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Leaving a Commercial Inflatable Slide at a Clients Home

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : October 28th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

ATV Bounce HouseWhen you start a bounce house business, one of the last things that may be on your mind is figuring out what you were going to do with your bounce house if you are unable to go to the clients house to retrieve it. When you first start renting out things like commercial inflatable slides, you will likely have only a few units that you need to rent out. This means that should be easy for you to set up, and pick up, units on the very same day they are rented. As your business grows, however, you will likely find that it is much more difficult to set up an retrieve the unit on the same day. What happens then?

First, check with the client who rented the unit and ask them if it is possible for you to leave the unit at their home overnight. That is, if the weather is planning on being sunny, of course. If rain is expected, it is extremely important to make sure that you get the unit down and packed away so that he can stay dry even if that means recruiting some friends or family to help you. It is much better to have the commercial inflatable slide packed messily then to have it extremely soaked.

If the weather is going to be sunny and your customer has no problem with keeping the unit overnight, it’s important that you realize that you will need to give them some sort of a benefit for keeping the unit for you overnight. This can be as simple as allowing them to keep the unit inflated and to continue jumping on it through the night, and into the next morning if they would like to, without you charging them any extra amount. This can be great for families who have children as they will feel like they are able to truly get their money’s worth, and because they will feel this way it’s likely that they will tell their friends and family about your business getting you more potential customers. It’s almost impossible to run a large business alone, and if you get to the point when you are leaving the commercial inflatable slide at a customer’s house overnight more often than not, that may be a signal that you need to hire some help, which means that your business is growing and expanding and is definitely a good thing!

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Ways to Promote a Bounce House and Slide

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : October 7th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Arch-Slide-with-Pool-Sizes-from-14-to-18-HighIt’s pretty safe to assume that most parents know exactly what a bounce house is. After all, any good birthday party is not complete without one. That is one reason why starting a bounce house rental business is as easy as it is. You don’t have to create a product, or try to explain it to anyone. Instead you can start your business realizing that all of your customers already know exactly what an inflatable bounce house is and how it is used. This can actually become a problem. New bounce house business owners do not realize that while their customers may understand what an inflatable bounce house is, they may not understand what some of the other products they have to offer are. Take, for instance, the bounce house and slide combo.

The bounce house and slide combo is inflatable unit that brings the best of both worlds into one extremely fun party machine. What half of the unit showcases a bounce house that children can jump around in an thoroughly enjoy. Quite often the bounce house often includes some other little fun bonus such as an inflatable basketball hoop. The other half of the unit has an inflatable slide. The bounce house and the slide are connected, often by an easy to climb ladder, allowing children to go straight from jumping around to sliding down.

While parents may understand exactly what a bounce houses, they may not be completely familiar with the bounce house and slide combo. How, then, do you promote such a unit? One easy way to do so is to create a video of the unit and to showcase it on your website. Choose a picturesque spot and inflate the unit. Invite friends who have children to come over and help you display the unit. Make sure you videotape the outside of the unit as well as the inside of the unit, which you may want to do before any of your little guests have arrived. During the video you will want to make sure you explain exactly why this is a better choice for some children than the traditional bounce house is. Focus on documenting the fact that children who don’t enjoy bouncing will be able to slide and children who are huge into the slide will still be able to bounce around ensuring that all children at the party will have a great time.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Water Slides Inflatable Unit

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : September 13th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Aqua Tide Wave Splash Pool SlideAny established business owner will tell you that quite often one of the most nerve-racking things, aside from starting your very own business, is trying to figure out what you can do to expand it. Expanding a business can be extremely exciting but can also be scary as well because once again you will be required to spend money to purchase items for your business and, once again, you’ll be pinning your hopes on people utilizing the item that you purchased so that you can earn your investment back. One thing that many bounce house business owners are purchasing now is a water slides inflatable unit.

A water slides inflatable unit is the type of inflatable designed to function in two different ways: the first is as a regular slide. Children can climb up the ramp and can enjoy the feel of the wind in their hair as they race down to the bottom of the slide. A water slides inflatable unit is special, however, because not only can be used as a traditional slide it can also be used as a waterslide. Children absolutely love being able to get soaking wet at the same time as they are picking up a great deal of speed, slide. But, before you add a water slides inflatable unit to your business, there are a few things you might want to consider.


