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The Best Inflatable Water Slides for Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : April 4th, 2023 Date Updated : May 16th, 2023

Looking for an exciting way to upgrade your theme park or amusement park? Consider purchasing an inflatable slide for sale. Inflatable water slides are an integral part of any park, providing visitors with a safe, fun, and thrilling experience.

This article aims to highlight the best inflatable water slides available for theme parks and amusement parks. We will also discuss some of their key features and benefits. One significant advantage of using inflatable water slides is their easy setup and takedown process. Additionally, their structure requires minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective option for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Moreover, inflatable water slides can help reduce noise pollution while providing a variety of activities to keep guests entertained throughout their visit. So, if you’re looking to enhance your park’s offerings, an inflatable slide for sale may be the perfect addition. By Jungle Jumps!!

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Types Of Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are a popular choice for theme parks and amusement parks looking to add an interactive attraction. These slides typically consist of tubes, pools, or flat surfaces made from heavy-duty vinyl material that can be inflated with air through the use of pumps powered by electricity or compressed air.

Inflatable water slides come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them suitable for any type of park setting. The most common types of inflatable water slides include pool slides, tube slides, halfpipe/wave rides, and multi-lane racing tracks.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to safety measures and entertainment value.

Safety Considerations For Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are a popular attraction in theme parks and amusement parks, however, certain safety considerations should be taken into account.

Inspecting the slide before use is essential as it can ensure that any defects or damage have been identified and addressed.

Proper installation of the inflatable water slide is also important, including ensuring proper anchoring against wind gusts or storms.

It is also necessary to check for punctures or tears throughout its life cycle, as these can cause loss of air pressure and reduce structural integrity.

Lastly, slip-resistant materials should be used on all surfaces for additional protection from potential falls.

The Benefits Of Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides offer a range of benefits to amusement parks and theme parks, from cost savings compared to traditional slides to the ability for operators to move them around if needed.

They are also much safer than traditional slide options since the material is softer and more forgiving.

The fact that they can be easily set up and taken down makes them an ideal solution for temporary events or locations without permanent structures.

Furthermore, their colorful designs make them attractive additions to any park setting.

In addition, inflatable water slides are often easier and less expensive to maintain when compared with other types of rides.

Finding The Best Inflatable Water Slide For Your Theme Park

In addition to the benefits of using inflatable water slides, theme parks, and amusement parks need to find a high-quality product that suits their needs.

These facilities must focus on selecting an appropriate size and design for their venue to provide the optimal experience for guests.

Furthermore, safety must always be considered when choosing any type of inflatable slide; checking the quality and condition of materials, as well as inspecting all connections before installation are key steps towards ensuring customer satisfaction.

Additionally, researching reviews from previous customers can assist park owners in finding the best option available.

With thorough research and knowledge of what is offered by each manufacturer, theme parks and amusement parks can feel confident in finding an ideal solution for their water slide needs.

Maintenance And Upkeep For Inflatable Water Slides

To maintain the optimum performance of inflatable water slides, regular maintenance, and upkeep are essential.

It is necessary to check for any potential signs of damage or wear every week. These checks should include inspecting seams, valves, anchors, and bladders for any rips or tears that may have occurred due to excessive use or exposure to the elements.

Additionally, the slide surface must be cleared of debris and checked for patches regularly to ensure safe operation over time.

Further preventive measures such as applying lubricant to moving parts can also extend the life span of an inflatable water slide.

Therefore, proper care and attention are required when it comes to maintaining these attractions to keep them running safely and efficiently over time.

Best Inflatable Water Slides for Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

1) Double Lane Marble Slide



W X L X H:

16 X 34 X 20




Our double-lane inflatable water slide for sale is an excellent addition to any outdoor event, towering overhead at an impressive 20 feet high. Children of all ages can enjoy the fun and excitement this inflatable water slide offers.

Featuring a centrally-mounted ladder, participants can climb to the top and choose between two thrilling slide lanes. Both lanes lead to a small splash pool for maximum cooling fun. The colorful vinyl material of the slide is designed to look like natural marble, with yellow and orange accents that add to its attractive appearance.

As one of the most respected commercial inflatable manufacturers in the U.S., Jungle Jumps has created an ideal inflatable water slide that is perfect for any outdoor event. Its design and features make it an excellent choice for entertaining kids and adults alike.

2) Surfs Up



W X L X H:

12 x 32 x 18




Jungle Jumps, a leading inflatables manufacturer, has created an awesome commercial water slide that combines surf styling with incredible fun. The design captures the essence of big wave surfing, complete with inflatable simulated surfboards flanking the slide and a towering wave overhead. The blue and white vinyl colors are accentuated by printed details, adding to the overall aesthetic.

Accessed by a side-mounted ladder/ramp, the slide features a single wide lane that leads to a generously-sized splash pool at the bottom. For added safety, the top of the unit is covered with mesh, and the sides are bolstered high. If you’re looking for commercial inflatable water slides for sale, you’ve come to the right place! This water slide is an excellent choice for entertaining youngsters and providing them with hours of fun.

3) Raging Tides Slide & Run N Splash



W X L X H:

16 X 60 X 22




Get ready to experience the thrill of our combination water slide and slip and slide that will sweep you away. As the leader in industrial inflatable water slides for sale, Jungle Jumps has created a model that is perfect for outdoor events of any size.

Featuring a towering inflatable wave over the access ramp and smaller waves decorating the slide itself, this water slide is made from incredibly durable commercial-grade vinyl material, ensuring many years of trouble-free use. The bright blue color with white accents adds to its overall appeal.

Young ones can safely zip down the slide, thanks to the high bolsters, while a large splash pool adds to the fun of this popular model. So, if you’re looking to provide endless hours of entertainment, this water slide is an excellent choice for your next outdoor event.

4) 24 USA Slide with Pool



W X L X H:

17 X 46 X 24




Looking for the perfect patriotic addition to your next outdoor event or party? Consider our giant water slide for sale, towering overhead and featuring a 22-foot waterslide that is ready to provide years of fun.

At Jungle Jumps, we use tough, industrial-grade vinyl material in all of our inflatable water slide products. This particular water slide comes in red, white, and blue, with bright blue accents on the side access ramp and the interior of the waterslide itself, adding to its overall appeal.

To ensure safety, high bolsters protect participants as they slide down, and a generously-sized splash pool awaits at the bottom. The top is covered by mesh fabric, providing additional safety for all participants. So, get ready for some wet and wild fun with our patriotic water slide!

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In conclusion, inflatable water slides are an excellent addition to any theme park or amusement park. They provide a thrilling experience for visitors and can be tailored to suit the needs of nearly any budget. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance and upkeep when compared with permanent structures.

When selecting an inflatable water slide, it is important to consider safety first as well as the size and type of slide that best suits your facility’s layout and customer base. Lastly, by choosing a quality product from a manufacturer with good reviews, you can ensure your customers have access to an enjoyable and safe experience on their visit.

With these considerations in mind, you can create a memorable experience for all who ride your inflatable water slides.

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