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What to Consider When Designing Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : October 13th, 2021 Date Updated : October 13th, 2021

Obstacle courses are the most effective method to bring thrill and excitement to an event. You’d be shocked to learn that this kind of entertainment provides the most physical exercise for everyone engaged.

Everyone can have fun while staying active and healthy by leaping, pushing, crawling, and sliding through an obstacle course.

To design and construct a massive inflatable obstacle course for significant events, you must make full use of the different commercial inflatables.

At first sight, creating such a big obstacle race venue seems to be as simple as putting several inflatable obstacle pieces on the playground. It is, however, easier said than done.

Here are some things to consider when designing an inflatable obstacle course. 

1. Understand What You Need for Your Event

Before putting pen to paper to create your obstacle course site, you must first determine who this event is intended for. Inflatable obstacle courses for adults will be substantially different from those designed for youngsters.

You can’t place a tiny obstacle structure specialized for toddlers amid a range of large obstacle constructions meant for adults. So selecting the appropriate inflatable obstacles will depend on who will be using them.

That said, you should examine the difficulty degree of your obstacle course according to the general attendees and the event’s aim. A complex climbing wall and cliff jump obstacle are clearly inappropriate for a small kid’s birthday celebration!

2. Figure Out How Big You Want the Obstacle Course Should Be 

These modular structures add to the appeal of customizing your own obstacle course from the manufacturer. A single unit is a fun inflatable game, and a large obstacle course may be created by connecting many units.

That means you may mix and combine different inflatable barriers to create any difficult combination you choose. Climbing walls, balancing beams, pillar jungle and slide, monkey bars, crawling obstacles and tunnels, cliff jump, rolling ball, leaps and bounds, and many more skill-testing activities are among the inflatable constructions.

You may also put a bouncy castle or a ball pit in the center of the room for attendees to relax and unwind. Only your creativity and geography restrict the possibilities.

3. Add Activities to Make the Course Fun and Enjoyable

According to the size of your venue, you may not only connect all modular inflatable pieces in a sequence but also leave some gap between the bigger units. You can also put smaller and easier secondary inflatables between those two bigger obstacles to make it more fun—and they don’t need to be inflatables! 

For your fundraising event, you may put up a tire obstacle course, a balancing beam with gym mats below it, S-Running cones, and even a food stand or a contribution box.

4. Incorporate Safety in Your Design

Ensure the safety of all participants. If your obstacle course seems to be hazardous, no one will allow their children to participate.

Although most inflatable constructions are fundamentally safe, appropriate safety measures should be implemented between the inflatables. To create a clear route for players from one challenge to the next, use colorful ropes or other visual indicators on the ground.

It’s also a good idea to have a first-aid kit and some ice packs on hand as a sports event organizer, just in case.


With these fantastic obstacle courses, it is essential to remember that behind the spectacular design and enjoyment, there is a guarantee of safety for people participating in the obstacle courses. Keep this guide in mind as you plan!

Jungle Jumps is a global provider of commercial inflatables. From lighthearted gatherings like birthday parties or festivals to more purpose-driven events like fundraisers or team-building exercises, our inflatable obstacle courses may be utilized at a wide variety of events. Choose Jungle Jumps—create your fun-filled obstacle course today!

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