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Storing a Moonbounce Improperly

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 30th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Red Blue Module JumpWhen you first start your business of renting commercial moonbounce units, you will likely want to do everything you can to make sure that your investment is secure. Unfortunately, as time goes on, bounce house owners tend to be a bit more lax when it comes to their units. They get used to the unit and they forget how much it cost to purchase it and so they often store their mood bounce improperly. This can mean that the bounce house needs to be repaired or replaced far sooner than it should have to be.

First things first – let’s talk about improperly packaging your bounce house. It is important to make sure when you have deflated and taken down the unit that all of the sides have been completely drained of all air. Make sure there is absolutely no air left in the unit and the best way to do this is to deflated as much as possible using the blower and then to roll it up, constantly squishing it, to make sure any excess air is removed. Many of the units fold up, but some of them go into a tube. Make sure you know how to properly fold or roll your unit before you start renting it out. You should also make sure to put the commercial moonbounce back in the same bag that it came in, but you can’t stay in the same bag, it’s likely that you did not fold the unit correctly.

Some bounce house rental owners say they want to keep their bounce houses outside when they’re not using them because they do not have much room in their homes. This is not a good idea. Even when it is deflated, a bounce house can be damaged by harsh elements. If your bounce house is rained on, even in its bag, that can create a heavy amount of mildew and decay. If you plan on storing your unit outside because you do not have enough room in your house, make sure you have it in some sort of enclosed structure that animals and elements are not going to be able to get inside of. Remember: the more care you put into making sure that your bounce house is thoroughly taking care of when it is deflated, the longer your bounce house will likely last.


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Helping Children Who Are Scared Of Bounce Houses

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 26th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Regular Arch CastleAs bounce house rental business owners, you would like to believe that every child absolutely adores bounce houses. While it’s true that most children do love bounce houses, there actually a large percentage of children who are very scared of them. Younger children tend to be nervous around bounce houses simply because they are so large and because the pump that is used to inflate the house, and to keep inflated, tends to be allowed. But even a moonbounce manufacturer will tell you that there are a certain number of kids who are scared of a bounce house even when they become old enough to understand what the noise is all about.

Getting Over a Fear

In most cases you will be inflating the unit at your client house and leaving it there to be enjoyed, but there will be some cases in which you will be with the bounce house the entire time is being used. There are a few things you can do if you happen to find a child who is nervous about the bounce house but who really wants to go on. First, it’s important to try to figure out why the child is scared of the bounce house. Some children are nervous because of the noise, some children are scared because of the amount of children party on the house, and some kids are scared of being in an enclosed area. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to help a child over these fears once you know what the problem is.

If the child is scared of the noise that comes from the blower, explain to them that the moonbounce manufacturer created the blower especially for the bounce house so that it can be blown up the whole time that it is being used. Show them the unit and, if you can, let them turn off and on quickly. If the child is scared of being mixed in with a bunch of other children, when the time is right ask the other children to exit the bounce house and allow the younger child to go in by themselves, or with a parent. Often they’ll find themselves so enthralled with the bounce house they will have no problem going back in with their peers. If the child is scared of being enclosed in the bounce house, explain to them that the moonbounce manufacturer created a Velcro closure in the front of the unit in order to keep everyone safe. Show them that they can see through the mesh and hopefully they should calm down enough to give the bounce house try.


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New Jersey’s Crackdown on Inflatable Regulations

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 25th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Red Birthday CakeNew Jersey was one of the first states to really get tough on inflatable regulations. The state is notoriously tough on all entertainment rides, including inflatables. A spotted accident history inspired lawmakers to begin requiring inspections of, not only the inflatables themselves, but also the design and manufacturing details. In 2002 New Jersey passed new legislature becoming the first state to require ride design code review and approval.

This legislature means that all entertainment rides, including inflatables, being used or installed in the state must be inspected and certified annually. Additionally, all inflatables must meet wind-anchorage and combustibility requirements set by the state.

Inflatable operators in New Jersey are required to pay a $200 annual fee to obtain an inflatable operating permit. They are also required to share their inflatable installation schedule with state officials, who can then show up unannounced to any of these installations to ensure the inflatable

is up to New Jersey codes.

While the fees are costly and the paper work monotonous, New Jersey has been able to significantly reduce the number of accidents thanks to these new regulations. Other states may follow suit over time as inflatable regulations become more and more of a state issue.

The laws and requirements for inflatables operating in New Jersey also extend past the operator to the manufacturer. New Jersey’s laws require that specific inflatable manufacturing standards be adhered to. Each manufacturer must also pay a high annual fee to submit each inflatable design to the state of New Jersey for official sanction and approval. Because of the high price, many manufacturers submit only their most popular inflatable products, limiting the selection available to inflatable rental businesses operating in New Jersey.

