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Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : July 7th, 2011 Date Updated : April 23rd, 2023

Tips for Purchasing Inflatable Slides

When inflatable bounce houses hit the scene the public was shocked. Here was a product where you could allow children to jump around like the wild animals that they tend to behave like without worrying about them harming themselves like you do when they’re on a trampoline. But as with everything, the novelty of inflatable bounce houses wore off a bit and they’re now fairly common place. Thankfully there is another type of inflatable that has hit the market that your clients will love: inflatable slides!

Inflatable slides are basically designed in the same concept as inflatable bounce houses. Inflatable slide manufacturers create the slide using the same process that they do to create the bounce house, only they have altered the purpose of the design to make sure that children can slide down the air and fabric instead of jumping on it. If you were to reshape an inflatable slide you’d find that it would act exactly like an inflatable bounce house.

What to Buy

Check out the options available from inflatable slide manufacturers and you’ll see that there are dozens of designs from each manufacturer to select from. Each type is a bit different – so what do you select? If your inflatable business has a theme, such as a pirate theme or a desert theme, than you’ll want an inflatable slide that matches your theme. If you have no theme, you can still narrow down the type of slide that you should purchase.

Start by figuring out if you want a wet or a dry slide. Some of the slides can be wet or dry, while others can only be dry. If you live in an area where there is a lot of water available, and where water parks are scarce, than having a slide that can convert into a wet slide may be a great business investment. If there happens to be a lot of water parks near your location, the uniqueness of having an inflatable water slide may be lost on your clients, so you may want to stick with just a traditional inflatable.

The next thing to think about is how big you want your inflatables to be. If you’re renting out to mostly young children, stick with a smaller slide for now. If you have a lot of older clients, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of adult clients, go with the larger inflatable slides.

It can be difficult to pick which type of slide you should purchase from your inflatable slide manufacturer, and if you’re truly having a difficult time picking one slide, a chat with the inflatable slide manufacturers customer service agent may be a huge help!

Thinking Of Adding An Inflatable Slide to Your Collection?

When most people started their inflatable jumper business they did so by only purchasing jumping houses. This is because that was the most popular thing to purchase at that time. And they sold well – more and more people started their own bounce house businesses and made it commonplace for parents to rent bounce houses for their children’s birthday parties or for corporations to do so for promotional events. But now that there are so many different businesses who own bounce houses, and even some parents who have purchased their own, what can you do to shake up your own business? Try adding an inflatable slide!

Inflatable slides are one of the most popular things to add to your growing business, and many business owners are finding that these inflatables go out faster than any of their other equipment. When you look at an inflatable slide manufacturer website you’ll see that you have a lot of options to choose from, but why are these types of slides so popular that inflatable slide manufacturer’s are often having a hard time keeping them in stock?

The Fun of a Slide!

What’s more fun than going down a slide? Most adults haven’t gone down a slide in a very long time, which is actually a shame, watches replicas usa as taking a slip down a slippery slide can be a great way to enjoy yourself innocently. Head to your local park and slide down the slide yourself and see what you’re missing! You’ll likely instantly remember the fun that you used to have when you were younger. This is a great idea if you’re looking to purchase a new inflatable slide but you’re not sure what it will feel like or why it’s so popular.

Slides are one thing that children can play on that they don’t need to have a friend to use. If you jump in a house without a friend it’s fine for a few minutes but the novelty wears off pretty quickly. A slide, however, is a whole different matter. Much like a swing, a slide doesn’t require that you have any friends to enjoy yourself, and children can go down the slide over and over again, feeling that same rush and exhilaration that they felt the first time they went down every single time.

There are a number of options available for you to choose from if you’re looking to add an inflatable slide to your army of inflatables, but the two basic are wet and dry slides. Dry slides are much like a traditional jumper and are simply inflated until they’re full. Children slide down the slide and then scramble back up to the top. Wet inflatable slides can be used dry or they can be used wet! Check your inflatable slide manufacturer website and you’ll see that many of the wet slides actually have sprinklers coming out of them, making it even more fun for the children using it and making it easy to keep the slide wet!

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Inflatable Slides Manufacturer
It can be difficult to pick which type of slide you should purchase from your inflatable slide manufacturer, and if you’re truly having a difficult time picking one slide, a chat with the inflatable slide manufacturers customer service agent may be a huge help!