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Wet vs. Dry Inflatable Slides: The Features and Differences

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 1st, 2018 Date Updated : November 8th, 2018

Inflatable slides are some of the best ways to provide fun and entertainment for young event guests. Just like bounce houses and interactives, inflatable slides are popular with children, allowing for endless hours of thrills at outdoor parties and events throughout the year. There are many types of slide, each with its own features and applications. In this guide, we’ll take a look at wet/dry and dry-only slides, giving you the information you need to make your next event a hit.

Inflatable Slides: Design and Construction Basics

Designers of inflatable products work overtime to come up with incredible styles and configurations, giving consumers an incredible selection to choose from. For slides, several features go into the design and construction that make them unique in the inflatables industry.

After coming up with the design, including colors, shapes, and configurations, the construction process begins. Every commercial-grade inflatable slide begins as sheets of heavy-duty vinyl fabric. The manufacturer cuts these sheets into panels according to a detailed pattern. Then, the panels are sewn together using multi-filament nylon thread for lasting durability.

No matter what type of slide, there are three major components: the body, the slide lane or lanes, and the climbing ramp. The body is the “footprint” of the inflatable, providing for a stable base on which the entire unit depends on for structural support. The slide lanes are where the fun begins – some models have single lanes, while others may have dual lanes or even multiples. The slide lanes may be straight or may curve around the body of the inflatable. The lanes are typically lined with a slick-finish vinyl material to make them extra slippery. Finally, there is the climbing ramp, which is typically located alongside the slide lanes, but may be found on the side or back of the unit. Some models feature two slide lanes flanking a central climbing ramp. The climbing ramp gives riders the ability to get to the top of the slide easily.

Wet/Dry vs. Dry-Only Inflatable Slides

After browsing through pages of inflatable slide models, many people may wonder what the differences between wet/dry slides and dry-only slide models are. While the design, construction, and general configuration is the same between these two categories of slide, there are differences in the final product. Wet/dry slides are equipped with splash pools at their slide lane bases, while dry-only slides may have a high bumper, an inflatable wall, or a small ramp. Wet/dry slides may also have a loop or attachment for a water hose near the top of the slide body, helping to keep the slide lanes wet for slippery thrills.

Dry slides are popular with consumers, as they can be used anywhere – in the backyard, at festivals, or even indoors if space permits. Schools and community organizations often host indoor events, and a waterslide simply isn’t appropriate for indoor use. On the other hand, wet/dry slides can offer fun that simply can’t be had with other slide models. The wet/dry slides can be used with the splash pools in warmer months, or the splash pools can be removed during cooler weather, allowing for dry operation. This gives incredible versatility, and many people prefer this style, especially if they expect to host parties all year long. On a hot summer’s day, nothing beats splashing and slipping on a commercial-grade inflatable slide!

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How to Make Money & Build a Successful Bounce House Company

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : October 1st, 2013 Date Updated : November 8th, 2018

Crayon Moonwalk PlaylandMany people dream of a life where they can operate their own business. There are many business opportunities available to entrepreneurs, and inflatables rental businesses represent a potentially lucrative venture. Opening and managing a rental operation for moonwalks, bouncers, and slides can help make those dreams come true. With a commitment to hard work and a few tips, inflatables rental businesses can create a comfortable lifestyle, driving profits and ensuring the success of your new business operation. In this guide, we will explore the foundations of a successful bounce house rental business, helping you to make money in your new business venture.

Attracting New Customers

All too often, new business owners believe that if they start a business, clients will come to them naturally. While this can be true in some cases, the vast majority of new business owners will need to apply several proven techniques to attract customers, helping the new operation to reach profitability. In the world of inflatables rental, nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising. This can be achieved in a cost-effective manner, using both in-person and social media methods to attract a steady stream of new customers.

Every customer interaction represents an opportunity to “spread the word” about your new business. Ask your customers to recommend your operation to their friends and family; this can help create interest in your rental venture without the expenses and hassle of traditional advertising.

Creating social media profiles on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are also inexpensive and effective ways of building interest, bringing customers to your company and creating connections with a wide audience. No matter if you are a small operation with a handful of bounce houses to rent or a company that dreams big with a huge inflatable inventory, social media is a great way to build brand awareness.

