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Is It Better to Purchase Instead of Renting a Bounce House?

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : February 8th, 2022 Date Updated : February 8th, 2022
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Bounce houses make excellent attractions for various events, especially one that invites guests of all ages. They bring joy and laughter and will undoubtedly result in an unforgettable event.

One glaring fact about bounce houses is that event planners often acquire them through rentals. After all, renting a bounce house is simply the most logical route, right?

Well, it depends. Today, this article will guide you and give you an idea of whether it’s better to rent or buy a commercial bounce house. 

How Much Do Commercial Bounce House Rentals Cost?

Renting a bounce house can be costly, especially if you plan to rent for a long time. To give you a better idea, you can rent a small bounce house for an entire afternoon and pay at least 500 dollars. 

Of course, the cost will only multiply depending on the duration of the rent and the bounce house’s dimensions and features. Commercial bounce houses have higher price tags, considering their larger sizes, features, and quality materials. 

Does It Cost More to Purchase a Commercial Bounce House?

It costs more to buy a commercial bounce house than rent one. At Jungle Jumps, commercial bounce houses cost around 1,100 to 2,000 dollars. These bounce houses come with quick shipping, depending on your location.

Now, this price tag may seem daunting to most people, which is understandable if you plan only to use the bounce house for one afternoon or perhaps every other birthday. However, if the commercial bounce house will experience regular use, the situation will change.

Should You Rent or Purchase a Commercial Bounce House?

Rent or buy? That is the question. 

As expected, the answer differs based on the context and the person asking it, so it’s crucial to consider the many factors that affect your potential commercial bounce house ownership.

1. Frequency of Use

If you plan to use the bounce house for a one-day event, renting is more cost-effective than buying it. However, if the bounce house will endure regular use, it’s better to purchase the commercial bounce house.

After all, the cost of renting a bounce house will accumulate quickly over the months and years. If you’re in the business of hosting or planning events, you may find yourself saving more money if you opt on buying instead of renting a bounce house. 

2. Type of Event

The likelihood of a bounce house experiencing use depends on the event you plan on hosting. Also, the bounce house dimensions and design varies, too.

For instance, if you plan to host events for kids, you can go for smaller bounce houses that offer entertainment in the form of slides and trampolines. However, the larger bounce houses with additional features may be more appropriate for adults. 

3. General Care

Commercial bounce houses are enjoyable and entertaining, but they require care and maintenance. Purchasing a bounce house means considering maintenance and repair costs. 

Not to mention the fact that they are quite heavy, too. If you don’t have the means or manpower for bounce house upkeep, you may be better off renting.

Final Verdict

Renting a commercial bounce house is more convenient than buying one, especially if one considers maintenance and frequency of use.

It’s worth noting, though, that you may be saving more money if the bounce house you’re thinking of purchasing will experience plenty of use under your care. In the end, you must consider the factors above before your decision.

If you’re set on buying a commercial bounce house, you should check out Jungle Jumps. We have a superb selection of bounce houses to match your requirements perfectly. Opt for conveniently priced packages and get a bounce house for an affordable price!

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