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Cleaning Your Inventory: Inflatable Water Slide Maintenance

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : May 5th, 2021 Date Updated : May 18th, 2021
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Running a commercial inflatable rental business can be a messy job, especially since it involves bringing your inventory from one location to another. Although some clients have indoor establishments like malls and covered courts, others will require you to set up your moonwalks and jumpers on wide-open fields.

While commercial inflatables are rarely at risk of breaking even when installed outdoors, you’ll still need to clean them up before placing them in storage. It’s a necessary procedure if you want to keep your inventory in good condition.

Cleaning your inflatable water slide

Standard jumpers and moonwalks are relatively simple to clean. However, inflatable water slides are a whole different matter. Since it requires a water source to operate, it’s much harder to clean after an event. Additionally, inflatable water slides are mainly situated around fields, causing a buildup of mud, dirt, and grass all over them. Failing to clean them thoroughly can lead to permanent stains that can also deteriorate your inflatables once you put them in storage. This is why it’s vital to go through the proper process of washing them down.

To keep your inventory in good condition, here’s a four-step guide you can follow for cleaning your inflatable slides:

Step #1: Detach the water source

First, you must remove the additional components of a water slide. This includes a misting unit if your inflatable water slide uses one. However, don’t make the mistake of turning off the blower. Keeping the air pressure within the inflatable slide makes it easier to rinse it down.

Step #2: Turn up your hose

After removing your water slide’s accessories, you can now rinse it down safely. Remember to aim at the top to bring the water down to save your water usage. Use an adequate amount of pressure so you can remove tough patches of mud. Pay extra attention when you wash the steps and slide section. Try to clear off as much of the dirt and mud as possible.

Step #3: Remove the water

After washing it down, you’ll need to place its covers on the sliding lands and climbing steps with its Velcro attachments. Don’t forget to secure the pool cover. Afterward, you need to drain the remaining water by unzipping the water slide’s zippers. Do this while the blower is still on, so the escaping air pressure will push the water out of the slide pool.

Repeat the steps above for each zipper until all the water is out. Finally, you can turn off the blower and prepare for egress. Remember to wear waterproof footwear when going through this step to avoid leaving marks on your water slide as you press it down.

Step #4: Egress and drying

After removing most of the water, you can finally turn off the blower and roll up your inflatable water slide. After getting all your gear packed up, you should head to a safe place where you can let the deflated water slide dry. This prevents mold from growing while your inflatable is in storage. Put your deflated water slide on a dry, flat surface, and towel dry any remaining puddles as you fold it for storage. Remember to leave one zipper open for excess humidity and water to evaporate naturally.


It’s a business owner’s responsibility to take care of their inventory’s condition, regardless of what industry they’re in. When it comes to renting inflatables, your products are your primary and only source of income. This is why it’s very important to protect your assets as well as you can.

It’s vital to get the hang of maintaining your inventory before deciding to expand your operation. Once you’re ready to take that next step, you should grow your business by purchasing more inflatables. If you’re looking for a supplier of high-quality wholesale commercial inflatables for sale, order from our catalog today! 

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