Jungle Jumps follows all of the ASTM24 requirements, but has chosen not to apply for New Jersey’s inflatable certifications. The exhorbitant annual fees per inflatable design have made it difficult for manufacturers to do business in the state. If every state followed suit with New Jersey’s inflatable regulations for manufacturers, the price of the product would have to go up for everyone to cover these annual fees.

Stricter inflatable regulations, like New Jersey’s, are a good thing for the industry. As these will ensure that inflatable manufacturers are legitimate, weeding out those manufacturing product in their home garage. Some states are still without any formal regulations pertaining to inflatables.

This actually puts businesses in those states at a disadvantage, as they risk losing the reputation of their state’s inflatable industry and safety reputation to “fly by night” operations who may not focus on following all of the safety precautions necessary when operating an inflatable.

However, the cost of paying exhorbitant annual fees for each individual state is simply not feasible for inflatable manufacturers. At Jungle Jumps, we support these types of mandates, but feel that these laws should be uniform across the board for every state. As an industry, we would like to see every state adopt New Jersey’s regulations. We would like to see inflatable manufacturers submitting designs for approval to a single agency. This agency would certify inflatables that could be sold in every state.

Keep in mind that additional regulations pertaining to inflatables do keep the number of accidents down, which in turn also reduces the price for your business insurance and this is a good thing for any inflatable business.


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The Growing Popularity of Moonbounces

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 22nd, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Pink Purple Arch CastleDo you know about the history of the bounce house? Believe it or not, the first moon bounce was designed in 1959 when a man named John Scurlock decided to try to create an inflatable cover for tennis court. He was frustrated with how much time it took to cover tennis court and thought that some sort of inflatable item would be faster and much easier. The inflatable cover worked, but he realized that his employees were having more fun jumping around on the cover than anything else. That is when he decided to create his own company and to become the first person to offer a moonbounce for sale.

Growing Popularity

In the 1960s, bounce houses were considered something of a novelty. Back then it was strange to see someone have a bounce house at a child’s birthday party. As time has gone on, however, inflatable units have become more and more popular, and now if you do not have a bounce house at your child’s birthday party, you will have a lot of very disappointed children. Even charitable organizations are often on the lookout for a moonbounce for sale that they can use for fundraising opportunities.

Not only can you locate a moonbounce for sale through an inflatable manufacturer, you can also find these types of units for sale, and for rent, often at small hardware stores and party rental stores. This can make it tricky for someone who owns a bounce house rental business, but as long as you keep your business fresh and focus on customer service your business should be absolutely fine.

Why have these units become so popular? That is actually a very good question, but what it boils down to is the simple fact that children love to be able to jump around and to basically raise havoc without getting in trouble for it. And actuality, children need to be able to release their energy in a safe way on a regular basis. So believe it or not, the bounce house rental business that you own is not only a way to earn profitable living, it is also a way to help parents give their children a wonderful time.


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More on Bounce House Ball Pits

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 21st, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

V-Roof-Castle-IIIAsk any young child where their favorite place to be is in a vast majority of them will point to a ball pit. Ball pits have been around for quite some time, and they’re one of the favorite places for most children to go because not only are you able to roll around without risk of injury, you are also able to jump into the balls, and to throw them, all of the same time. Jumping, rolling, and throwing – three things almost all children love. Because of this, many bounce house rental business owners are looking into purchasing moonbounce units that are designed to be able to handle a pit full of balls. Is this really a good idea?


Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of controversy in the world of ball pits, and often for a good reason. If you look online you will find a number of horror stories about children getting injured when they were in this type of play apparatus. Often they are injured because the employees do not have the foresight to thoroughly check the pit on a daily basis, allowing things that should not be in the apparatus, such as things that can injure child, to remain there. Because of these horror stories, many parents are now more cautious about allowing their child to go into a ball pit than ever before.

That doesn’t mean that you can purchase a moonbounce unit that is designed to hold balls. If this is the way you would like your business to grow, it is important to make sure that your clients realize that their children will be safe in the inflatable unit. When you advertise, or when you talk to parents, explain that you have to remove the balls every time you take the unit down. This means they are easily able to see anything that fell into the ball pit while the children were playing there. Yes, removing and adding the balls each time you set up the unit can be a bit frustrating, but it is basically the only sanitary way to make sure that you have an apparatus the parents are going to want to pay to rent. There are a number of different moonbounce units that are perfectly designed for this type of play structure, and with the many different prices available, it may be something worth looking into.


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