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4 Essential Tips When Using an Inflatable Water Slide

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : September 21st, 2021 Date Updated : September 21st, 2021

Inflatable water slides are fun, and they can be the envy of kid’s birthday parties. So, if you’re starting an entertainment rental company, having some durable inflatable slides in your roster can prove to be a good investment.

However, as you’re setting up your slides for use, it’s important to do it correctly to ensure the safety of your clients. So, here are some essential tips to follow when using an inflatable water slide.

1. Consider the Weight Restrictions

Each inflatable slide would indicate certain weight restrictions to follow. It’s important to note that these weight restrictions are not mere suggestions. They are to be followed to ensure the safety of everyone using it.

So, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of this weight restriction to your clients. Parents renting out your inflatable water slides may not think much of it. They may even let anyone go on the slide to avoid being a buzzkill. But they must understand the importance of following the inflatable slide’s weight restrictions for everyone’s safety. If they insist on letting everyone enjoy the slide, it’s best to recommend a different slide to them with a larger weight restriction.

2. Keep Sharp Objects Far Away from the Slide

Inflatable water slides may be durable, but they are not invincible. Since they are inflated, they can get easily damaged when pierced by a sharp object. So, it’s best to clear out the area before inflating the slide. 

You should also ensure no one brings anything sharp in the slide as this can damage it and compromise the safety of everyone on it. So, it’s important to let renters know the importance of keeping sharp objects away from the slide. 

Since kids are likely using the slide, they may break the rules without really thinking about it. So, it is the renter’s responsibility to inform the attending parents to watch their kids when using the slide to avoid any accidents involving sharp objects.

3. Avoid Roughhousing

Even as an adult, it can be tempting to just start jumping on the inflatable water slide. However, it’s important to note that an inflatable water slide is different from an adult bounce house. While the inflatable water slide is durable, jumping and roughhousing on it can put too much weight on the slide, and thus damaging it. So, it’s important to emphasize to your clients that jumping is not allowed as it can compromise the safety of the people using it.

4. Don’t Over-Inflate the Slide

A common mistake many people make when inflating the waterslide is over-pumping it. But an over-inflated slide increases the risk of accidents. Think of the inflatable water slide as a balloon. When there’s too much air inside, it may end up exploding. So, it’s essential to take note of the pressure valve. If the pressure valve is releasing air, this is an indication to stop pumping.

In Summary

Inflatable water slides can be a great investment for those running an entertainment rental company. However, to ensure everyone’s safety, it’s important to put some rules in place when using the inflatable water slide. These rules include strictly following the weight restrictions, keeping sharp objects away, and avoiding over-inflating and roughhousing.

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