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Debunking Bounce House Rental Business Myths

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 1st, 2012 Date Updated : December 26th, 2013

Q: You have to spend a lot of money to start a bounce house rental business, right?

A: One of the biggest questions people have when they start thinking about starting their own bounce house rental business is how much money they’re going to have to spend in order to get the business started. Some people believe that it is like a franchise, where you have to pay a specific amount of money in dues in order to own the business. The reality of the fact is that while you do have to spend some money to start your own bounce house rental business, and granted most of your money will go to the inflatable slide manufacturer that you will purchase your bounce houses from, it really does not cost a huge amount of money to start a bounce house business. Simply purchase the units, get insurance, and start a website and you’re ready to go.

Q: Insurance? Do I really need insurance to start a bounce house rental business?

A: The first thing you should do, even before you have picked which bounce houses and slides you will purchase from the inflatable slide manufacturer, is to look into insurance. Having insurance is extremely important as it protects you from being sued by your clients and also protects you rental items. Some new business owners believe that if they are simply careful they will not have to worry about having insurance, but accidents can happen at any point in time which is why it is extremely important to make sure you have insurance for your bounce house rental business.

Q: I have to like kids to do this, right?

A: Truthfully, most bounce houses are rented by parents to be entertainment at a child’s birthday party, so if you do own a bounce house rental business you likely will be around children. It is extremely important that you are comfortable around children, but you don’t have to like getting down on the floor to play with them to own a rental business. Remember: a vast majority of your clients will be parents renting the bounce house for the party which means you only have to set up and take down the unit minimizing the amount of time you’re around children.

Q: How much time will I have to take off work to own this business?

A: One of the smartest things you can do if you’re starting your bounce house rental business is to continue working while you start the business. It can take a few years for any new business to take off and having a steady income is the best way to remain financially secure. The good news, however, is that most of the time a bounce house we rented on a weekend which means if you work Monday through Friday job, you should have to take absolutely no time off of work to manage your business.

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Keeping Your Unit Inflated Overnight

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 10th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Double Lane Marble and Blue SlideWhen you first start renting units, no matter whether they be a bounce house or inflatable slide, things are very exciting. It’s normal to look forward to setting up, and taking down units for your customers. As time goes on, however, you will quickly find that while setting up doesn’t seem to be too much of a hassle, taking down the units gets more and more frustrating. If not because the units are difficult to take down, in fact most of them are extremely easy to dismantle, it simply that, well, they can be a boring job and the last thing you want to do in the evening hours is to you take down a bounce house. It can sound extremely appealing to leave the dismantling of the unit until the morning hours. Is it a good idea, though, to leave the bounce house up overnight?

Overnight Visitors

There are a lot of things that the inflatable slide manufacturer will tell you about your unit before, and after, you have purchased it. Many times the manufacturer will tell the new owner how much weight the unit can handle and how large the space you need to have in order to set it up. What they don’t tend to recommend is whether or not you should leave your bounce house up overnight. What do we believe? We feel that it is not a good idea to leave any bounce house running overnight and there are a few reasons why.

Firstly, if you have any idea how much power it takes to run a bounce house for an extended period of time? The inflatable slide manufacturer will point out that it doesn’t take a huge amount of power to inflate the unit, and this is true. Believing it on for over 12 hours can make your electric bill rise significantly, and not only that they can also shorten the lifespan of the blower a great amount. Not only do you have to worry about electricity and the blower if you leave the unit up overnight, you also have to worry about late night visitors. Creatures find inflated units extremely appealing and if you’re fortunate enough to not have an inflated unit get nocturnal guests, you will most definitely find that it is full of bugs the next morning. We think that it is better idea to dismantle the unit you purchase from the inflatable slide manufacturer as soon as the party is over rather than to risk it being damaged in any way.


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Bringing the Amusement Park To Your Customers

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : May 4th, 2012 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Rippling Tide with PoolThere is no hiding it – the price of gas is going up in there is absolutely nothing we can do about. This means a huge amount of frustration to many people, especially those in the trucking industry, but it can actually be a very good thing for your bounce house rental business. You may not think, after you spent all that time selecting which units to purchase from the inflatable slide manufacturer that rising gas prices were actually help you, especially if you had to pay fairly high shipping fees, but in reality the higher the gas prices are, the more likely it is that your phone is going to ring.

