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Rules Every Parent Should Know Before Buying a Bounce House

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 16th, 2021 Date Updated : November 16th, 2021
bounce house

Bounce houses are a fantastic way to entertain children at a party or any gathering. They can encourage kids to develop their creative skills while providing an avenue to burn a lot of their energy. However, that also means bounce houses can promote wild physical activity, becoming a possible avenue for injury.

Before you buy a bounce house, it’s important to know how to maintain the safety of everyone who decides to play in it. Bounce houses aren’t inherently dangerous, and the likelihood of minor accidents is no different than if you bring your child to a playground. However, a bounce house brings in other elements to work with compared to the solid earth of a playground.

Here are some rules every parent should know before making a bounce house purchase:

Inspect for Insurance and Legality

Before purchasing a bounce house, you must check your state, city, or municipality’s laws regarding inflatables. Most of the rules exist for commercial companies who rent inflatables, but some can still apply to private individuals or residential uses. Before you invest your money in a bounce house, make sure you’re clear on your area’s rules and regulations.

You should also check if the company you’re buying an inflatable from has the proper paperwork regarding registration and insurance. Without the essential documents, you’re less likely to have a safety net regarding defective items or even injuries.

Set Up the Bounce House Properly

It’s vital to know how to set up a bounce house properly because that alone can go a long way in preventing serious injury. Some companies offer installation services once you purchase their product, but others may not. If you don’t want to handle the installation process, make sure you’re buying from a company that provides the service.

If you can’t access a company that offers installation services, it’s crucial to learn how to set up a bounce house. You can do some initial research before making your purchase, and you can also talk to the bounce house manufacturer to guarantee you understand the process completely.

Establish Clear Rules

When you have your bounce house set up, you have to impose clear rules for the children who want to play in it. One rule you need to establish is the prohibition of sharp objects. Not only are they dangerous to the children, but they’re also a threat to the integrity of the inflatable. 

You should also ban any food and drinks to prevent choking hazards and cleaning issues. Hard toys, jewelry, and glasses should also be forbidden inside the bounce house because they can injure children and affect the integrity of the inflatable.

Provide Constant Supervision

Even with all the rules set, it’s crucial to maintain constant supervision. Children can still get into potentially dangerous situations without the watchful eye of an adult. Intense physical activities like doing flips, somersaults, and other forms of roughhousing could lead to serious injury if left unchecked.

Keeping a constant lookout will also minimize the likelihood of children breaking your rules. Ideally, the person supervising the bounce house should be knowledgeable in first aid and can administer it in the event of an accident. It’s imperative because kids are more likely to explore and try riskier movements for the sake of having fun.


A bounce house can be the perfect way to entertain children at any event, but there’s a greater risk for injury without knowing the proper rules for it. Parents need to establish ground rules and keep close supervision on the playful activity inside the bounce house to prevent children from injuring themselves or others.

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