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How Much Does a Bounce House Cost?

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : December 30th, 2018 Date Updated : February 12th, 2019

Whether you are just starting out with your own inflatables rental business, or are a school or other organization manager looking to add a bounce house to your event inventory, the question of price often comes up. How much does a new commercial-grade bounce house really cost? In this guide, we’ll explore this common question, with a look at some of the features and styles that influence prices of a quality bouncer.

Bounce Houses: The Basics

What goes into the construction of a high-quality bounce house for commercial uses? There are several important features to consider when selecting a moonwalk or bouncer, but perhaps the most important is the materials used in the manufacturing process. Leading manufacturers use a high-strength vinyl material to resist tearing and weathering, giving the bouncer the durability to last for many years with little or no routine maintenance. The thread quality is also critical in helping the inflatable last; heavy gauge multi-filament nylon thread is used. Internal baffles and reinforcements give the finished inflatable the toughness needed to provide endless hours of entertainment.


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Jungle Jumps Inflatables: Wholesale Pricing and Outstanding Service

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : December 16th, 2018 Date Updated : February 12th, 2019

Since we first opened our doors for business, Jungle Jumps has been dedicated to manufacturing the very finest commercial-grade inflatables on the market. Our California manufacturing facility produces hundreds of different sizes and styles of inflatable, from traditional bounce houses to water slides, wet-or-dry slides, interactive games, and obstacle courses. We believe that our customers deserve the very best, and that includes our commitment to rental business owners. We provide incredible wholesale prices on our exclusive package deals and back each inflatable purchase with the details you need to run a successful inflatables rental operation.

Save Money with Package Deals

New rental business owners know that building company inventory is the key to long-term success. Starting small is always a great idea, but many business owners want to dive right in to the world of commercial-grade inflatables. Bounce house and inflatable slide inventory represents significant startup costs, so doesn’t it make sense to find the best deals around? As a courtesy to our customers, Jungle Jumps offers special wholesale pricing and deals throughout the year, helping new business owners save money as they get started.

Our package deals are a great way to get started, allowing you to build your inventory quickly and efficiently. We offer several packages, ranging from two castle-styled bouncers with accessories to our giant Biz Startup Pack, featuring six different inflatable products and everything else you’ll need to kick off your rental business. These package deals are also ideal for established operations, saving money while giving you great new products for your rental inventory. As with all of our quality products, we use only the finest materials and construction methods to ensure lasting performance. Our designers and assembly teams are tasked with creating colorful, durable, and fun inflatable products, and we deliver time and again! Finally, each of our products is backed by one of the best warranties in the inflatables business.

Information Resources: The Key to Success

Jungle Jumps is known for our top-quality inflatable products, all manufactured right here in the U.S.A. We don’t stop there, however – we know that new business owners will have many questions as they embark on their journeys to financial success. Jungle Jumps is ready to help answer those questions.

To help our commercial customers, we provide an incredible wealth of information. Our eBook entitled “Guide to Starting and Operating an Inflatable Rental Business” is unique in the industry, and it is packed with every detail you’ll need to set up your company and operate it efficiently. Our eBook covers everything, from the different inflatable products on the market to the additional equipment you’ll need, choosing a business name, creating a business entity, and even handling insurance and taxes. With this rich information at your fingertips, your success is all but guaranteed.

Our customer service department is equipped to provide our customers with industry-leading support. To get a quote on a new product, troubleshoot a problem, or to get advice on running your own inflatables rental business, just give us a call or use our convenient online contact form. Our customer service team has been recognized for excellence – it is a testament to our commitment in providing world-class products and services to our customers around the globe.

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Marble Slides: An Exciting New Inflatable Option to Add to Your Inventory

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : December 2nd, 2018 Date Updated : February 12th, 2019

Nothing says “summertime fun” like an inflatable water slide. These creations add wet thrills to any outdoor event, from small backyard parties to festivals and corporate gatherings. Inflatables spawned from their bounce house cousins, and use the same materials and construction methods as commercial-grade bouncers. Most inflatable water slides feature a climbing ramp or ladder and a splash pool at the base of the sliding lane.

