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The Best Inflatable Bounce Houses for Indoors

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 6th, 2023 Date Updated : November 6th, 2023

Are you looking for the best inflatable bounce house for indoors? Look no further! In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We’ll cover the benefits of bounce houses, types of bounce houses, safety considerations, inflation tips, cost factors, choosing the right size, maintenance tips, and accessories.

Prepare for an exciting and educational journey as you read through this article!

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Key Takeaways

The Best Inflatable Bounce Houses for Indoors - Jungle Jumps

  • Standard bounce houses are a popular option for indoor use, offering various sizes, shapes, and colors, along with features like a bounce area, basketball hoop, and slide.
  • Inflatable obstacle courses are a more complex version of bounce houses, providing multiple obstacles and race tracks, and are great for kids who want a challenge. It’s important to check for safety features and read reviews before purchasing.
  • Proper installation, adult supervision, and following safety guidelines are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience with inflatable bounce houses indoors.
  • When selecting an inflatable bounce house for indoor use, factors to consider include the optimal size for kids and space, durability and quality of materials, weight limit and maximum capacity, and safety features such as reinforced seams and safety nets.

Benefits of Bounce Houses

Nowadays, you can reap the benefits of having a bounce house indoors year-round! Inflatable bounce houses provide hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike. Not only are they safe and secure, but they also promote exercise and physical activity. They offer a fun way to stay active while indoors, and their unique design allows them to be used in a variety of ways.

Additionally, they’re easy to set up and take down, making them ideal for parties and other gatherings. They can even be used as a great way to teach children about cooperation and teamwork, as they work together to maneuver around the inflated surface. Bounce houses also provide a great way to develop motor skills, balance, and coordination in kids of all ages.

Lastly, these inflatables are a great way to make any event more memorable and special.

Types of Bounce Houses

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and features, there are many types of inflatable bounce houses that are perfect for indoor use. From classic castles to obstacle courses, there’s something for everyone.

You can choose between:

  • Standard Bounce Houses: These are the most popular option and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They typically feature a large bounce area, basketball hoop, and slide.
  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses: These are a more complex version of a bounce house and feature multiple obstacles, a race track, and a large bounce area. They’re great for kids who want a challenge.

No matter which type of inflatable bounce house you choose, you can rest assured that it will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Make sure to check for safety features and read reviews before making a purchase. With the right inflatable bounce house, your kids will have a blast!

Safety Considerations

When considering an indoor inflatable bounce house, it’s important to be aware of the safety guidelines for installation and supervision.

Proper installation and adult supervision are key to a safe and enjoyable experience for kids.

Installation Guidelines

Installing an inflatable bounce house safely requires careful consideration of a few important factors. Firstly, ensure that you have the right space for the inflatable. Measure the area and make sure the house fits properly.

Secondly, make sure you have the necessary equipment to set up the inflatable. Consider what type of blower you need, the number of stakes and sandbags you need to keep the house secure, and the type of surface you need to place it on.

When setting up the inflatable ensure that it’s placed on a flat, even surface away from any potential hazards. Secure the inflatable by staking it down, and if necessary, add additional anchoring with sandbags.

Supervision Requirements

Once you have properly installed the inflatable, it’s important to ensure that there’s an adult present at all times to supervise. This is an essential safety precaution, as the risks of injury increase when children are unsupervised. Always make sure that the adult supervising is aware of the age and size of the children using the bounce house. For example, if you have a mix of older and younger children, the adults should be aware of their different capabilities.

Additionally, all children should be instructed to use the bounce house safely and to avoid roughhousing. Lastly, make sure that the adult is equipped with a phone in case of an emergency.

Following these requirements will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Inflation Tips

Inflating an inflatable bounce house can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right air pump and safety checklist, you can easily and safely inflate your bounce house.

Be sure to read up on the right air pump type for your bounce house, and check out our helpful deflation tips too.

Air Pump Types

When it comes to inflating your bounce house, the type of air pump you use matters. Generally, there are three types to consider:

  • Electric pumps:
    • These are the most popular, as they’re the most powerful and efficient.
    • They plug into a wall outlet and require no manual effort, so they’re ideal for larger inflatables.
  • Manual pumps:
    • These pumps use lung power to inflate, so they take more time and effort.
    • They’re usually cheaper than electric pumps but aren’t powerful enough for larger inflatables.
  • Battery-powered pumps:
    • These pumps aren’t as powerful as the electric ones, but they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet.
    • They provide the convenience of portability, ideal for outdoor use or for those without access to an outlet.

Choose the right pump for your needs to make sure your bounce house is properly and quickly inflated.

Safety Checklist

Now that you’ve chosen the right pump for your needs, it’s time to move on to the next step: creating a safety checklist for inflation.

Make sure you check all the points to ensure your inflatable bounce house is safe and secure before use.

  • Inspect the seams and the material for any tears or damages.
  • Securely attach all the safety anchors with heavy-duty screws.
  • Check the fan for any signs of damage–loose parts, exposed wires, etc.
  • Once the bounce house is inflated, check the walls for any signs of deflation.
  • Also, make sure there are no sharp objects around the play area.
  • Finally, have an adult supervise the play area at all times.

Following these steps will ensure your bounce house is safe and ready for use.

Deflation Tips

Once the bounce house is securely inflated, it’s important to take the time to properly deflate it. To ensure a safe and hassle-free deflation process, here are some tips you should keep in mind:


  • Unplug the blower before beginning the deflation process.
  • Remove all stakes, sandbags, and other items used for securing the bounce house.


  • Start by releasing the air from the top of the bounce house.
  • Pull the zipper down to progressively release the air from the bottom.
  • Remove the blower tube from the valve and store it away.
  • Fold the bounce house and roll it up.

