product from their inflatable slide manufacturer and think that just because they have the product, people will connect with them and start renting it. They can’t rent from you if they don’t know about you. If things are going slow, check your advertising options. If what you’re doing isn’t working, look into doing something else.
Remember: all businesses get slow, but if you keep great equipment, have great customer service skills, and the right advertising, things will pick up again in no time.

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Customer Service Tips for Your Inflatable Jumper Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 11th, 2011 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

There are all sorts of tips that you’ll read online about how to make sure that your inflatable jumpers company is profitable. You’ll find tips on advertising, tips on how to purchase the ideal inflatable jumper, and even tips on how much you should charge. But none of these tips will help you to make your company more profitable if you don’t have a good understanding of what customer service is and how to do it properly.

Customer Service
Mighty Tropical Super SlideCustomer service, on paper, sounds easy. It’s just the act of making sure that all of the clients that you’re dealing with are given service that exceeds their expectations from the start of your business together to the end of your business, and even beyond. While it’s easy to say “I’m going to give my customers great customer service”, it’s a great deal more difficult to put into action, especially if you’ve never had to deal with customer service before and haven’t had the opportunity to build up the right skills.

When you own an inflatable jumpers business, the inflatable jumpers that you rent out, and the cost to rent them, is only about 50% of your business. The other 50% comes from you. No customer is going to rent inflatable jumpers from you if they find that you’re rude and uncooperative. What they need is to be treated the way that any client should expect to be treated – with respect and care.

Difficult Customers
So what do you do when you’re working with difficult customers? Unfortunately every business owner will, at one point in time or another, have to deal with a difficult client or two. How do you handle these customers? First it’s always best to let them get out what they need to say. Don’t try to cut them off, and listen to everything that they’re saying. Many times if you simply let a client vent their frustrations out on you, they’ll wind up being in a much more reasonable frame of mind. Always listen to your customers and then, once they’ve vented, ask them what they would like you to do to help fix whatever the issue is. Many times you can reach a compromise much easier than you may believe.
Remember: customer service isn’t something that you “should” do, it’s something that you have to do if you want to make sure that your inflatable jumpers company is one that succeeds.

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Should You Start Your Inflatables Business with a Partner

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 8th, 2011 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Pirate Bounce HouseWhen you think about taking on something as big as a new {endeavor|business}, it can be easy to think about adding a partner to your business. This is because it seems much less scary to share a business with someone than to go it alone. At least, you figure, if you {split|share} with someone, you’ll have someone there to celebrate with in the good times, and to help you in the bad times. When you start to {glance|look} at the sites that offer a moonwalk for sale, and you’re thinking about having a partner, here are a few things that you may want to think about before you decide whether you should go it alone or have a friend help.


One of the most well-known bands in the {nation|world} was The Beatles. Who would ever have thought that four men from England would be as popular as they were, and actually still are. But even this amazing band, which seemed to be unbreakable, was {ripped|pulled} apart. This is because any band, or {company|business}, that has partners is one that is susceptible to falling apart. If you decide to partner up with someone, your {company|business} is going to be at risk. At some point in time you’ll have a disagreement – maybe it’s when you’re talking about which moonwalk manufacturer to use, or maybe it will be when you’re trying to decide on pricing, or even further down the {way|road}. How you deal with disagreements is the important thing, and what will keep your business from disintegrating.

The Profits

If you have a partner, how you deal with {income|profits} is also going to be important. It’s easy to say, in the beginning, that you’ll split the profits 50/50, but what happens if one person does more work than the other? It can be {difficult|tricky} to split the profits, especially if your business grows large quickly. If you do {decide|opt} to have a partner, make sure that you have a contract that clearly states who makes how much money, as well as the amount of work that is required in order to earn a profit from the {company|business}.

It can be easy, when you’re looking at a moonwalk for sale, to think about {getting|having} a partner, but there is a huge difference between theory and reality, so make sure, before you clearly decide on having a partner work with you in your business, if it’s something you’re truly prepared to take on.

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