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Top 12 Best inflatable bouncer accessories

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 9th, 2022 Date Updated : May 16th, 2023

Inflatable bouncer accessories make all the difference in creating a safe and fun environment for kids and adults. In this article, I’m going to give you the top 12 Best inflatable bouncer accessories by Jungle Jumps!

12 Best inflatable bouncer accessories:

Top 12 Best inflatable bouncer accessories - Jungle Jumps

1) 1 HP Blower 

1 HP Blower - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

17 x 13.5 x 17



Description (1 HP Blower):

The 1 Hp Turbo High-Performance Blowers feature a powerful High-Efficiency motor with High Output, allowing you to operate the blower at a low amperage draw. They are built with state-of-the-art construction, including safety screens and reverse air-blocking louvers. Handles are designed for easy carrying and units are shaped for stability and stackable for space efficiency. The blowers come with 180 days warranty.

2) 1.5 HP Blower 

1.5 HP Blower - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

17 x 13.5 x 17



Description: (1.5 HP Blower):

The 1.5 hp Turbo High-Performance blower is a powerful machine and can be used for medium-sized inflatable structures.

3) 2.0 HP Blower 

2.0 HP Blower - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

16 X 20.5 X 18



Description (2.0 HP Blower):

The 2 HP turbo high-performance blower is powerful and lightweight. It has 990 watts of power, runs at 60 Hertz, and can move 1680 cubic feet of air per minute. Warranty coverage is for 180 days.

4) Anemometer Wind Speed Meter 

Anemometer Wind Speed Meter - Jungle Jumps



Description (Anemometer Wind Speed Meter):

The BT-100 is a portable wind speed gauge that can accurately measure air speed in 5 units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, and mph. It includes wind temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit (-10 to 45℃/14℉ to 113℉) and measures wind speed range 0.67~67.1 mph(+/- 5% of readings), with a resolution of 0.1m/s; 0.2℃. The sturdy construction ensures long-term use and the backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read your data even in low-light conditions. The tripod hole lets you mount the gauge on a tripod for continuous monitoring of airflow in high places such as rooftops or stadiums (tripod not included).

This wind tester is just what you need to measure the speed of wind for your outdoor activities, such as shooting, Boat Sailing, Kite flying, Climbing, Drone driving, etc. Easy to Use Manual / Auto Power OFF optional, Back Light Screen to let you see even in dark. 2×1.5V AAA batteries are included to get you started when you receive the wind tester.

5) Long Deflator 

Long Deflator - Jungle Jumps



 Description (Long Deflator):

This long deflator reduces the time it takes to pack up an inflatable by up to 50% over traditional methods. It works with all types of inflatables and allows for a tighter roll than walking air out. For rental businesses, time savings equal more profits and help you maximize efficiency at your next rental event.

6) 16 Lbs Sledge Hammer (Sold with inflatable purchase only) 

16 Lbs Sledge Hammer - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

7 x 36



Description (16 Lbs Sledge Hammer):

Sledge Hammer with Fiberglass Handle

7) 400 lb Dolly (Sold with inflatable purchase only)

 400 lb Dolly - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

24 x 30 x 58

Description (400 lb Dolly):

2 Air-filled tires Max 400LB Capacity

8) Blower failure Siren 

 Blower failure Siren Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

15 x 15 x 11



Description (Blower failure Siren):

The WATCHDOG Blower-Siren can help prevent suffocation, dangerous falls, and other common accidents caused by the sudden deflation of inflatable bounce houses. When an inflatable loses air, it immediately becomes unstable and children can become injured due to falls or become trapped inside. When the unthinkable happens, every second counts. Circuit breaker failure detection, generator failure detection, unplugged cords detection, blower inadvertently turned off detection (child mischief) detached blower tube detection, zipper opened or large tear detection, and blocked blower intake detection all contribute to a safer environment for children playing in inflatables. The WATCHDOG Blower-Siren provides audible warnings when these situations occur so that operators can take action before anyone gets hurt.

9) Stake Puller (Sold with inflatable purchase only) 

Stake Puller - Jungle Jumps





Description (Stake Puller):

For Flat Head Stake

10) Patch Kit 

Patch Kit - Jungle Jumps





Description (Patch Kit):

With this patch kit, you will get your color choice of five 12×12 or 18 oz types of vinyl, and glue.

11) 700 lb Dolly (Sold with inflatable purchase only)

700 lb Dolly - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

32 x 33 x 58

Description (700 lb Dolly):

4 Air-filled tires Max 700LB Capacity

12) Large Entrance or Exit Mat (Sold with inflatable purchase only) 

Large Entrance or Exit Mat - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

48 x 96 x 2

Description (Large Entrance or Exit Mat):

Bounce house combo, inflatable slide, and obstacle course entrance and exit safety attenuation mats are used for most inflatables. These mats fold in four two-foot sections, have a handle for portability, and provide a safe way to enter and exit inflatables.

Who is Jungle Jumps?

Jungle Jumps is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial-grade inflatables in the United States. Our headquarters and 24,000 square feet manufacturing facility are located in Pacoima, California. With full-time graphic and product designers on site, we use the latest design and manufacturing technologies to construct the highest-quality commercial-grade inflatables available. We take pride in our quality, using only the best materials and construction practices to deliver the very best in water slides, bounce houses, and commercial inflatables for sale.

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