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Steps To Starting Your Rental Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : January 12th, 2013 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Purple n Pink Mini CastleYou decided that you want to start an inflatable bounce house rental business, but you aren’t quite sure where to start or what steps you will need to take in order to get your business up and running. A bounce house rental business is actually a wonderful business to start, especially if it is your first business. Not only do you have great earning potential from having this type of business, you also have the ability to earn an amazing income and the flexibility to work when you want to. But getting started, and knowing what direction to take, can be tricky. Here are the steps you should look at taking if you plan on starting your own rental business.


  1. First, make sure that you find an inflatable bounce house rental that you are comfortable working with. There are a number of different inflatable manufacturer websites that you will find online, but not all of the manufacturers offer high-quality items or have the customer service that you should look for. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you find high-quality manufacturers first.
  2. Look for insurance information. Having insurance is extremely important, and some people actually look for insurance information before they even think about contacting an inflatable manufacturer. There are a number of different types of insurances you will be able to get, and if you trust your manufacturer enough you may actually want to ask them if they have any one insurance provider they trust over any other.
  3. Once you have your insurance in order, you should order your units! It is a good idea to start your business by owning at least 2 to 3 rental units.
  4. While you’re waiting for your rental units to arrive, you can start getting everything else ready. Start a website, get business cards, start a social media site, design flyers, and spread the word. It is very important that you do not book any rental dates until your units are in your possession and you had the time to inflate them and inspect them.
  5. The moment your unit arrives, take the time to inflated and get familiar with it. Invite some neighborhood children over to jump on it and take photos that you can use for your website.

You now have the basics for a wonderful bounce house rental business. If you work as hard all year long as you had to in order to start your business you will get a great return on your investment.

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Do I Really Need to Buy a Commercial Moonbounce

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 5th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Aquarium JumperHow often do you see a commercial on television showcasing a brand-new piece of technology that is going to be released soon? One thing you may not think about is the fact that not only is new tech knowledge he released on a regular basis, but many other things that are manufactured get better with time as well. Take, for instance, a bounce house. The bounce house that you could purchase from an inflatable manufacturer 10 years ago is vastly different from the bounce house that you could purchase from one today. And now, to complicate matters further, not only can you purchase a commercial bounce house but you can also purchase a smaller moon bounce that is designed for at-home use. This leaves many who are looking to start their own bounce house business to wonder if they truly do need to buy a commercial one bounce or if they can get by purchasing a smaller, less expensive bounce house from an inflatable manufacturer instead.

Making the Right Choice

Technology for bounce houses definitely has changed, but one thing has not changed: the fact that commercial bounce houses are designed to stand the test of time much better than small, at home use bounces are. A commercial moon bounce that you would purchase from an inflatable manufacturer is designed using a high-quality polymer that is created to withstand many different factors, including inclement weather, temperature, and can withstand a great deal of damage from little feet bouncing around on it. If you look closely at the sewing on both a commercial moon bounce and the at-home version you will find that the sewing on the commercial moon bounce is much higher quality and is designed to last much longer than the sewing on the at-home versions.

Another huge difference you will find between the commercial bounce house and the at-home version is the blower. The blower that comes with the smaller bounce house is not created to be as strong, or to last as long, as the commercial version. The blower that comes with a commercial moon bounce that you purchase from an inflatable manufacturer, however, is designed to be able to inflate the bounce house within only a few minutes and will keep blowing for as long as you want the bounce house to remain upright.

There really is no doubt about it – if you are truly serious about starting a bounce house rental business, you need to spend a little bit of extra money it costs to purchase a commercial moon bounce from the inflatable manufacturer rather than to save money by purchasing the at-home version. In reality, you are actually save a huge amount of money by purchasing the commercial moon bounce as you will not have to replace it anywhere near as quickly as you would the smaller, at-home version.

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The Growing Popularity of Moonbounces

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 22nd, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Pink Purple Arch CastleDo you know about the history of the bounce house? Believe it or not, the first moon bounce was designed in 1959 when a man named John Scurlock decided to try to create an inflatable cover for tennis court. He was frustrated with how much time it took to cover tennis court and thought that some sort of inflatable item would be faster and much easier. The inflatable cover worked, but he realized that his employees were having more fun jumping around on the cover than anything else. That is when he decided to create his own company and to become the first person to offer a moonbounce for sale.

