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Found the best bounce house for sale in Washington 

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : May 10th, 2023 Date Updated : May 16th, 2023

Are you interested in purchasing an inflatable bounce house in Washington? Check out our latest article featuring the top-rated bounce house for sale in Washington, brought to you by Jungle Jumps – the leading bounce house supplier in the state!

Jungle Jumps is not only the go-to source for bounce house sales in Washington, but we also offer top-quality inflatable bounce houses in other states as well. If you’re looking for the best bounce house options in California, Florida, New York, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and more we’re here to help you find the perfect inflatable bounce house for your needs. Browse our extensive selection and get ready to take your party to the next level!

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Have you heard about Jungle Jumps? 

Found the best bounce house for sale in Washington - Jungle Jumps

We are a leading manufacturer of top-quality commercial inflatables in the United States, with our headquarters and 24,000 square feet cutting-edge production facility situated in Pacoima, California.

Our dedicated team of in-house graphic and product designers employ the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies to create the finest inflatables. We are constantly working to innovate and expand our product offerings, ensuring a diverse selection for our customers.

We take immense pride in our unwavering dedication to quality, using only the finest materials and construction methods to produce exceptional water slides, bounce houses, and commercial inflatables for sale. Our expertise lies in manufacturing bounce houses, inflatable water slides and dry slides, combo units, inflatable games, and other interactive inflatables.

Our inflatable bounce houses form the core of our business, and we offer an extensive variety of styles, colors, and seasonal free shipping promotions. Our water slides and combo wet/dry slides are ideal for outdoor events and festivals during warmer months, available in numerous designs. As a leading producer of water slides, we can even customize inflatables to match your unique vision. Additionally, we offer bouncer house accessories and event items to help enhance your business.

Jungle Jumps is the best inflatable bounce house for sale in Washington available on:









-Spokane Valley

-Federal Way

-And more

Top 5 best inflate bounce houses for sale in Washington

1) USA Giant Bounce



W X L X H: 

20 x 22 x 15



Description (USA Giant Bounce):

This vibrant inflatable castle jump house is an ideal addition to any party or event, thanks to its eye-catching colors and enchanting castle theme. Produced by the top manufacturer of commercial bouncers in the United States, this fun-filled structure boasts four inflatable towers and an entrance ramp for easy access. With a 13’x13′ interior play area in the smaller version and a spacious 15’x15′ in the larger one, there is plenty of room for children to enjoy themselves. The striking red, blue, and white striped design further enhances the bouncer’s distinctive appearance.

2) Pink & Purple Castle II



W X L X H: 

13 x 13 x 15



Description (Pink & Purple Castle II):

This one-of-a-kind bouncy castle for sale stands out with its vibrant and striking colors. Constructed from durable commercial-grade vinyl, it showcases a purple foundation complemented by pink window frames and blue highlights on the roof and door covering. Adding to its charm are the inflated turrets at each corner and a castle-like arch adorning the entrance. The interior offers a fun play area for users to relish.

3) Pirate Bounce House



W X L X H: 

13 X 13 X 14



Description (Pirate Bounce House):

Our Pirate-themed bouncer has become a customer favorite due to its authentic design and top-notch construction quality. Designed to resemble a pirate ship, the inflatable boasts expansive mesh-covered openings on all four sides, inflatable cannons, and roofline parapets. The entrance/exit ramp is conveniently situated in the middle of the front wall, allowing for easy access. Constructed with resilient commercial-grade vinyl materials, each bouncer promises durability and longevity, setting the industry standard for quality.

4) ATV Bounce House



W X L X H: 

17 X 17 X 18



Description (ATV Bounce House):

This vibrant bounce house for sale is prepared for an exhilarating off-road escapade. Featuring an inflatable all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on its roof and four wheels for effortless transportation, it is designed to provide endless fun. The robust, commercial-grade vinyl material sports a striking combination of bright red and deep blue colors, making it visually appealing for children. The bounce house boasts a peaked roof and an inflatable entrance ramp that lead to a spacious interior play area, which is surrounded by mesh-lined window openings for added safety and visibility.

5) Blue Mini Module



W X L X H: 

10 x 10 x 11



Description (Blue Mini Module):

This customizable modular-themed bounce house is a top choice among our commercial styles, as it can be tailored to suit any event. With large mesh-covered openings on all four sides, the interior play area offers excellent ventilation and visibility. The inflatable entrance/exit ramp is conveniently located in the center of the front wall, allowing for easy access. Constructed with robust and long-lasting commercial-grade vinyl material, this bounce house guarantees industry-leading quality. Its modular design enables you to alter the theme simply by purchasing additional panels.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best bounce house for sale in Washington or any other state, Jungle Jumps is undoubtedly your ultimate destination. With a wide range of top-quality inflatable bounce houses suitable for various events and themes, you can be confident in your selection. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that we offer the finest products and services, setting us apart from competitors in the industry.

No matter your location in Washington – be it Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, or any other city – our top-rated inflatable bounce houses are designed to make your event memorable and enjoyable for everyone. So why wait? Explore our extensive collection today, and elevate your party or event to new heights with a Jungle Jumps bounce house!

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