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Side Hustling: How to Start an Inflatables Rental Business

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : March 9th, 2021 Date Updated : May 16th, 2023
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For most people, maintaining one job is no longer sustainable enough to pay for monthly bills. This is why many experts consider this generation of workforce the ‘hustle’ generation, which makes freelancing and side businesses a common trend for many people. Thankfully, many full-time positions are giving enough leeway for their employees to dabble into part-time businesses through flexible work arrangements. Because of this, you can try out different job opportunities in the market.

There’s a wide selection of side jobs you can invest in, from affiliate marketing gigs while at home to working part-time hours in different establishments. A straightforward yet uncommon way to generate extra income is by starting your own inflatable rental company.

How to start your own inflatable rentals business

An advantage of dabbling in inflatable rental services is the relatively low startup capital and equipment you’ll need. Since seasonal events happen all-year-round, many establishments require inflatables for various commercial occasions. This allows you to pay off your initial investment within the year.

In this article, we’ll share a four-step guide on running your very own inflatable rental service.

Step#1: Purchase your inventory

Before you start getting clients, you first need to set up a sizable inventory. It’s generally best to appeal to a design that has a popular theme among children. Slides with obstacle courses are also popular picks among events planners. Defining the clients you want to have will enable you to home in on the right product to purchase.

Step#2: Consider your transport and storage options

Inflatables aren’t too difficult to maintain, but you do need a dry and secure place to store them when not in use. If you have enough space, your inflatables can fit within your garage. Alternatively, you can rent storage units for long-term use.

Besides your storage options, you’ll also need a method to transport your goods to your clients. Thankfully, you don’t need to own a trailer to bring your product from one place to another. You can just partner with a logistics service to book a trailer that fits your transport needs.

Step#3: Accomplish your legal paperwork

Like any business, you’ll need to establish your rental business’s identity and how you want to be known moving forward. It’s important for tax reasons and securing insurance if you need to cover damage to your inflatables. You’ll need to research your specific state and local government rulings to check your requirements in enlisting a legitimate business.

Step#4: Invest in heavy promotions

You can aggressively promote almost any product or service online without spending a single dollar. Social media marketing is becoming steadily popular these days, allowing entrepreneurs to attract a vast market of consumers by simply joining the right groups and networks. After setting up your business page in your platform of choice, you can look for enthusiasts and communities that can be potential clients for your product. If you’re targeting a specific parent demographic, you can boost your posts online to get greater viewership from particular genders, age groups, and regions.


A crucial aspect of running a side hustle is limiting the potential risks of failing your business. If you have a full-time job to commit to, you need to practice your project management skills to keep up to speed on your other responsibilities. Following the steps above can give you a decent blueprint of what tasks you need to succeed with your burgeoning inflatable rental service.

The first step in launching your inflatables rental service is to procure quality goods for your enterprises. At Jungle Jump, we can supply you with a wide selection of wholesale commercial inflatables for sale. Order from our catalog, and receive quality products to start your thriving entrepreneurial endeavor!

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