The key to leverage social media is to not only create profiles on these platforms but to update them with company news and information on a regular basis. With engaging posts, your fans are far more likely to share your company’s profiles with their friends, who may then become your customers.

Retaining Customers

Attracting a steady stream of new customers is only half of the battle for new business owners; retaining them and building brand loyalty is the other. In numerous business studies, it has been shown that repeat customers account for a sizeable percentage of a given company’s business, so it is critical that you reinforce the customer relationship.

How can a new business owner create loyalty? There are several possible solutions, but the core of this approach is to deliver outstanding service. Customer service is a dying art across industries, but the most successful companies put their focus on this vital part of the business model. Excellent customer service practices help to ensure that customers will return to you time and again, and they will also recommend your services to their peers. Providing incentives for repeat customers is another tactic to explore; providing a small discount for these valuable customers can also help keep them coming back.

Stick with It!

Making money with an inflatables rental business is not an overnight success story, but it is important for new business owners to remember that through hard work, customer service, and cost-effective advertising, it is possible to shape your business future.

With these tips, you will gain new customers while forging long-term relationships with existing customers. This ensures continued profitability for your bounce house rental operation.
And remember, once you have started up, be sure to reach out to us to be featured on our Nationwide Bounce House Directory!

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Purchasing the Wrong Bounce House: Tips for Handling this Business Error

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : September 24th, 2013 Date Updated : November 9th, 2018

Bounce HouseNo matter what type of business you’re in or how long your company has been in operation, you know that everyone makes mistakes. Business-oriented mistakes can cost money in lost profits or expensive fees, but it is how a business owner handles the mistakes that can spell the difference between success and failure. For people who own inflatables rental businesses, a common mistake is purchasing the wrong bounce house. In this guide, we will provide tips for handling this error, ensuring that a mistaken purchase does not negatively impact your business operations.

Making a Bounce House Purchasing Mistake

For some people, purchasing a bounce house online can be a complex affair filled with potential pitfalls. Even with detailed product information and high-resolution images found in online shopping, people who prefer a tactile approach to making purchases can often wind up with the wrong product. These people need to touch and see items in person; obviously, an online shopping experience for a bounce house or other commercial-grade inflatable does not allow for these aspects of the purchase experience.

Some of the possible purchasing mistake scenarios include:

  • Finding out the dimensions of a bounce house was different than imagined.
  • Discovering that the fabric used to construct the bounce house feels different than the way the purchaser wanted, such as a too-rough or too-smooth texture.
  • Realizing the design isn’t as interesting or appealing once the bounce house is inflated and ready for operation.
  • Identifying desired features that are missing from the bounce house purchase, such as multiple door openings or reinforced anchoring points.
  • Finding out the overall quality of the inflatable doesn’t match the manufacturer’s online description or reputation.

Product descriptions and photographs of a given product only tell part of the story; and for people who like to make in-person purchases, mistakes can be made.

Overcoming Bouncer Purchasing Mistakes

What can you do if you discover the bouncer you purchased simply isn’t right for your company’s needs? The first step is to reach out to the manufacturer from which the purchase was made. Most reputable companies have a generous return policy, with specific requirements about the reasons for the return. These companies want their customers to be happy with each purchase and may accept returns that arise from mistaken purchases.

If a return is accepted, detailed instructions on repackaging and shipping will be included. There is sometimes a small restocking fee for purchases made in error, but this fee is a fraction of the cost of the inflatable itself and is the best option to overcome a purchasing mistake. If for any reason you are unable to make a product return, it may be possible to resell the bouncer to another rental operation or to think outside the box and repurpose it for special events or promotions. It is critical to remain flexible; no problem cannot be overcome as you operate your business.

Once the return is made, it may be possible to reach out to the manufacturer for the names of other customers in your area. You can potentially get in touch with other inflatables purchasers, giving you a chance to see and feel the desired product in person. This can eliminate mistakes based on materials, size, or features. With this information, your next purchase will be the right one for your company’s needs.

Remember, it is not the mistake that you make, but how you deal with that mistake, that separates your successful business venture from one doomed to failure. Follow our blog for more tips and tricks to starting up your business.

