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Choice is A Big Option When It Comes To Inflatable Slides

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : March 27th, 2009 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Fun Slide With Pool IIWhen you’re considering the right inflatable slides or bounce house rentals, it’s important that you remember that there is a big choice from the biggest manufacturers so you’ll need to how you want to proceed. Remember first and foremost that quality should be one of the most important determining factors and to that end you’ll need to take a look at the craftsmanship that’s involved with each product that you’re looking at.


And that means that you’ll need to have a look at the material that’s being used as well. Remember that whether you’re thinking of starting your own business or buying something for an annual gathering, the experts all agree that some of the materials used in the imported birthday jumpers don’t compare to the materials used in American made products like the inflatable slides that you’ll get from places like

You need to be careful and do some comparison shopping here and to that end you’ll want to see that any bounce house rentals that you’re considering should be double and quadrupled stitched so that they last.



Of course you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a big choice regardless of whether you want to start your own bounce house rentals business or just buy, and generally there are several areas that you can pick from.

  1. Bounce Houses. Generally these are enclosed with a variety of different themes to choose from. Make sure here that you see if you can get things included in a special like the inflator and any accessories.
  2. Inflatable Slides. These can either have an incline or lie horizontally. Some even come with water pools.
  3. Interactive Units. These are designed to be played in and have activities  included like Velcro walls and even some come with a miniature basketball court.

You’ll need to look for the best that you can get in accessories as well and these generally cover things like a patch kit in the event of an accident and an air blower to keep any of the inflatable slides that you’ve picked in pristine condition.

It’s necessary to remember that you need to look at all your options carefully when you start looking into a business opportunity that can involve bounce house rentals.  And that generally means that you’ll want to get the right information about the kinds of inflatable slides that you can get as well and all that entails to get you started.

Jimmy Joe knows a lot about bounce house rentals and inflatable slides as he’s worked in the industry for years.

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Bounce House Rentals: An Emerging Industry

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Dual Primary Colors Slide with Splash PoolThere are people looking to change their career direction in this new economy and one of those new venues is in bounce house rentals. This is a business that has a demand for everything from inflatable slides for the corporate picnic to birthday jumpers that are popular with children’s parties. If you’re thinking about changing the direction of the way you work and getting yourself involved with an industry that’s expanding constantly, then there are a few questions that you’ll need to ask yourself.

A Manufacturer


First off you’ll need to get with a manufacturer that an help you get a business started. And for that you’ll need to take a look at the different manufacturers and the kinds of things that they offer in the way of bounce house rentals. Remember that a firm that has a great warranty is better to get involved with than a place that isn’t up front about these things.



When you find a manufacturer that you’re willing to work with, one of the stumbling block might be financing. Remember that while these interactive inflatables and other items can be expensive, that means that any return on investment that you get will be high. Some of the most renowned places that advertise on the web like will help you in this regard and their financing process has some of the qualities that you should look for any company that you deal with.

First off, offering the financing option to any affiliate is a show of good faith on the part of any of these bounce house rental firms, but there are a few things that you need to look for.

  • A customer service department that will get right on to the issue for you. These are the people who should know why you called quickly and be able to get the information that you’re asking for and a detailed quote to you via email with no fuss or bother.
  • After you’ve been approved, it’s nice to have a lease or loan option so that you can have a certain amount of flexibility.

Other Affiliates


Remember too that it’s a great idea to see what other affiliates are doing with the firm. Here you’re best bet is to have a look at their websites and see if they have a national infrastructure like When you see that, you can rest assured that the bounce house rental firm that you’re using has a great standard in place.

Jimmy Joe is an expert in the inflatable slides industry. He’s been working with bounce house rentals and other commercial jumpers for years

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How To Get The Best Deal in Inflatable Slides

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Fire Tide Wave SlideThese are the times where everyone is looking for the best deal and that even includes the quest for inflatable slides. Now here’s an item that not everyone thinks of as a major purchase, but getting one of these party inflatables that often go with complimentary bounce house rentals is a process that you need to look at seriously.