Making Backyard Fun

What types of things do families change once the gas prices start to rise? One of the biggest things they changes the amount they go out of the house. When gas prices are low, families take time to enjoy traveling small, or large, distances with each other. They enjoyed having to local attractions, and visiting attractions that are further away. What is more fun than an amusement park? There is a reason why amusement parks charge so much during the summer, and that is because it is the time of year when families take vacation with each other. But what if the gas prices are so high that families do everything they can to avoid spending so much money on buying gas?

That is where you come in. If the family can go to the amusement park, the amusement park and come to them! With the unit that you purchased from the inflatable slide manufacturer, you can bring a great deal of fun to a family’s backyard. If you simply have bounce house units and regular slides to rent, families will have a great deal of fun. If, however, you purchase the units from the inflatable slide manufacturer that can turn into a waterslide, families will not only have fun, they may invite their entire neighborhood over for a backyard amusement park party. Make sure when you advertise the summer that you comment on the high price of gas as well as the fact that you can transform a backyard into an amusement park-like location for a very small amount of money.


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Wasting Time with Potentials

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : April 15th, 2012 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Ocean Slide with PoolThere are a number of nuances to owning a business that most people do not think about, nor do they even realize that they have to think about. When you first purchase your bounce house or slide from the inflatable slide manufacturer you may believe that you have all of your ducks in a row. You’ve got your insurance set up, you already have an online presence, and your business plan is set to go. What could you be forgetting? The clients.

Wasting Your Time

You’ll find that you have a number of different types of clients that you will have to deal with on a regular basis. Some will be in great moods and will be ready to book your services the minute they talk to you, while others may be a bit grumpy. Handling either of these types of clients is generally fairly easy if you’re good with people, but what do you do about the “lookie-lou’s”? what are lookie-lous? These are the potential clients who are constantly calling you and asking questions, or who act like they are going to book your services but never do. There’s nothing more annoying or frustrating than being held off by a potential client, so how do you handle it?

First realize that they aren’t trying to play games with you. It may initially feel like they are trying to make you feel like a mouse in a maze, but they aren’t. They may honestly have a number of questions that they want answered, like what inflatable slide manufacturer you purchased the slide from or how much weight your bounce houses can hold. They may be the type of people who want to know the answer to everything before they book anything. It may also be that they are the type of people who truly can’t make up their minds.

Dealing with see people is definitely difficult, but there are a few things you can do to make the situation more tolerable. First, realize that they’re likely not intentionally trying to be difficult. Secondly, make sure you’re as patient with them as you can be. If you let your frustrating explode on them they may talk with friends or family, potentially diminishing your customer base. Also, ask if they would like to stop by one of your setups one day. Generally when you ask a difficult client like this if they would like to see the item from the inflatable slide manufacturer in action, they tend to make a decision one way or another.


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Picking the Right Slide

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : March 10th, 2012 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Sport Challenge IIOne of the first questions that people ask when they even start to think about owning their own bounce house business is whether they should stick with bounce houses or if they should also purchase slides from an inflatable slide manufacturer. The question is actually a very good one, as things have changed drastically for people in the bounce house industry since technology has made it easier than ever before to create unique slides and bounce houses. When do you get slides, and what type of slide should you get?

When to Expand

When you should purchase from an inflatable slide manufacturer depends on your business and how comfortable you are with it. Many people who are starting in the industry now purchase two bounce houses and one slide so that they can offer a few different options to potential clients, and this may be a good solution for you. Quite often the slide from the inflatable slide manufacturer is just as easy to set up as the bounce house, but it is important to note that the rules on a slide are much different than the rules on a bounce house, so you will need to familiarize yourself with all of the rules before you start to rent either type of inflatable out.
If you already own a bounce house business and are making a fairly steady income than it may be the perfect time to expand a bit by purchasing a few slides. You will find that you can get high quality slides from an inflatable slide manufacturer that may also double as a bounce house manufacturer, which gives you the added bonus of being able to work with only one manufacturer instead of two.

The Right Slide

Selecting the right slide is a key component to making sure that your business thrives. What type of slide should you select? You have to basic options: wet or not wet. There are certain inflatable slides that can actually be watered down for a wild and wet ride, but should you go with that version or the more traditional one? A good rule of thumb is to think about how many dry days your area has. If you have a lot of dry days than a slide that you can wet down will likely be a great promotional tool. If, however, you live in an area where rain is prevalent than a wet slide likely won’t be a huge selling point.

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