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Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 30th, 2012 Date Updated : April 23rd, 2023

Whenever you see a good sale, or great deal, you are much more likely to want to take advantage of it. If you see something that says buy one get one free, or something that says 50% off, that is a promotion. A promotion is a way of getting new customers and clients to notice your business and it also a way to show your current customers and clients that you appreciate them. Quite often people who own bounce house rental businesses are first-time business owners in do not know how to hold a promotion. Here are a few tips about promotions that will help you to get your moonbounce units rented out in record time.

Type of Promotion

Before you start advertising any type of promotion you will need to figure out what type of promotion you should have. There are many different types of promotions that work well for a moonbounce rental company, including giving a percentage off and doing something like a buy one get one deal. There are, however, other types of promotions as well. One type of promotion that is very popular is when current clients get benefits for bringing in new clients. For instance let’s say that John has been a client for a few years. The promotion may be designed so that if a friend of John’s rents a moonbounce unit, the friend will get a discount on the unit because he was referred and John will receive some sort of gift for referring his friend. Often John would receive a discount towards his next rental or maybe even a small cash gift.

When to Run It

Another thing that is important is to figure out when you should hold a promotion. Promotions are generally utilized the most by businesses when they are in their slow season. If you rent out a lot of moonbounce units in the summer, you likely would not want to do any sort of promotion the point in time. Instead, focus on having a promotion during the slower season, iced out replica watches such as the fall or winter months. This way your clients feel happy that they are getting a deal and you feel happy because you are renting out the units when they may have just been sitting in the shed not making any money.

Emotions can be a wonderful way to get a brand-new clients answer work with clients, but if you feel a little overwhelmed about the idea of hosting a promotion, contact business owners that you feel comfortable with and ask them when they have done promotions and how they have worked for them.

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Here are a few tips about promotions that will help you to get your moonbounce units rented out in record time.