A stylish new addition to the lineup of water slides is the “marbled” look. This exclusive vinyl printing process gives the slide body the appearance of stone, lava, or even crashing ocean waves, and provides a dazzling look that is sure to create lasting memories. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite marble water slide models below.

16’ Wave Blue Marble with Pool

Available in two different sizes to suit events of all types, this towering waterslide features a single extra-wide slide lane and a climbing ramp mounted alongside it. At the base of the slide body, a full-width splash pool is ready to add cooling fun on warm summer days. The body of the unit is decorated with a marbled vinyl, giving it the appearance of frolicking ocean waves. At the top of the slide and along the high bolstered sides of the slide lane and climbing ramp, the vinyl material has been sculpted to add even more visual interest. The result is a commercial-grade water slide that looks amazing and performs beyond expectations.

Double Lane Fire Marble Slide with Pool

Towering overhead at 20 feet at the top arch, this incredible inflatable water slide offers dual lanes for added thrills. A centrally-located climbing ramp takes riders to the top, where they may then select which flanking lane to zip down. Each slide lane has its own splash pool with high bumpers. The slide body is decorated with marble-printed vinyl, this time in shades of fiery red and orange to give it the look of hot lava.

Double Lane Marble Slide

Like something out of a fantasy novel, this double-lane inflatable water slide is sure to put smiles on young faces. It is decorated with printed vinyl in shades of cool gray, white, and black, giving it a stone-like appearance. The arched slide tops add visual interest. Each of the two slide lanes flanks a central climbing ramp, and both lanes end in their own splash pools at the base. For summertime events, nothing beats a giant water slide for cooling fun.

Double Lane Raging Tides Slide

This popular inflatable water slide model offers a lot of fun. We’ve styled it to look like a towering wave, complete with a decorative curling wavetop over the dual slide lanes. Each lane is extra wide. Alongside the dual lanes, a climbing ramp makes getting to the top as easy as possible. The splash pool spans the width of the unit. The printed marble vinyl of the slide body adds an even more ocean-like appearance, with shades of cool blue and white to finish off the design. This model stands 22 feet high at the top of its decorative wave.

Aqua Tide 24’ Slide and Slip ‘N Slide

At 24 feet high and stretching out 67 feet in length, this is one of our biggest commercial-grade inflatable water slides. It features a wide single-lane slide that takes riders to a long slip ‘n slide area before ending up in the generously-sized splash pool. The slide body is decorated with marble-printed vinyl in shades of ocean blue, and there’s even a cresting wave at the top. The slip ‘n slide area has arches overhead to add stability to the inflated unit. The three piece unit is easy to set up, and is the perfect choice for larger outdoor events.

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Why You Should Add Inflatable Slides to Your Rental Lineup

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 1st, 2018 Date Updated : November 8th, 2018

Across the country, event planners and hosts rely on inflatable rental companies to add life to the party. Renting out commercial-grade inflatables can be a lucrative business venture, especially for those who want to own their own small business. Most rental operations start with a small collection of bounce houses – the classic inflatable product – and these products are incredibly popular with customers. As the business grows, many business owners look to add to their inventory, giving them the opportunity to reach more customers and to provide inflatables for more events throughout the year.

Inflatable slides are fun and colorful additions to the rental lineup. Here, we’ll check out a few of the most popular inflatable slide models and take a detailed look at the features that make these stand out from the competition.

Inflatable Slides: The Basics

Before we introduce some of the most popular models of inflatable slides, it is useful to understand the major features of these products. There are two primary types: wet/dry slides and dry-only slides. Construction of the two types is the same, with heavy-gauge vinyl material and stitching used throughout to provide lasting durability. Each type features a main body and the slide itself, configured in single or multiple slide lanes. A climbing ramp or ladder is found alongside the slide lanes, or can be mounted to the side or the back of the inflatable unit.

