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Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : July 7th, 2011 Date Updated : April 23rd, 2023

Moonwalk Themes You Can Offer Customers

Remember the days when parents used to pull together a birthday for their children in a matter of hours? Maybe they were taking everyone to the beach for a day of sun and surf, or maybe they had a bunch of silly games, like pin the tail on the donkey, set up to play. Things have drastically changed. Children’s birthday now have become big business, and now most parents actually have themes for their children’s birthdays. The best way you can profit off of that as a moonwalk renter is to have some themed moonwalks available for your clients to rent!

Fun Themes

There are lots of different types of moonwalks you can purchase, but if you’re going to be trying to rent out for specifically themed birthday parties, it’s best if you have some themed houses. Let’s start with themed bounce houses for young girls, replica tag watches for sale as they tend to be a bit trickier than ones for boys. Young girls tend to like only a small amount of things, and one of the best things they love is princesses. Adding a princess castle moonwalk to your collection of moonwalks is a great way to appeal to any parent who has a young girl.

And what about boys? Boys are generally much easier as there are plenty of different moonwalks that suit their needs, such as the pirate ship moonwalk. This moonwalk looks just like a giant pirate ship! Or what about the hamburger moonwalk? Either of these would be perfect for a themed birthday party.

There are all sorts of different types of moonwalks you can purchase for your rental business, but it’s a good idea to make sure that you have not only some themed moonwalks, but that you also have some non-themed ones, such as party house bounce houses, for those people who aren’t looking to host a themed birthday.

What to Do With Your Moonwalk in the Winter

Those who live in warm climates, like California or Florida, often have no problem starting their own inflatable business because they know that they can rent out their inflatables year round. But what about those people who live in colder climates? What about those who live in areas like Michigan or Vermont? These people have to deal with a number of cold winter months, and during that time there is no way that you can set an inflatable up on the snow. So do you start a moonwalk business if you live in a snowy area or do you not?

Snowy Climates

One mistaken belief that many have is that because you live in a snowy area where winter blankets the earth for five months out of the year you shouldn’t start a moonwalk business. But if you look at these places you’ll find a number of business who operate only in the summer months, such as eateries and recreational rental businesses. This means that you can get your own business started even if you can only rent your moonwalk’s during the summer months!

And actually you’ll find if you do start a business in this type of climate that you have a great deal of success, simply because people who live in this type of area know that they can’t rent this type of fun toy during the winter so they scramble to rent it during the summer months. This means that your business will likely be filled up solid before May even begins, especially if you’ve established yourself in the course of a few years.

But what do you do with your moonwalk’s during the cold winter months? If you have no plan to utilize them then you’ll have to store them. This can be done fairly inexpensively if you happen to have a large enough house. Just make sure that wherever you store them they are kept in a fairly climate controlled location and that they’re kept away from areas where mice and other vermin can get into them. This means that you probably shouldn’t leave them in a damp, dark basement if you can avoid doing so.

And who says that you can’t make money on your moonwalk’s during the winter months? There are actually many who do! For instance if there is any warehouse space in your town or in a nearby city that is for rent, see if you can rent it for a weekend. The price to rent it may be a bit steep but you can likely get your money back and make even more. You can do this by setting up all of your bounce houses and inflatable slides in the warehouse and charging admission for a weekend. If you do so when the winter months are starting to take their toll on people, around the end of January or February, you’ll find that lots of parents will love to spend as much money as necessary to let their children get out and run for a bit on something fun and safe.

Insulating Your Moonwalk Business from Failure

There are a large percentage of home based businesses that fail within five years of startup. But why do they fail, and what can you do to prevent your business from becoming a statistic? After all you see that starting your own moonwalk business is a great way to earn an income and to own your own business, but you’re worried about failing. Let’s look at why businesses fail and how to insulate your business from this failure.

Wrong Reasons

One reason a large percentage of businesses fail is because the person started it for the wrong reason! Maybe they started it because they wanted to earn as much money as possible, or maybe they started their moonwalk business because they thought they’d have more time to spend at home if they were their own boss. These are all not good reasons to start any sort of home based business. To succeed you need to have a passion for what you’re doing and you need to have the drive and patience, as well as a positive attitude, to put towards your business. You also need to be able to learn from your mistakes, as we all make mistakes but learning from your mistakes is very important.

Lack of Planning

Another reason why many home based moonwalk businesses fail is because of a lack of planning. More than one person has thought that all that they have to do to start a moonwalk company is to purchase the houses and to start renting them. It is critical for you to have a business plan. Describe your business as well as any potential issues and solutions for those issues that may pop up. This forward planning will help to make your moonwalk business have a strong foundation.

Expanding Too Quickly

And finally another huge reason why many moonwalk businesses fail is because of overexpansion. The person believes that their business is growing beautifully and that it can be expanded. If you’re not ready to expand your business, and you will know that you are, then don’t. If you grow it slowly but surely you’ll find that you have a much stronger business and will be much less likely to have your business fail.

Your moonwalk business can work, but you need to think things through and to plan as much as possible so that you’re able to handle anything that life, or your customers, throws your way!

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Boys are generally much easier as there are plenty of different moonwalks that suit their needs, such as the pirate ship moonwalk. This moonwalk looks just like a giant pirate ship!