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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Moon Bounces

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : June 2nd, 2021 Date Updated : June 2nd, 2021
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Everyone who has been to a carnival or children’s birthday party has probably seen a moon bounce. These inflatable castles are very popular among kids (and even adults) because of the air time they feel when they’re bouncing up and down. 

If you’re a bounce house rental owner, then you may know the ins and outs of the business. But have you ever wondered how the business started in the first place? Here are some quick facts that you may be interested in knowing.

Things You May Not Have Known About Moon Bounces

1. The Moon Bounce was Invented by a Former NASA Employee

The first bounce house was invented by John Scurlock, a retired NASA employee and local engineering professor. Back in the1960s, he made the very first moon bounces from horse pads. Scurlock and his wife then began to make it a family business by the early 1970s, where they eventually started to sell to rental businesses mid-decade. 

As a former NASA employee, Scurlock named the moon bounce after being inspired by the astronauts that bounce around in space. Since the mood landing in 1969, their business began to pick up because of the new-found fascination that kids have with space. The experience of being in a bounce house imitated the bouncing of astronauts when they were walking on the moon.

2. The First Bounce House Amusement Park was Called Space Pillow

In 1959, the Scurlocks eventually opened the first inflatable amusement park named “Space Pillows” in New Orleans, Louisiana. They eventually began producing more inflatables for rental services in a horse pad facility in New Orleans. 

They eventually started selling to companies for birthday rentals and the like in the mid-70s. It was Frances Scurlock, John Scurlock’s wife, who opened and ran “Space Walk,” which is considered to be the very first bounce house and moon bounce rental service ever.

3.  Jupiter Jump Became the First Moon Bounce With Safety Features

Way back when, these inflatables were simply like a giant bed that you can jump on. There was barely anything to catch you if you fell out of them. That is why the Scurlocks invented the “Jupiter Jump,” which featured pillars and an enclosed space to make it safer for younger children to jump in without the fear of falling off. Varieties were then made to castles or stadiums in the later renditions.

Commercial Grade Moon Bounces Today

Moon bounces have come a long way since they first started. From the idea of a local engineer to now a successful industry, commercial moon bounces are now leaps and bounds safer, more fun, and come in all colors, shapes, and sizes worldwide.


Moon bounces are not the same as they once were years ago. They have since evolved into bigger and better models that ensure kids and adults alike stay safe while having fun. Knowing these interesting facts can certainly help you grow an appreciation for being in the rental service that started from the humble beginnings of a local engineer with a love for the cosmic world. 

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