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Inquiring About Buying Inflatable Bounce Houses

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 30th, 2013 Date Updated : November 8th, 2018

Inflatable JumpersOwning your own commercial-grade inflatable bounce house business can be rewarding as well as profitable. With a relatively small investment and a bit of hard work, it is possible to enjoy financial freedom as you operate your own small business.

Naturally, when others see your success, they may inquire about what it takes to own a bouncer rental business. There are many questions you may be asked, including what it takes to run a successful operation. In this guide, we’ll share some of the tips you can provide to interested parties, helping them to make smart business-oriented decisions.

Sourcing Inflatable Products

The first question many rental business owners get is often “where did you buy your bounce houses?” In many cases, business owners may not wish to divulge all of the details, including where purchases were made. Still, if you feel comfortable answering this question with specifics and are pleased with your business investments, feel free to name-drop the manufacturing company.

More importantly, it is a good idea to talk about why you made your purchases with the chosen company. Not all inflatables manufacturers are the same, and quality varies across the industry. A good inflatables manufacturer uses superior materials and construction standards to ensure quality. Heavy-gauge vinyl fabric and stitching add durability to the completed bouncer or inflatable slide; lesser companies may use thinner fabric or skip reinforcement steps that negatively impact the life expectancy of the finished product.

The very best companies also include rigorous testing and safety procedures when manufacturing their products. Innovative safety features like blowout panels, internal baffles, and finger-friendly mesh window openings keep youngsters safe when enjoying playtime inside the moonwalks you rent to event hosts. Quality materials, quality construction, and high standards of safety should be the first priority when sourcing inflatables for your rental business – while these products may be more expensive in initial investment, they are the foundation of your operation. Don’t skimp, and encourage others to focus on the same quality in their own rental business ventures.

Outstanding Customer Service: The Cornerstone of Success

It goes without saying that customer service is a dying art, regardless of the business being discussed. Unfortunately, customer service is the leading “touch point” in customer/business interactions, and failing to invest the effort to deliver great service can mean business failure down the road. Maintaining high levels of customer service not only helps create a loyal customer base, but it can also help to create strong “word of mouth” advertising. Satisfied customers are far more likely to recommend your business to their friends and families, improving your business prospects without the expenses associated with traditional print or television advertising.

When answering questions from curious people, make a point of stressing the value and the return on investment of delivering quality customer service in any business interaction. How you manage each customer experience can spell the difference between long-term success and eventual failure of your operation. Above all, be polite and encouraging to anyone who asks questions about your business.

Again, you don’t always have to provide all the details – maintaining a certain level of secrecy about the inner workings of your operation is often a good idea, especially when dealing with competitors. Still, being friendly and open with your knowledge of the bounce house rental industry can create goodwill, possibly even convincing someone else to give this profitable business venture a try.

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What Should I Delegate for My Bounce House Rental Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : August 28th, 2013 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Bounce HouseAnyone who first start the business is excited about the prospect of their business growing so large that they are able to earn a decent amount of money. Unfortunately, what most people do not realize is that when businesses grow things can be difficult. It can be very tricky for someone who owns a small business to learn how to trust another person to handle their businesses affairs. It is definitely not something that you are contemplating when you are looking at big commercial jumpers for sale.

There are a few tricks when it comes to figuring out how to delegate a part of your business to someone else. The first trick is to figure out what, exactly, you do not want to do. Figure out the things that you are currently required to do that you either are not very good at doing or that you really hate to do. Those are going to be the first things that you want to delegate to someone else. By selecting only things that you truly do not enjoy doing, or that you are not good at doing, you’re making it easier on yourself to trust someone else to do the work for you. If you were to delegate something that you love doing to employee you would likely quickly discover that you have a very hard time doing it because you know that you could do the job better yourself.

Let’s say, for instance, that you thoroughly hate handling billing. If you truly do detest billing than that would be something you would want to hand off to someone else. By hiring someone who is good at billing you will find that not only is it easy for you to give up the control of billing to someone else, you will also find that you feel happier in knowing that the billing is being taken care of properly. Remember: always delegate the tasks that you truly do not enjoy doing, or those that you are not very good at handling, in order to make heading off a little piece of your business just that much easier.

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