The real difference between the two slide types is in the added feature of the wet/dry slides, which come with a splash pool at the base of the slide instead of an inflatable bumper. Wet/dry slides can be used with water when the weather is warm, or the splash pool can be removed for dry operation in cooler conditions. Dry-only slides can be used year-round, and are a great way to add fun to any party or event where children are expected to be in attendance.

The Swirly Tropical Waterslide

Incredible thrills are in store for youngsters when the Swirly Tropical Waterslide is part of an outdoor event. This model is unique in its configuration, with a long single-lane slide that wraps around the central splash pool. A climbing ramp is located on the side of the unit, bringing riders to the top of the slide. The tropical theme is brought to life with vibrant colors and the addition of decorative inflatable palm trees, one flanking each side of the slide top. View product

Double Lane Fire Marble Slide with Pool

This inflatable creation uses marbled-pattern industrial-strength vinyl fabric in the main body of the slide to give it a hot lava appearance. Towering 20 feet overhead, this model features two separate slide lanes, each with its own small splash pool at the bases of the slides. A centrally-located climbing ladder leads riders to the top, where they may then choose which lane to slide down. Race head-to-head with friends, or simply enjoy the cooling thrills that this colorful commercial grade inflatable product provides. View product

Cheerful Double Lane Slide

Designed for dry operation, this inflatable slide features bright primary colors and a double-lane slide for fun solo or with friends. Each slide lane is protected with a mesh top panel and high bolstered sides for added safety. The climbing ramp to the top is located adjacent to the lanes; at the top, riders may choose which lane to slip down. For a colorful injection of thrills at your next event, a quality inflatable slide from Jungle Jumps is just the ticket. View product

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Games & Fun Ideas with Interactive Inflatables

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : Date Updated : November 8th, 2018

Inflatables can be found at parties and events across the country. Traditional favorites like bounce houses, moonwalks, and inflatable waterslides are a hit with kids of all ages, adding fun and excitement to any gathering. Inflatable interactives may not be as familiar, yet these creations bring a whole new dimension to events. While solo play aboard an interactive is a great way to spend the afternoon, the real fun begins when you add competition to the mix. Go head to head with friends, or create a team event. Here are some of our favorite interactive inflatable games you can play at your next outdoor event.

A Word about Interactive Inflatables

Just like their more familiar cousins, interactive inflatables use the same materials and construction methods to add life to the party. These interactives feature multiple elements, giving young participants the chance to bounce, climb, slide, and jump. Think of a bounce house with the addition of an inflatable obstacle course, a climbing wall or pyramid, and a slide – multiple activities means endless hours of entertainment!

Games to Play in Interactive Inflatables

There are many possibilities when it comes to enjoying an interactive inflatable. These commercial-grade products can withstand years of use, thanks to the durable construction, the top-quality materials, and the attention to detail that goes into the manufacture of these party additions. Our favorite interactive games include:

Solo Time Trial – aboard an interactive, individual participants are timed as they navigate the various activities and obstacles. Whoever makes it from one end to the other in the shortest amount of time wins. Winners can receive prizes or special recognition for their achievements. Interactives can be especially challenging, as they incorporate features like slides, horizontal and vertical obstacle elements, and climbing areas.

Head-to-Head Battle – in this game, two participants race against each other. Many interactive inflatables feature two entrance openings, usually in the form of an arched doorway or an entrance ramp. This permits fierce competition between two friends. Race through the openings, climb over, under, and through the obstacles, then scale the climbing ramp on the way to the slide. Whoever gets to the end first is the winner!

Team Relay Race – this game is great for larger groups of children, such as to be found at outdoor festivals or bigger birthday parties. The participants are divided into two teams, and each member of each team tries to navigate the interactive as fast as possible. Once the teammate ahead of you finishes the course, it’s your turn. Once everyone has had their turn, the team that finishes first is the winner.

Relay Station – relay races are always a great way to spend time with friends, and a commercial-grade inflatable interactive game brings a new dimension to this popular competition. Use the inflatable as one of the relay stations, incorporating it into a larger relay race that may include activities like sack races, balloon popping, one-legged races, and so much more. The interactive can be positioned anywhere on the course, and the multiple activities are sure to produce plenty of laughter and fun.

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