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How a Moonwalk Business Works

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : July 9th, 2010 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Tropical Slide with Slip n SlideHow a Moonwalk Business Works

The idea of owning your own business can be extremely intimidating to some. They believe that the entire process is something that only the very wealthy, or the very intelligent, are going to be qualified to do. But the truth is that just about anyone who has the drive and determination, and the smarts to be able to do a bit of research, can start their own business. One business that is very simple to begin is a moonwalk business.

What Is a Moonwalk?

Moonwalks are often called bounce houses. They are the large inflatable houses that you see on lawns and at birthday parties and other types of celebratory events. These inflatable houses are simple to transport, and easy to set up, especially once you have been doing it for awhile. They’re always a hit at any party with young children, as the children thoroughly enjoy getting into the house and jumping around, and parents love that their children are able to bounce around and have fun safely.

How Does This Work?

So how does having a moonwalk business work? To start with, you need to buy some moonwalks. Moonwalks can be a bit expensive, especially if you’re going to spend money to buy some of the higher quality ones. But once you have made this first purchase, however, you have then purchased everything that you need in order to start your business, aside from liability insurance. Liability insurance is something that is recommended in order to keep you safe from any sort of lawsuits or injuries that may occur from the moonwalk rental. While 99% of the time good, clean, safe fun can be had, there are is always the possibility of something happening accidentally, which is why insurance is always a good idea.

Once you’ve purchased one moonwalk, or a few moonwalks (you can find many different styles which will all appeal to different types of people), then you’re ready to go. You can start advertising your services for free, even, using the internet and social media outlets, and you can post fliers and advertise in your local papers if you so choose to.
Owning a moonwalk business is fairly easy to do, especially if you take your time and do some research before you purchase one. And best of all you can expand your business easily, by buying more moonwalks when you find that you have a need to!

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Geographical Targeting For Your Inflatable Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : July 5th, 2010 Date Updated : January 2nd, 2014

Geographical targeting, also referred to as geo-targeting, is critical to the marketing of your inflatable business. This type of targeting allows you to focus your online sales and marketing initiatives to specific regions, reaching only your business’ target market. Through geographical targeting your inflatables audience can be narrowed down by region of the country, state, city, metro area, or even zip code based on where you offer your services.

Geographic targeting is particularly critical when it comes to internet marketing for your business. One great, and free, way to use the internet to do this is through Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to list your business’ contact information, post coupons and even include recent news. You can even use Google Maps’ interactive dashboard to view the performance (views and clicks) for your listing. Once your inflatable business is listed with Google Maps your business will be at the top of searches when a visitor types in your company name, address or phone number. In addition, Google Maps will use this data to geographically target searchers in your area looking for the services that you provide.

Click below to set up your free Google Maps listing.

Yahoo Maps has a similar program which you can find by clicking below.

You can also list your company on This site offers advertising options as well, again taking into consideration your geographic target market.

Click below to list your company

Online marketing campaigns, such as search engine advertising with Yahoo and Google Adwords, can all be created to focus on a particular geographic area. The cost for this type of search engine advertising is based on the number of clicks your ad receives. This means that through geographic targeting you are able to conserve your marketing budget, by showing your ad to your businesses’ target audience, and thus being billed only for clicks that are within your local service area.

For more information on the top search engines’ use of geographical targeting click on the following:

There are also many online local news and magazine sites that cater to a particular geographic location. These sites frequently offer banner and text advertising to generate more revenue. You can be assured that viewers of your ad through these sites are fitting into your target market as well.

Geographic targeting has been proven to be 90-95% accurate. Whether you are actively marketing and advertising your business online, or simply looking to increase your web presence through directory listings, taking your geographic target market into consideration and including this data will make your efforts much more effective. All businesses in the inflatables industry should take advantage of this type of targeting to market to their prospects. Good luck and happy targeting!

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