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What to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Pool and Water Slide

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : January 20th, 2021 Date Updated : January 25th, 2021

The hottest months of the year are just around the corner. Summer should be a time for children to relax and enjoy their free time away from school. But, as a parent, what things can you do to provide fun activities to keep your kids entertained?

As a solution, many parents have decided to invest in inflatable water slides to put in their backyards. This is a great way to limit your children’s screen time and get them to spend time with their friends and family while enjoying the summer heat outside.

The fun is seemingly endless when it comes to playing on an inflatable water slide. You can add a hose to the mix and help children cool off in the summer sun. You can also throw in plastic balls to make the inflatable pool much more enjoyable to play and splash in.

There are many benefits that come with buying an inflatable pool and water slide, especially in contrast to investing in a permanent backyard pool. However, there are a few things you may need to consider first.

What to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Pool and Water Slide

Here are some of the considerations you have to think about before getting your family an inflatable backyard water park. 

1 – Children’s Ages

Before buying your inflatable pool and slide, it is important to consider the ages of the children who will be using them. The size and depth of the pool and the type of slide you choose must be a good match for the children’s ages. Choosing based on their ages will ensure that they will have a safe time playing on the inflatables.

2 – Backyard Space

How big or wide is your backyard? Looking into the size of your backyard and where the water slides and inflatable pool will fit into that space will help you decide which inflatables will suit your needs.

3 – Added Accessories

There are many accessories that you can purchase to add more layers and elements of fun to your backyard pool and water slide. You may consider getting an automatic air blower, plastic balls, or even a bubble machine.

4 – Price of the Inflatables

Lastly, the price of the inflatables may play a role in which ones you buy. In many cases, the materials used and the size of the inflatables will determine the cost. You can contact the manufacturers of these inflatables directly to get great deals on these products. 


Without a doubt, your children will enjoy having their very own backyard water park. However, making the right decisions about the manufacturing materials and accessories you get is crucial. You want to create a fun playing environment for your children, but you also have to make sure that it is safe. 

After you have made all the considerations you need to mull over, you will then be ready to buy your inflatables. Once the inflatable pools and slides arrive, all you need to do is inflate them and let the fun begin! If you get something large enough, there is no reason for you and the other adults in your family not to join in the fun as well.

If you want to get an inflatable backyard pool and slide in time for the summer, Jungle Jumps has everything you need. We have different sizes and types of bounce houses and inflatable water slides for sale. Contact us today and tell us what kind of inflatable you need, and we will create it for you and your family!

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