Following these simple steps will help you properly deflate your indoor inflatable bounce house and store it away for the next use.

Cost Factors

It’s important to consider your budget when shopping for an inflatable bounce house for indoor use. Cost is a major factor in determining which one is right for you.

The price of an inflatable bounce house will depend on the size, features, and type of material used. Smaller bounce houses will generally cost less than larger ones. However, a larger bounce house may be a better investment since it will provide more play time and longer-term use.

Additionally, the type of material used can affect the price. Vinyl-coated nylon and polyester materials are more durable and waterproof, making them more expensive.

Choosing the Right Size

After considering budget, the next step in finding the best inflatable bounce house is to determine the size you need. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the right size:

  • Space:
    • Measure your available indoor space to make sure the bounce house you select will fit.
    • Consider any obstacles or furniture that may need to be moved out of the way.
  • Kids:
    • Think about the ages of the kids who’ll be using the bounce house.
    • Choose a size that will provide ample room for all the children who will be using it.

When selecting an inflatable bounce house, consider these factors to make sure the size you choose is optimal for the kids and the space. Doing so will ensure the bounce house you choose is the perfect fit.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your inflatable bounce house in good condition, here are a few maintenance tips.

  • First, always keep the bounce house clean and free of debris. Vacuum it regularly and spot-clean any spills or stains.
  • When you’re done with it, make sure it’s completely dry before storing it away.
  • Also, be sure to check the seams and stitching periodically for any wear and tear. If you notice any, repair it right away.
  • Lastly, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for inflation and deflation. Don’t inflate it too much or too little, as this could cause damage to the material.

If you follow these tips, your inflatable bounce house will remain in good condition for years to come.


Once you have the bounce house set up, consider adding some accessories to make it even more fun. Kids and adults alike will love these creative add-ons that will enliven their bouncing experience:

For Safety:

  • Safety mats
  • Cushioned walls

For Fun:

  • Hoops
  • Obstacle courses

Safety accessories help protect kids from injury and increase the longevity of your bounce house. Mats and cushioned walls can be placed around the bounce house to ensure kids don’t accidentally fall or bump into hard surfaces.

Fun accessories also help keep kids engaged and entertained. Hoops and obstacle courses can be purchased to add a competitive element to the bouncing experience.

Don’t forget to check for durable, kid-friendly materials when shopping for accessories. With the right mix of safety and fun, your bounce house will be a hit every time.

Top 3 best bounce houses for sale offered by Jungle Jumps

1) Dream Castle 6 



W X L X H: 

13 x 13 x 15



Description (Dream Castle 6):

If you’re looking for a bounce house to purchase, we have an extensive selection that covers all your needs. Take, for instance, our delightful fun castle bouncer, meticulously crafted using durable, commercial-grade vinyl in vibrant, eye-catching colors, ensuring it can withstand years of use at outdoor gatherings. This bouncer boasts four inflatable turrets, one positioned at each corner, adding to its appeal. Mesh-covered window openings are thoughtfully integrated into the front, sides, and back, providing both ventilation and visibility.

Inside, there’s a spacious play area, easily accessible through the inflatable entrance/exit ramp at the front. To assist you in maintaining your dream castle in pristine condition, we supply an illustrated manual, repair patches, and glue. With these provisions, your bounce house will remain in tip-top shape, guaranteeing hours of joyful play for years to come!

2) Balloon Bounce House 



W X L X H: 

13 x 13 x 16



Description (Balloon Bounce House):

Vibrant, lively balloons adorn the four corners of this moonwalk designed for commercial use. The heavy-duty vinyl material ensures durability, while mesh-covered openings on all sides provide excellent ventilation. Easy access is facilitated by an inflatable ramp, allowing smooth entry and exit. Setting up the moonwalk is a breeze with our step-by-step illustrated manual, and maintenance and storage become hassle-free with the help of our comprehensive guide.

3) Tropical Paradise Bouncer 



W X L X H: 

13 x 13 x 14



Description (Tropical Paradise Bouncer):

Get ready to infuse tropical excitement into your upcoming party or indoor/outdoor event with this vibrant commercial bounce house. Manufactured with utmost craftsmanship by Jungle Jumps, this bounce house promises endless thrills. Its arched roof provides ample headroom inside the bouncer, while the inflatable ramp and flapped opening in the front ensure easy access for all guests. Safety and ventilation are top priorities, achieved through the use of finger-friendly fine mesh panels on each wall.

To add a festive touch to any occasion, decorative inflatable palm trees grace each corner of the bounce house. Crafted from resilient vinyl material, this bounce house is built to withstand years of use with minimal maintenance required. With this lively and durable bounce house, young guests are in for an unforgettable tropical experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Bounce Houses Suitable for Both Indoors and Outdoors?

Yes, most inflatable bounce houses are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to set up and take down, making them perfect for any setting.

How Long Does It Take to Inflate the Bounce House?

It typically takes 10-15 minutes to inflate a bounce house. You’ll need a power source and an air pump to get it done quickly.

How Much Space Is Needed to Set up the Bounce House?

You’ll need a good amount of space to set up your inflatable bounce house. Generally, you should plan for a space that’s at least 10′ x 10′.

What Is the Maximum Weight Limit for the Bounce House?

The maximum weight limit for a bounce house varies, so check the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, it can support up to about 500 pounds.

Is There a Warranty for the Bounce House?

Yes, most inflatable bounce houses come with a warranty. They usually cover defects in material and workmanship for a certain period.


With all the choices out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right inflatable bounce house for indoor use. But with a little research and the right safety considerations in mind, you can find the perfect option for your needs.

Just be sure to factor in the cost, size, inflation, and maintenance, and you’ll be ready to bounce in no time!

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