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What If Your Bounce House Breaks Before an Event

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : July 29th, 2013 Date Updated : May 29th, 2018

Bounce House Candy Moonwalk

The motto of any business owner, and the Boy Scouts of America of course, is to be prepared. Unfortunately, far too often brand-new business owners do not realize exactly what being prepared means and wind up in over their head. For instance, what happens if you have an event on Saturday and set up the unit for a party on Friday only to discover that there is a huge hole in your inflatable and that it will not be able to be used for the event?


There are a few different solutions to this problem. The first solution is to make sure you purchase enough inflatables for sale to have one as a constant backup. This unit should only be pulled out when necessary and is the perfect way to help you to avoid this type of sticky situation. But what do you do if you did not think ahead and have not purchased an extra bounce house unit?

The first option is to contact the client and to explain the situation while assuring them that you offer them a refund. Now, many business owners believe that simply offering a refund is enough to make the clients happy but the truth of the matter is when you are dealing with parents who were looking forward to using the bounce house to help distract the children during a party or event, simply offering a refund is not enough. Instead of just offering a refund you may want to contact another local bounce house business owner.

When there is simply not enough time to purchase new inflatables for sale to help cover your sticky situation, asking another local business owner to help may be the best idea. Explain to the business owner that you are in dire need of a unit and that you will pay full price for the unit – even if this means paying money out of your own pocket. It is never fun to pay out of your own pocket but it is much better to lose a bit of money than to lose one client, and therefore potentially thousands of clients, for good. Remember: the best option is to always have a backup inflatable unit ready to go just in case the unthinkable happens.

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Being Available for Your Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 24th, 2013 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

USA Double Bounce HouseWhen you work at a “normal” job you can relax the moment you get home. Once you walk to the doors of your very own castle you can take your shoes off, get into your comfy close, and forget, if you’d like, that you are employed. When you own a business, however, there is very little downtime. Yes, there will be plenty of hours in which you can sit back and watch a movie, but you have to constantly be available for your business, and if your business renting out bounce houses, it is required that you be available 24 hours a day. But how can you be available for your business without going completely insane?

Modern Technology

It is important to remember that you did not purchase the commercial inflatables for sale in order to have them sit on your lawn and look pretty. You purchase them in order to make money, and the only way you can make money is if you are able to rent them out. What do you do if you contacted business and they do not contact you back within 24 hours? You find another business. Bounce house rental businesses have become very popular in the past 10 years and chances are if someone contacts you and you do not contact them back within a reasonable amount of time they’re going to find someone who will. That is why it’s important to use modern technology to help you to stay connected and available at all times.

Your cell phone is going to become your best friend. Yes, cell phones are fun for playing games on and are great for texting friends, but what you may not realize is that they are the business person’s best friend. A cell phone allows you to answer back a client, either via phone or email, at any hour of the day. You can even use today’s high-quality cell phones to look at commercial inflatables for sale when you get a moment during your busy day. Make sure your cell phone number is on all of your business cards and is clearly visible on your website and all the social media pages as well.

Tablets are also a great way to keep in touch with your business. Because of their size tablets are able to be carried just about anywhere, and thankfully most places have wireless Internet access as well allowing you to be able to keep in touch with your customers, and to monitor your social media sites, anywhere you go.

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Banners and Your Bounce House Rental Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : January 27th, 2013 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Castle Bounce House IIThere are so many different ways that you can market your bounce house rental business that it is impossible to go over every single one. One thing that always astounds us is the fact that most people do not realize that it is the most simple marketing techniques that tend to garner the most attention rather than the most ornate and expensive ones. For instance, when you are looking at wholesale inflatables for sale were you even thinking about getting a banner? Banners can be a fantastic way for you to be able to advertise your business on a regular basis without spending very much money.

More On Banners

There are all sorts of things that you can do to market your business, but one of the first things we suggest is investing in a high quality, colorful banner. There are so many things that you can do with a banner that is imperative that you purchase one soon after you start your business. First, before you purchase any banners it’s a good idea to make sure that you have some branding in place. Business branding helps make it easier for clients to differentiate between your business and someone else’s. That’s why it’s important to get a great is this name and possibly even a great logo. A slogan is also a very important idea as well.

So what can you do with a banner? First, always make sure that any bounce units that you are renting out has your banner attached to it. This not only catches the attention of anyone who was invited to the party the bounce house was rented for, it also catches the attention of anyone who may be nearby. This is especially important if you happen to be setting up in a wide-open area. You can also use your banner at your house as well. Poster banner up on one of the walls of your house when you do not have any rental scheduled. Again, a catches the attention of people and is almost completely free advertising. As to where to get the banners, most experts recommend working with a local printing company rather than working with an online simply because it is easier to verify the quality of your banner. So remember, after you purchase inflatables for sale, make sure you look into getting a banner.

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About Getting The Best Moonwalk For Sale

Posted By : shado Date Created : January 27th, 2010 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

USA Front Slide ComboWhen you’re in the party rental business you want to be sure that all the products that you buy are the best quality and you can start by looking at the best moonwalk for sale that you can find on the Internet. For people that haven’t done it before, shopping on the Internet can be a daunting experience.

At first you might not know what to expect or you might be a person that’s bought all their inflatable jumpers for sale from a brick and mortar store.  When you first start shopping on the Internet there are a few things that can help you sort through the information that you’ll be getting from the people who want to sell you these inflatables for sale.

One of the things that not everyone knows right away is the fact that you can point your search on the Internet to the area of the country that you live in by typing that geographic location and the name of the inflatable jumpers for sale into the search engine bar.

That’s one of the methods you can use to go about getting the best moonwalk for sale.

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Tips For Getting The Right Inflatable Manufacturer

Posted By : shado Date Created : January 25th, 2010 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Rainbow Slip & SlideYou don’t work alone when you’re in the party rental business because you need to have a good inflatable manufacturer as a silent partner. That means that while you might already know what kind of inflatable jumpers for sale that you’re looking for, you need to understand what makes up a great supplier. Here’s a few tips that can help out.

  1. Find a place that has all the most popular items.  A company that has everything from an inflatable water slide for sale to  a moonwalk for sale knows all about the industry.
  2. Find a place that has a great warranty. Remember that a good inflatable manufacturer will stand behind their work and that means they will have a great warranty to cover any inflatables for sale that you buy from them.

You’ll want to be sure that the inflatable manufacturer that you’re looking at has the best customer service department as well.  It’s important to remember that getting the right inflatable manufacturer is all about a variety of things.

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