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Bounce House

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : July 7th, 2011 Date Updated : April 23rd, 2023

The Basic Bounce House Safety Rules

When you’re in the bounce house rental business, there are a lot of things to consider. The most important thing to think about, however, is safety. You want to make sure that the children who jump on the rented bounce houses are safe at all times and that everyone has fun. Here are a few basic safety rules that you should always think about before you rent out any bounce houses.

  1. 1. No shoes – Have you ever felt how hard the sole of a shoe is? Yes it’s made of rubber, but that doesn’t mean that it’s soft! This hard rubber can be seriously damaging to any body part that it happens to whack, which is why you should always make sure that any child who uses your bounce house is either wearing socks or has bare feet.
  2. 2. Attendants – The last thing you need is to have a child get hurt from negligence. If you’re going to be renting the bounce house for some sort of large event, such as a town fair, always make sure that you’re in attendance while people are using the bounce house. There you can make sure that all children take their shoes off and that no one gets too rowdy.
  3. 3. Insurance – Insurance is definitely a necessity when you own a bounce house rental business. Without insurance you’re putting yourself, as well as anyone who rents the bounce house from you, into a very risky situation.
  4. 4. Heat and Water – Another good rule of thumb when you’re setting up the bounce house is to make sure that it is as far away from any sort of hot objects as possible. Water can also be a huge hazard as children can easily slip and fall if they’ve got wet feet.
  5. 5. Sharp Objects – Inflated objects never do well with sharp objects, so when you’re setting up the bounce house make sure that there are no sharp objects on the ground where the setup site is or near the bounce house.

If you make sure that you follow these simple safety rules you can help to guarantee that your renters and their friends will have a great time and that your bounce house is able to last for a very long time!

Should You Purchase Someone Else’s Bounce House Business?

Starting up your own bounce house business can be a very scary thing, which is why there are a lot of people who jump at the idea of purchasing someone else’s existing business. The way they look at it they’ll spend less money to purchase cheao rolex replica the business because it has already been running for a time and the houses will be used (therefore cheaper), and because they figure that there is already a large group of people who know the business and who use them. But is purchasing someone else’s bounce house business really a good idea?

What You Get

The idea of purchasing someone else’s business actually sounds very appealing, as you don’t have to worry about purchasing any brand new houses. Instead you simply have to purchase the business and you’ll get everything that the previous owner had. You may also be able to broker a deal to get the transportation that you’ll need as well. That is something that many people don’t think about purchasing when they think about starting their own bounce house business, but that is definitely a necessity.

And one thing that you’ll get if you purchase a bounce house business from someone who is already established is the recognition. If someone has owned the business for a long time before they sold it to you, the business’ name will already be fairly well known and may help you to get more business, therefore making the challenge of starting your business and finding new clients much easier.

Why To Think Twice

There are, however, a few reasons that you may want to think twice about purchasing an already used bounce house business, starting with the houses themselves. When you purchase brand new inflatables you will be able to know, without a doubt, that the inflatables are ready to go and that you’re going to get quite a bit of life out of them. If, however, you purchase someone else’s business, you never really know how much time you’ll get to use the used inflatables that you purchased with the business. You won’t know how well the bounce house’s were taken care of, or how roughly they were used. You may not even be able to tell for sure exactly how old they are.

And you won’t necessarily know how well the name of the business has been spread around. If someone is trying to sell their business there needs to be a reason, as many people won’t sell a successful business. After all why would you want to sell a business that has been making a large profit?

Is purchasing an already established bounce house business a good idea? Most investors will say no, as there are too many variables that you have to think about when purchasing the business, and many that you can’t control. Most will suggest that you start your own business with brand new houses and with a brand new reputation.

Getting Over Fear of Starting Your Bounce House Business

In theory the idea of starting your own business is a good one – after all who could argue with being your own boss? There is, however, a problem that happens once people move from the dreaming stage on onto the part where you begin to make it a reality. People then start balking. They dream about starting a bounce house business but they’re unable to get over their fear to start the business that they’ve been dreaming of. So how do you do it? How do you conquer that fear in order to start your own bounce house business?

What Is It?

First you need to examine what, exactly, your fear is all about. What is it that you fear from starting your own business? Most people fear one of these:

  • Loss of steady income
  • Failure
  • Inability to control business

One of the good things about these three fears is that they are fears that are easy to conquer, so let’s go one by one.

Fear of Loss of Income

When you start your own business you’ll eventually have to stop working at the job that you currently have. The idea of having to quit your own business and losing out on a steady income can be very intimidating, which is why instead of jumping headfirst into a business that you’re running, like a bounce house business, you should start slowly. Begin your business as a part-time occupation and after a year or two you may find that the business has grown enough that you can quit your current job without any fear.

Fear of Failure

It’s logical to fear your own business. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that over 50% of small business fail within the first year, and that a staggering 95% of small businesses fail within the first five years. That is a huge amount of failure and definitely something to fear. So how can you get past that to start up your bounce house company? By remembering that there are many who succeed and by using the tactics that they have – mainly planning, caution, and a lot of revisiting of your original plans – to build your business to be strong.

Inability to Control Business

And finally people fear the inability to control their business, but if you start your own bounce house you have to realize that you actually have far more control than anyone else! This is because you control how much you work and how your business is perceived, so you actually have more control than you would if you were working for someone else!