First Things First


Before you set off into this market, either as someone who wants to start their own rental business or as maybe someone who has been left in change of some function, you’ll want to start looking the various manufacturers that deal in these inflatable slides. The best way to get a good idea of the places that you’ll want to pursue is by starting on the Internet and looking for specific items.

  • Testimonials. These come in different varieties from the reports from satisfied customers that get posted right on the sites to the kind of national rentals page where potential clients can see them and contact the firm’s affiliates. Companies like have been able use these techniques to their advantage since they have a national base of resellers.
  • Dedication. Like any other industry, there are those firms that are good at what they do and others that it’s best to avoid. Look for warranties on the website that will tell you that the firm that you’re considering has one of the best commitments to quality and service that the bounce house rentals industry offers. You’ll need to start somewhere and once again , stands out as a fine example.

Remember that there are other more immediate things that you need to look at as well. Get a good idea of the kind of work that these places do before you make any decisions and of course one of the things that you’ll really need a good look at with any inflatable slides is the material that’s used. By most expert opinion, the best is 18.5 oz vinyl material in that it’s generally the strongest and most durable.

Looking for the best in inflatable slides can be challenging unless you’ve got a few good signposts to use as a guide. Remember that like many other products that you buy on the Internet, the best of these manufactures will be able to draw the right attention based on the reputation their inflatable slides have.

Jimmy Joe is an expert in the inflatable slides industry. He’s been working with bounce house rentals and other birthday jumpers for years

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Looking For Bounce House Rentals? Select The Company That Has It All

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Raging Tides Slip n SlideNo matter what you’re looking for in the marketplace, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money and when you’re looking into bounce house rentals, you need to be especially vigilant. Although you might not think so at first, there are literally hundreds of these places looking for your dollar.

Whether you’re looking to start a rental business of your own as an affiliate or just need an inflatable slide for the next company picnic, there are some things that you need to know before you buy or rent from anyone.

Look For Quality


Of course we’re all aware that trade and commerce are international now and that the globalization of the marketplace has meant that North American companies need to be competitive, but in some specific industries like party inflatables , American companies still have the edge when it comes to quality.

One of the best examples here is This is one of the leading manufacturers in the country and their line of bounce house rentals only use the best top quality 18.5 oz vinyl material. As well, everything this place manufactures is double and quadruple stitched for durability. This is the kind of attention to detail and quality that’s not always found in the imported inflatable slides and other items that are imported.

Look For Flexibility


It’s important to remember that the new global market has its advantages for the person looking to start a bounce house rentals business since the competition forces companies to compete with specials. Once again here the savvy consumer can see where places like have the competitive edge in that that offer numerous specials that are designed to attract the kinds of clients that want to save and provide the best equipment.

Remember to look for the kinds of specials that include things like:

  • A final price that includes the blower, accessories and the tarp as well. Don’t forget that you’ll need to inflate any of the bounce house rentals that you get, and any accessories that you get should be negotiable.
  • A selection that includes a variety. Try to get a combination of the inflatable slides and bounce house rentals as well as any other party jumpers that catch the eye.

Jimmy Joe is an expert in the bounce house rentals industry. He’s been working with inflatable slides and other commercial jumpers for years.

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Inflatable Slides: Finding a great slide for a good price.

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Fun Slide with PoolWe know that the Spring season is upon us, and even though these are some tough economic times, you are going to need the proper equipment for your business. This will be the busiest time of the year as Spring and Summer holidays creep up. You need to be prepared and you cannot afford to have faulty equipment. Faulty equipment for the bounce house rentals owner does not do him any good at all. That is why you need to get your inflatable slides and bounce houses from us.
We respect the modern day business person who in spite of this economy has decided to press on and make a profit. We understand and we want to be sure that you will get what you need. Our inflatable slides are made of very high quality materials, and our bounce houses are also made for long and lasting use. You have enough to worry about then to have to worry about how you are going to repair your equipment. Our prices are good and you will find what you like. Be sure to see what we have to offer.

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