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How Do You Store Your Inflatables during the Winter?

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : October 20th, 2021 Date Updated : October 20th, 2021
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Bounce houses and inflatables can be used year-round in most states with no issue, depending on where you actually live. However, as soon as the weather gets particularly cold and water’s freezing up, bounce houses should be safely tucked away in storage until the warmth returns.

Properly Storing Inflatables Is Important

Commercial inflatables, in particular, are built to be tough and durable. As long as they’re properly taken care of, they can last for years. This is why proper storage of inflatables is important, especially during winter. Luckily, it doesn’t take a major effort.

Here are some good ways to store inflatables in winter:

  • Ensure inflatables have no damage, remaining clean and dry.
  • Roll inflatables properly.
  • Make sure inflatables are placed in vinyl bags specifically meant for storage.
  • Keep inflatables off the ground in a place that’s clean, dry, and warm.
  • Avoid inflatables being exposed to snow or rain.

Keep these in mind as well when it comes to inflatables being stored:

When It Comes to Inflatables, Dragging Is Not the Way to Go

The task will sometimes require a dolly or hand truck being put to use, but they’re not always available. That can be quite the issue since those are basically hundreds of pounds at the very least. If there’s no way to invest in or rent a hand truck or dolly, figure out a different way to move your inflatables. Do not drag them if you can help it because serious damage can occur as a result.

When It Comes to Inflatables, Make Sure to Clean Them before Storage

A bounce house, obstacle course, or inflatable slide can deteriorate when mold and mildew attack, especially when they’re stored. Inflatables need to be cleaned deeply and thoroughly before they’re stored. Needless to say, they have to be rolled up, too.

When It Comes to Inflatables, Make Sure to Dry Them before Storage

While this is essentially self-explanatory, pointing it out is still crucial. Even a remotely damp bounce house can have issues with mildew and mold if it’s stored incorrectly. A good way to ensure your inflatables are dry is to leave them out in the sun. 

To be extra sure, dry them with absorbent towels. If you’re looking to personally make them dry out, use a leaf blower on every single inch of the inflatables.

When It Comes to Inflatables, Make Sure to Patch Them before Storage

If there’s any damage like tears and rips, you should fix them before you store your inflatables. Luckily, there are inflatable repair kits that are easy to use and quite affordable. Your best bet is to have several repair kits stowed away somewhere. 


Bounce houses and inflatables are a lot of fun and bring much delight for most of the year. However, during the colder months, they’re best rolled up and put away. Make sure to clean them, dry them, and patch them before storage!

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