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Inflatable Water Slide for Festivals: Attract Crowds and Keep Them Cool and Entertained

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : March 10th, 2023 Date Updated : May 16th, 2023

Looking for a waterslide for sale to attract crowds and keep them cool and entertained at your next festival? Look no further than an inflatable water slide! This addition to any outdoor event is sure to be a hit.

Imagine hosting a family-friendly event in the park on a hot summer day, with hundreds of people in attendance. With an inflatable water slide, you can provide hours of fun for all ages with multiple slides, features, and splash pools. And the best part? It’s easy to transport and set up, so you can focus on enjoying the event instead of worrying about the logistics.

Inflatable water slides are an excellent way to add excitement and energy to any gathering, all while accommodating all age groups. And because of their affordability, they’re accessible for virtually any budget. So if you’re looking for a way to make your next event a crowd-pleaser, consider adding a waterslide for sale to the mix.

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All You Need To Know About Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable Water Slide for Festivals: Attract Crowds and Keep Them Cool and Entertained - jungle Jumps

An inflatable water slide is an exciting and fun way to attract crowds at festivals. It’s a great way to give people of all ages something enjoyable to do while they take part in the festivities. An inflatable water slide consists of a large, slippery surface connected by two inflated side walls. The person slides down the middle on either their stomach or back using gravity and momentum to propel them forward. At the bottom is usually a pool filled with cool refreshing water that provides relief from the hot summer heat.

The size and shape of the slide can vary depending on where it will be used and how many users it needs to accommodate at once. Some are designed for smaller spaces, such as backyard parties, while others are built for larger areas like amusement parks and fairgrounds. In addition, some slides have twists and turn incorporated into their design which adds even more excitement for riders!

Inflatable water slides provide hours of entertainment for both adults and children alike, making them an excellent feature at any outdoor event or celebration. They bring life and laughter wherever they go, giving guests something unique and special to look forward to during their visit.

Purpose Of Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are an excellent addition to any festival. Not only do they attract crowds, but they also keep people cool and entertained during the hot summer months. They provide a unique way for people of all ages to have fun in the sun without having to worry about the heat or getting wet from swimming pools. Plus, these slides come in various sizes and shapes, so it’s easy to find one that fits into your festival’s budget.

Another great benefit of inflatable water slides is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This means that if you want to host an indoor event, you don’t need to worry about rain or other inclement weather ruining your plans. You can simply set up the slide inside and let everyone enjoy themselves while staying safe and comfortable at the same time.

Lastly, inflatable water slides are designed with safety in mind. The materials used are strong enough to support multiple riders and prevent them from slipping off while playing on the slide. Additionally, there are no sharp edges or corners which could cause injuries should someone slip or fall off unexpectedly. With this added assurance, families can rest assured knowing their children will remain safe throughout their experience on an inflatable water slide.

Benefits Of Attracting Crowds With Inflatable Water Slides

Attracting a crowd with an inflatable water slide can be incredibly beneficial. This type of attraction is sure to capture the attention and interest of any passerby while providing hours of fun for those who come out to enjoy it. In addition to being visually appealing, there are several reasons why using an inflatable water slide as part of your festival setup can provide great returns on investment.

First, having a popular activity like an inflatable water slide at your event will help keep people entertained for longer periods. Not only does this mean that more people will stay and spend money at your venue or event site, but it also means you’ll have plenty of happy customers who can’t wait to return in the future. Additionally, by offering large groups the opportunity to interact with each other through friendly competition on the slides, guests are likely to leave feeling satisfied and content after their experience.

Second, having an inflatable water slide present offers a unique way for visitors to cool down during hot days spent outdoors. The refreshing spray from the slides helps ensure people don’t become too overheated while they’re spending time enjoying all aspects of your festival or event – which could potentially mean fewer medical emergencies due to heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Overall, adding this kind of amenity gives patrons a way to take breaks throughout their visit without having them miss out on any attractions or activities that may interest them.

Finally, these types of items offer a relatively low-cost option when compared with purchasing multiple expensive rides or catering services. They require minimal storage space before use and just minutes to set up once they arrive at your location – so even if you’re limited on staff or resources you’ll still be able to easily add something exciting and entertaining into the mix. Plus, since many companies allow rentals instead of outright purchases you won’t have to worry about finding room for such big pieces during times when they aren’t in use – allowing you to focus solely on making sure everyone has a good time during events when everything is running smoothly!

