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Inquiring About Buying Inflatable Bounce Houses

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 30th, 2013 Date Updated : November 8th, 2018

Inflatable JumpersOwning your own commercial-grade inflatable bounce house business can be rewarding as well as profitable. With a relatively small investment and a bit of hard work, it is possible to enjoy financial freedom as you operate your own small business.

Naturally, when others see your success, they may inquire about what it takes to own a bouncer rental business. There are many questions you may be asked, including what it takes to run a successful operation. In this guide, we’ll share some of the tips you can provide to interested parties, helping them to make smart business-oriented decisions.

Sourcing Inflatable Products

The first question many rental business owners get is often “where did you buy your bounce houses?” In many cases, business owners may not wish to divulge all of the details, including where purchases were made. Still, if you feel comfortable answering this question with specifics and are pleased with your business investments, feel free to name-drop the manufacturing company.

More importantly, it is a good idea to talk about why you made your purchases with the chosen company. Not all inflatables manufacturers are the same, and quality varies across the industry. A good inflatables manufacturer uses superior materials and construction standards to ensure quality. Heavy-gauge vinyl fabric and stitching add durability to the completed bouncer or inflatable slide; lesser companies may use thinner fabric or skip reinforcement steps that negatively impact the life expectancy of the finished product.

The very best companies also include rigorous testing and safety procedures when manufacturing their products. Innovative safety features like blowout panels, internal baffles, and finger-friendly mesh window openings keep youngsters safe when enjoying playtime inside the moonwalks you rent to event hosts. Quality materials, quality construction, and high standards of safety should be the first priority when sourcing inflatables for your rental business – while these products may be more expensive in initial investment, they are the foundation of your operation. Don’t skimp, and encourage others to focus on the same quality in their own rental business ventures.

Outstanding Customer Service: The Cornerstone of Success

It goes without saying that customer service is a dying art, regardless of the business being discussed. Unfortunately, customer service is the leading “touch point” in customer/business interactions, and failing to invest the effort to deliver great service can mean business failure down the road. Maintaining high levels of customer service not only helps create a loyal customer base, but it can also help to create strong “word of mouth” advertising. Satisfied customers are far more likely to recommend your business to their friends and families, improving your business prospects without the expenses associated with traditional print or television advertising.

When answering questions from curious people, make a point of stressing the value and the return on investment of delivering quality customer service in any business interaction. How you manage each customer experience can spell the difference between long-term success and eventual failure of your operation. Above all, be polite and encouraging to anyone who asks questions about your business.

Again, you don’t always have to provide all the details – maintaining a certain level of secrecy about the inner workings of your operation is often a good idea, especially when dealing with competitors. Still, being friendly and open with your knowledge of the bounce house rental industry can create goodwill, possibly even convincing someone else to give this profitable business venture a try.

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Getting the Courage to Start Your Own Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 19th, 2013 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Bounce HouseTons of people say that they want to do something on a regular basis, but not many people do. How often have you heard people say that they are going to start a diet on New Year’s Day, or that they are going to start a business but never do. It’s easy to make promises to yourself, and to others, that you are going to change things in your life. Actually changing these things, however, is a completely different story. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale moonwalk’s to start your own rental business, but you are too scared to actually take the leap, we have a few things that you should think about.

For starters we want to know why you want to start your own inflatable jumper business. Are you sick of the place you’re working now? Have you always have a lot of kids? It doesn’t matter what your reasoning is for wanting to start a business as long as it is a good reason. Simply want to start your own small business because you think it would be fine is almost guaranteed to give you nothing but headaches. Wanting to start a small business, like renting moonwalks, because you want to earn more money for your family, or because you want to become your own boss, are great reasons as they will keep you interested in your business and fighting to make sure that it thrives.

Do you truly have what it takes to own a small business? There is nothing in the world quite like owning a small business. On one hand you have the freedom and the privilege of the able to do anything you want and being able to make all the decisions. On the other hand, all of the decisions are your responsibility to make and anything that you do can affect your business. This can be a great deal of stress so if you are not someone who handles stress well you may want to think twice before opening a bounce house rental business. Also, it is not necessarily a good idea to purchase wholesale moonwalks in order to start a bounce house rental business if you thoroughly hate children. Your biggest clientele in this industry is going to be children and well you don’t have to be a lover of all children, be able to tolerate and have fun with them is definitely a bonus in this business.

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Growing Pains and Your Inflatable Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : January 15th, 2013 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Fun CastleWhen you first start your commercial inflatable jumper rental business, expanding will likely be the last thing on your mind. When you first begin any sort of business the main focus is getting it up, running, and profitable. If you do your job right, however, sooner than you know your business will be ready to expand. This means more advertising, possibly hiring help, and one thing that you will definitely need more of – space. Most inflatable jumper rental business owners store their jumpers in their garages. These units, however, are definitely large and after a short amount of time you will find that you are going to run out of room to store everything. What do you do that?