Growing Popularity

In the 1960s, bounce houses were considered something of a novelty. Back then it was strange to see someone have a bounce house at a child’s birthday party. As time has gone on, however, inflatable units have become more and more popular, and now if you do not have a bounce house at your child’s birthday party, you will have a lot of very disappointed children. Even charitable organizations are often on the lookout for a moonbounce for sale that they can use for fundraising opportunities.

Not only can you locate a moonbounce for sale through an inflatable manufacturer, you can also find these types of units for sale, and for rent, often at small hardware stores and party rental stores. This can make it tricky for someone who owns a bounce house rental business, but as long as you keep your business fresh and focus on customer service your business should be absolutely fine.

Why have these units become so popular? That is actually a very good question, but what it boils down to is the simple fact that children love to be able to jump around and to basically raise havoc without getting in trouble for it. And actuality, children need to be able to release their energy in a safe way on a regular basis. So believe it or not, the bounce house rental business that you own is not only a way to earn profitable living, it is also a way to help parents give their children a wonderful time.


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Should You Allow Adults On Your Bounce House

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 7th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Candy MoonwalkIf you were to ask any inflatable manufacturer whether or not you should allow adults to go on your jump house, their answer would likely be “no”. You have to realize, though, that the manufacturer of your bounce house is doing everything they can to make sure that they don’t put themselves in a position where they could be sued. No business wants to be sued, and when you’re dealing with something like selling rental units you have to do everything you can to protect yourself. But does that mean that adults are not able to go on your bounce house?

Letting Adults On

Owning a bounce house business can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to do everything you can to adhere to the rules that the inflatable manufacturer gave you when you purchased the unit. One thing that almost all bounce house rental business owners eventually come across is adults asking if they are able to enjoy bounce house. That is when you have to make a decision: do you let the adults on to the bounce house and keep them happy all the while risking your unit popping, or do you frustrate the customer and refused them entry to the bounce house?

This dilemma is one that only you can solve, simply because you are the one who owns the bounce house. Here are a few things to remember, however. Firstly, it is absolutely normal to see 10 or more children jumping around in a bounce house. If each of the 10 children weighs 50 pounds, that means you have a total of at least 500 pounds on your bounce house and it should still work beautifully. That means that if you were to have two or three adults weighing under 200 pounds on your bounce house, the unit should be able to withstand the jumping fairly easily.

It is up to you to decide whether or not you will allow adults on your bounce house unit. Feel free to look to the inflatable manufacturer in order to see what they recommend, just keep in mind the fact that they are going to be very protective of their units. And remember: you can always make it a rule that only a certain amount of adults are allowed on the unit at any one point in time, thus making your customer happy and keeping your unit safe as well.


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Renting To a Daycare

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : May 18th, 2012 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Rockclimb Playground XLThey’ve broken into the birthday party business, and you leaving gotten some corporations to rent a bounce house from you. You’ve talked to local charities and you donated your time, now you’re ready to find a new avenue for your business to take. How about daycares? Daycare businesses exist all around the nation, and they’re getting more and more busy due to parents having to work longer and longer hours. Because of this, many daycare providers are always looking for some sort of new and unique idea to keep the children entertained – that is where you step in.

Getting Into Daycares

If you’re interested in getting the products you purchased from an inflatable manufacturer into a daycare business, the first thing you need to do is find daycare’s to contact. There are a few ways to go about this. The first is to look in your local yellow pages, but you may not find very many selections to choose from there is a lot of daycare companies do not advertise, especially the smaller mom-and-pop operations. The second thing you can do is to talk to friends who have children. Ask them about the daycare they use and ask them about other daycare save heard of. With this information you should be able to find a phone number and a contact name online. You can also utilize websites like craigslist to find people who advertise their daycare’s in your area.

Once you have contact information, it’s time to make phone call. Make sure you have all of your information lined up next to you when you finally dial the number. Explain what types of inflatable’s you have, and you can even explain what inflatable manufacturer you purchased them from. One of the primary concerns for any daycare provider is going to be safety. A provider is responsible for making sure that all children are safe while in their care, so explain exactly how safe your houses are, and what steps you take to ensure that all children are able to enjoy a fun day without having any injuries afterwards. You may also want to offer the daycare provider some sort of special deal. This is important because if they enjoyed your services, they are much more likely to contact you to come back soon, so a little discount definitely sweetens the deal for everyone.


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