Sizing And Design Considerations For Inflatable Water Slides

When choosing an inflatable water slide for a festival, it’s important to consider the size and design of the slide. Size is critical because you want to make sure that your attraction can accommodate large crowds without overcrowding or long lines. You’ll also need to ensure that there’s enough space around the slide so people don’t feel cramped or uncomfortable while waiting in line.

The design of your inflatable water slide should be aesthetically pleasing and suit the overall theme of your event. It should also have appropriate safety features such as non-slip stairs, strong handrails, and protective netting around any sharp edges. The material used for the slides must meet safety standards and be durable enough to withstand weather conditions over time. Additionally, its color scheme should match well with other decorations at the event.

Finally, you must choose a provider who has experience setting up inflatables for festivals and knows how to keep them secure throughout the event. They should offer good customer service and provide helpful advice on selecting an appropriate model based on your desired budget and requirements.

Safety Features For Inflatable Water Slides

Safety is a priority when it comes to inflatable water slides. Several features can help ensure guests’ safety while they enjoy the slide. The first feature is an emergency stop button located at the top of the slide, which lets attendants quickly and easily shut down the unit if necessary. This helps prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring due to improper use of the slide. Additionally, all riders must be wearing life jackets or other appropriate floatation devices for added safety.

The next safety feature for inflatable water slides is non-slip surfaces on both the steps leading up to the slide and along its length. This prevents slipping and sliding, which could cause falls and potential injury. There should also be guard rails placed along either side so kids can safely climb up without fear of falling off the edge. The entrance area should also have a netting barrier installed to keep children within safe boundaries as they get onto the ride.

Finally, each slide should be regularly inspected by staff members to make sure it is free from any damage or wear and tear that could compromise its structural integrity or contribute to unsafe conditions during operation. All these measures combined create a safe environment for everyone involved – making your event stress-free and enjoyable!

Our Best Inflatable Water Slide for Festivals

1) 22 USA Wet only Run N Splash



W X L X H:

16 x 66 x 22




Looking for the perfect addition to your summertime event? Look no further than our patriotic-themed wet-only slide! Made right here in the USA by the leading commercial inflatable water slide manufacturer, you can trust its quality.

The slide is made of durable commercial-grade vinyl in red, white, and blue, and features a wide slide lane and a side-mounted ramp. Inflatable arches support the slip-n-slide area, and at the base, a generous splash pool adds to the wet fun for all ages. With its wide base, this inflatable assembly is incredibly stable and tough enough to last for years to come.

So if you want to add a touch of patriotism and wet fun to your next summertime event, our patriotic-themed wet-only slide is a perfect choice!

2) Double Lane Raging Tides Slide



W X L X H:

17 x 40 x 22




Looking for an industrial-grade water slide for sale that’s perfect for backyard parties, birthdays, and outdoor events? Look no further than our Raging Tides series – one of our most popular choices!

This massive water slide features a decorative inflatable wave at the top and two wide slide lanes side by side. An access ramp to the left of the slides makes it easy to reach the top, and at the bottom, the slides join together into a splash pool. We use a durable vinyl material for all of our water slides, with this one boasting a vibrant blue shade and white accents on the cresting wave. It’s built to last for many years of slippery fun!

So if you’re looking for an industrial-grade water slide that’s sure to be a hit at your next event, our Raging Tides series is a perfect choice!

3) Emerald Rippling Tide Slide Splash Pool



W X L X H:

16 X 26 X 18




Experience the fun of having your water park with the Emerald Rippling Tide Water Slide! This inflatable water slide can be rented for use in the comfort of your own home, giving you all the excitement of a regular water slide without the hassle of going to a water park.

Climb up the steps to the top and relax in the shady safety net before sliding down the long, wavy slide. Unlike other inflatables, this slide curves towards the bottom, adding an extra thrilling element to the experience. It can be used wet or dry, making it the perfect addition to any hot day.

With two lanes, the occupants can bounce, race, slide, and cool off at the same time, adding extra fun to the experience. The slide itself is a double drop, ensuring an even more exciting ride. Plus, the wavy slide design resembles an actual rippling tide, with a marble-like appearance that appeals to all ages. And if the size or color doesn’t suit your taste, it can be easily changed.

Our Emerald Rippling Tide Water Slide is also built to last, with extra reinforcements that ensure it stays together and provides endless entertainment for years to come. So why wait in line at a water park when you can bring the fun to your backyard? Rent the Emerald Rippling Tide Water Slide today!

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