What type of clients do you currently have renting your inflatables? If your business tends to cater to very young children, for instance children under the age of five, you may not want to spend the money to purchase a water slides inflatable unit, as it is inadvisable to allow very young children on many of the larger waterslide units. If, however, your business caters to older children, or you tend to work a lot of events, having a water slides inflatable unit in your arsenal available to rent may be a great idea.

How many months of sunshine does your state get? If you happen to live in a gorgeous location such as California you can rely upon many, many sunny days. If, however, your business is in a state that deals with a great deal of rain or many cold months, adding this type of unit may not be a good idea. It is up to you to do the research to see if your clients are interested in renting out a waterslide unit in your area or not.

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Separating Yourself From the Competition with Wholesale Inflatable Slides

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : September 9th, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

16-Wave-Blue-Marble-w-PoolAlmost all brand-new inflatable business rental owners worry about one thing when they start out: competition. The idea of starting your very own business can be intimidating enough, but when you add into it the possibility of having to deal with competition the intimidation level rises significantly. There are a few ways you can deal with competition if you are a bounce house rental business owner. The first way is to completely ignore it and to help that your services and your products will be good enough that you’ll be able to battle down the competition easily. Another way to handle competition in the bounce house world, however, is to offer something your competitor does not.


One thing that your competition may not offer their clients is an inflatable slide. Inflatable slides have become one of the hottest things in the inflatable world, and is now easier than ever before to find wholesale inflatable slides to purchase. One of the best things about wholesale inflatable slides is that you can find ones that are perfect for almost every age group and every occasion. There are slides that are perfect for younger children, as well as ones that are perfect for older teenagers and even adults. You can even find wholesale inflatable slides that you can transform into backyard waterslides.

Does this mean that you only need to offer inflatable slides to your clients? No. It is not a good idea to only rent out inflatable slides because the vast majority of your customers will be assuming that you also have bounce houses for rent as well. The combination of offering wholesale inflatable slides and bounce houses for rent tends to be the best way to maximize the amount of revenue you are able to earn. Not only will you be able to rent a bounce houses out for birthday parties, you will also be able to offer inflatable slides to your customers as well. Quite often parents, and other clients, tend to rent both types of inflatable units at the same time so that the children will be kept occupied for hours.

If you’re worried about competition in your neck of the woods from other bounce house rental business owners, you might want to look into purchasing wholesale inflatable slides. These slides may be the perfect way to get the edge up on your competitor.

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If Someone Gets Hurt On Your Bouncehouse

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 1st, 2012 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Double-Lane-Fire-Marble-Slide-with-PoolThe main purpose of a bouncehouse is, of course, for children to have a huge amount of fun. This is the goal, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen this way. Anyone who has young children knows that accidents happen, and when it comes to young children they tend to happen on a fairly regular basis. That’s why it’s important to realize that sooner or later, someone is likely going to be injured when jumping a bouncehouse they have rented from you. The question then becomes: how do you handle the situation?


Before any action is taken, you must take time to see how badly the child is injured. If you are there when the accident occurs, remain calm and clear out the jump house as quickly, and orderly, as you can so that you can get to the injured child. Once you have the child out, make sure the parents are notified that their child is injured and try to keep the child calm. It is a good idea to not perform any type of medical treatment on the child unless it is a definite necessity. Allow the parents to care for the child instead.

Once the emergent situation has been dealt with, you should assess how badly the child is injured. If it is just a few bumps and bruises, the parents will likely take no action and an apology from you, something like, “I’m very sorry that your child was injured on the play apparatus” is definitely appropriate. If the child was seriously injured, however, you will want to handle the situation a bit differently.


If a child is seriously injured when jumping in your bouncehouse, first you should make sure that there was nothing in the house that caused the injury. Re-inflate the house and look it all over to make sure that you truly were not at fault for the injury. Chances are good it was likely children bumping into one another that caused the injury, but checking the apparatus is definitely a good idea. Apologize to the parents for the injury occurring, but remember: this is what insurance is for. Between the insurance you have purchased and the contract the parents signed, you should be clear when it comes to legal ramifications. An apology, however, and possibly a suggestion of a free rental is definitely something that would be considered good customer service in this situation.


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