Your Options

What kind options do you have when it comes to storing your inflatable jumper units? If you run out of room to store your units in your garage, there are a few options you have available. Some of the options are more affordable than others, so it is a good idea to list all of the options you have available and to research the financial repercussions of each option before you make a final decision.

One option is to rent a storage facility. Storage facilities can be a great place to store your units, but it is a good idea to make sure that you read an inside, climate controlled unit in order to make sure that no damage comes to your inflatable jumper units. A climate controlled storage facility may cost a bit more than a regular storage facility that it would cost much more to replace all your units if they got damaged by heat.

Another option is to rent a storefront. Some bounce house rental business owners choose to rent out a storefront and to work from that location. There are some benefits to this, including higher visibility for clientele and a more professional look. But you also need to remember that renting out storefront can be fairly expensive, so make sure that you have the income coming in to warrant making that choice.

Your final option is to build some sort of storage facility on your land. If you have even half of an acre of land you have more than enough room to build a large storage shed. There are all sorts of different storage sheds you can purchase that are easy to put together, even if you don’t have much building experience. Remember: make sure you look at all of your options before you make a final decision when it comes to storing your rental units.

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When You Buy Inflatable Jumpers And Aren’t Happy

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : October 25th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Balloon Bounce HouseIn an ideal world, everything that you would purchase would come to your door in perfect working order and would be exactly what you thought it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and far too often recently people are discovering that they are ordering items and receiving products that are not anywhere near what they thought they were going to be. What, then, do you do when you buy inflatable jumpers that are not what you believe they were going to be?

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that you have high quality manufacturer available to purchase from. One of the biggest reasons that people do not get the order they believed they were going to get is because the order from a company that is not equipped to handle such orders. Businesses that are new often promise things that they are unable to deliver. That is why, before you look to buy inflatable jumpers, you need to make sure that you are looking for a manufacturer who is been in the business for a while and who is adequately able to handle your needs.

If you do purchase from a manufacturer who does not meet your expectations, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, make sure that you contact the manufacturer as soon as you realizes something is wrong. This means that it’s important that you actually set up the inflatable jumper you purchased as soon as you are able to after it arrives so that you can check over the entire unit. Never assume when you buy inflatable jumpers that they are going to be perfect, as there is nothing more disastrous than setting up a brand-new jumper at a party only to discover that it is either not what you ordered or that there is a problem with it. If you contact the manufacturer and are unable to get a resolution that you are happy with, you should then look to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is designed to make sure that consumers get what they pay for and are the best people to go to if you are having a problem dealing with a manufacturer. Remember: you don’t have to settle for a product that you are unhappy with. When you buy inflatable jumpers, you should get exactly what you pay for.

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Overcoming Startup Business Problems

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 15th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

American Bounce HouseThe idea of starting your own business is one that is extremely appealing to most people. The economic downturn the country took a few years ago made many people realize that their jobs may not be as secure as they have been told they are. Because of this many people are taking the idea they had to start a business later on in life and are putting their plans on fast-forward by starting their business as quickly as they can. An inflatable jumper business is one that is fairly easy to begin and that can provide you a steady stream of revenue within a fairly short amount of time.

Unfortunately far too often you hear stories about people who started an inflatable jumper business only to wind up bankrupt within a few years. But why does this happen, and why does someone who truly wants their business to succeed often wind up failing at it? There are a number of reasons why someone who has a business would not be able to make it succeed, but there are a few common problems that many new business owners have.

Lack of Funding

Lack of funding if the huge problem for most first-time business owners. They want to start an inflatable jumper rental business but find that they do not have the cash available to purchase the inflatable jumper that they need to start your business. One way around this is to get a business loan. Many banks, and credit unions, are now lending money to start up businesses. But be warned – in order to get money for start up business from bank or credit union you will need to have a solid business plan in order so that the bank knows that you have some idea of what you’re doing. Quite often people who start this type of rental business find the money to purchase their first inflatable jumper by using credit cards instead.

Lack of Drive

The other huge reason why many businesses fail is because of lack of drive. It’s one thing to say you want to start your own business, it is another to give the business that you started the time it truly needs in order to be successful. There are many things you will have to take care of when you own your own rental business, including scheduling, finances, customer service, and of course the setup and takedown of the bounce houses. It is possible to make your dream of owning a bounce house rental business come true, just remember you will need to have financing and drive in order to make your business a success.

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