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Wholesale Commercial Water Slides for Sale

Jungle Jumps is the premier manufacturer of inflatable water slides, and the company provides many models of wholesale commercial water slides for sale, along with obstacle courses, inflatable bounce houses and other commercial-grade inflatables. Every water bounce house or inflatable slip and slide purchase means you are getting quality inflatables built for your business to the highest standards in the water slide industry

Inflate your Business with our Commercial-Grade Wet & Dry Slides and Mind-Blowing Inflatables

Jungle Jumps has the largest selection of commercial-grade inflatables available on the retail market. Our manufacturing experience and commitment to quality give our customers exactly what they need for their own businesses. Here are some of the choices we have for sale in our collection of wet and dry commercial inflatables:


Raging Tides Slide

A single lane and a cresting wave motif highlight these exciting commercial inflatables for sale. An inflatable staircase takes riders to the top, and the slide brings them down to a generous bumper area. This dry slide is built with durability for years of use.  

Fire Rippling Tide Waterslide

Dual lanes and an inflatable staircase highlight one of the most exciting commercial wet slides we offer for sale to our customers. Cooling thrills complement the hot colors and curved shape of these inflatable units. A covered launch area and the exceptional durability you’ve come to expect from Jungle Jumps are part of this commercial-grade water slides package.


22' USA Dry Slide

A patriotic theme graces this monster single-lane dry inflatable slide for sale by Jungle Jumps. Twenty-two feet of fun awaits riders of any age, with a staircase on one side and a huge bumper area at the bottom. These commercial dry slides are built to last.


Aqua Tide 24' Slide

A roaring wave forms the launch area of this single-lane giant inflatable slide for sale, with an inflatable staircase and huge bumpers to complement the exciting shape of the slide. Measuring 24 feet in length, this activity is perfect for your next backyard or outdoor event.


Double Lane Marble and Blue Slide

The central staircase on this commercial grade inflatable slide is flanked by two sliding lanes. The bright blue of the slides is complemented by a faux marble finish, giving it a classy appearance.


Dolphin Dual Curve Slide

The curved dual lanes on these inflatable slides include decorative dolphins flanking the launch area. A single staircase runs up one side of this brightly-colored commercial inflatable, perfect for entertaining kids of any age.


Lava Rippling Tide Water Slide

Fun awaits aboard brightly-colored, curved inflatable water slides with dual lanes and a side staircase. The curved lanes add extra thrills to this commercial inflatable waterslide.


Mighty Tropic 26’ Dual Lane with Slip N Slide

This extra fun and durable model of inflatables boasts two long side-by-side lanes with roomy slip and slide space included. Lush colors of the tropics, along with decorative palm trees, promise this giant-size water activity will provide popular summer entertainment at your events for years to come.


22' Rainbow Color Dry Slide

Exciting primary colors give this giant 22-footer the visual appeal you need for your next event. The commercial-grade inflatable dry slide features a single lane and a covered launch area, with generous bumpers to catch riders at the bottom.


Module Wet & Dry Slide

Versatility is the highlight of this single-lane commercial inflatable slide for sale. It has a wide lane with a flanking staircase in the right place and can be used with water or kept dry. The bright colors keep riders coming back for more.


Mighty Tropic Slip N Slide

Let the fun begin in this exciting commercial inflatable slip and slide for sale by Jungle Jumps. It features two lanes and a tropical motif with inflatable palm trees for added appeal. A generously-sized bumper area catches riders.


Double Lane Super Slide

This brightly colored double lane inflatable water slide features a central staircase. A large splash area at the bottom cools off riders. This commercial-grade super slide features vibrant colors and years of durability.


Marble Flame Slide

Characterized by its hot fire marble color scheme and arching flame top, this outdoor single-lane inflatable offers fun for all ages. A generous splash pit at the bottom is perfect for cooling off.

Inflatable Water Slides Reliability

Craftsmanship, performance and durability of the water inflatables and slip and slides for sale are all part of the package when you choose Jungle Jumps. Your business success requires our commercial water slides and other inflatables to endure years of use and provide the maximum performance available in the industry. All our commercial water slides and inflatable slides offered for sale are designed from the ground up to withstand daily use for years to come.

We offer a wide selection of outdoor inflatables on our website, but we believe in giving our customers the option of customizing any inflatable water slide for sale to the exact specifications needed for any business or special event.

Outstanding Customer Service on All Commercial Grade Inflatables

Jungle Jumps has built its reputation on outstanding quality and service, leading the industry from our headquarters in Southern California in the USA. Every commercial water slide manufactured is backed by our comprehensive 2-year warranty from the date of original purchase while any inflatable bounce house carries a 3-year warranty.

When you are a manufacturer and supplier of inflatable water slides, inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses and other inflatables to countless customers in various business categories, you understand quality customer care is vital. Jungle Jumps makes all categories of customer service a top priority, and you can contact us for assistance anytime.

Business Startup Assistance

Do you dream of owning your own entertainment rental company? Jungle Jumps is ready to help with the huge selection of commercial water slides offered for sale. We provide a step-by-step guide to help get your business up and running fast.

Our company provides unrivaled support and service for anyone interested in establishing their own water slides and commercial slip and slide rental company to provide hours of extra fun for kids and entire families. Our packages provide outstanding quality, accommodate customization options and even include the rental contracts printed with your company’s logo. Our huge selection of accessories and repair items means your inflatable slides and water bounce houses will be ready to go for years to come. Contact us on our website anytime for the details.