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Understanding Commercial Inflatable Jumpers

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : May 19th, 2013 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Happy Crayon JumperOne thing that most bounce house rental business owners find themselves having to do on a regular basis is explain to their customers why their bounce house units are different from the units that you can purchase in big box stores like Target and Walmart. These inflatable units that are designed for home use are becoming less and less expensive to purchase, which leaves many potential clients believing that they are overpaying for the rental use of one. By being able to explain to potential clients, in layman’s terms, the difference between commercial inflatable jumpers and personal inflatable jumpers you will find you’re much more likely to make the sale.

The Big Differences

There are many differences that you will find between the two types of unit starting with the material the commercial inflatable jumpers made of. Commercial inflatable jumpers and made of a much more sturdy and strong vinyl material. This material is designed to withstand not only dozens of kids jumping on it over and over again, but also the elements as well. Personal inflatable jumpers, in contrast, are made of a much more flimsy vinyl and aren’t generally not designed to be weatherproof. Put one of those units out in the rain and it is likely that you will find a hole in it as soon as the rain has gone.

Another difference between the two is size. You will be hard-pressed to find a personal inflatable unit that is big enough to hold more than two children at a time – and even then it is likely that the unit advises you to have only one child on at the time. With commercial units, however, you can fit a number of children on the bounce house at one time safely.

There are many differences between the two types of units but if you ever have a client who is complaining about the price of your rental explain to them that you understand their frustration, and their budget restraints, but that there are big differences between commercial units and personal units and that because commercial units are designed to last for such a long time, and because they are larger and able to handle inclement weather, the units are much more expensive to purchase.

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Booking Fees for Your Bounce House Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 9th, 2013 Date Updated : May 30th, 2018

Castle InflatableThere are so many things to know when you start a bounce house business they can be very intimidating for even an experienced business person. Simply purchasing commercial inflatable jumpers is not enough to guarantee that you are going to have a successful bounce house rental business. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to become a business expert overnight, but if you want to have a successful bounce house rental business there are number of important things that you should know that you may currently not.


Because a rental business requires booking ahead of time, one question that many business owners have is whether or not they should require their clients to pay in advance for booking. Some owners of other businesses do require fees in order to hold the date at the time of booking. Take, for instance, a wedding photographer. It is not uncommon to see a wedding photographer requiring half of the funds upfront in order to hold the day. But do you need to do this when you own a bounce house rental business? It is actually a very good idea to make sure that your clients are required to pay a small amount in order to hold the date that they have booked. It does not have to be half of the amount, even a mere $50 will help to ensure that your client is serious about booking your commercial inflatable jumpers, but there is another huge reason why you should think about requiring your customers to pay something when they book.

What happens if a client books and then cancels on you? You miss out on potential income. If you held the date for this client and turned away other offers only to have the client later cancel on you, you get absolutely no money. If, however, you require your clients to pay a portion of the rental fee in order to successfully be booked you will at least have that money in your pocket. Make sure that you not only require a booking fee, but that you also require the contract to be signed before you set up a bounce house. Often business owners will send out the contract, generally via email, and will require the deposit to be sent back with the contract.

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