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Do Commercial Jumpers Damage Lawns? The Truth Is Surprising

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 24th, 2021 Date Updated : November 24th, 2021
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Lawns, gardens, porches, and other plants on your property can bring nature to your suburban home. You can take great lengths to ensure your grass is perfectly manicured down to the leaf so your family and friends can enjoy the vibrant outdoors.

However, several factors can contribute to the deterioration of your precious lawn: extreme weather conditions (too much sun, rain, or snow), too much shade, weeds, bugs, and—some say—bounce houses! You might wonder, Is there truth to that information? I own a jumper, and my grass is completely fine! 

Or, you may be one of those homeowners considering one and are hesitant due to this urban legend. So before you take a look at commercial bounce houses for sale, we’ll give you the surprising truth to the question: do commercial jumpers damage lawns?

The Answer In One Word: No

So if you’re looking for commercial bounce houses wholesale, contact…

Just kidding! We won’t leave you like that. We’ll explain further why they don’t damage the grass. 

Commercial bounce houses, jumpers, or moonwalks are made from heavy-duty nylon or polyester oxford, abrasion- and damage-resistant materials. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t cut out oxygen levels and pose no problem on well-maintained, properly-oxygenated grass at all!

But These Are What You Should Look Out For

Grass with existing problems, such as dryness, discoloration, weeds, or bugs, is what you need to look out for. Placing your jumper over them will worsen those problems even further. 

How? Since they’re made from waterproof materials, inflatable jumpers will increase heat and dryness, leading to your grass becoming dormant. Dormant grass turns a shade of light brown, similar to hay, and will be noticeable as some patches are colored green while others are color brown.

It is important to note that the jumper is not the cause of grass stress. The lawn was likely already suffering from problems before that.

The Positives

However, not all is lost, so you can lean towards buying commercial bounce houses for sale! The problems of extra heat and dryness are solvable by watering with a hose or a sprinkler system. In time, your lawn’s natural green color will return!

For grass with weed and pest problems, contact your local landscaping provider. Do not resort to DIY methods as it could make an already critical gardening concern even worse.

When setting up your inflatable moonwalk, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Always inflate your bounce house over a healthy garden or lawn. Never set one up on stressed or dry grass.
  • Make use of light-colored tarps underneath so your grass still absorbs much-needed sunlight without the heat.
  • Do not set up your bounce house in areas directly exposed to sunlight and are not watered often.
  • Following the above guideline, water your garden regularly with a hose or sprinkler system! This keeps them healthy and prevents discoloration.
  • Always deflate and pack away the bounce house after 12 hours.
  • If possible, inflate the bounce house in a shaded area to prevent grass heating and drying up.
  • Move your bounce house around every so often. Do not keep it in one location so that there are fewer chances of plants and grass heating and drying up.
  • Once you have packed the bounce house away, water the grass or lawn to protect plants from heating and drying up.

The Final Jump

As you’ve just read, there’s nothing to worry about. Bounce houses do not damage your lawn. By following the proper precautions, you can have your cake and eat it too: maintain an excellent, evergreen garden and an inflatable bounce house for your guests!

If you’re looking for commercial bounce houses for sale or commercial bounce houses wholesale so you can get good prices, check out the jumpers and moonwalks available in Jungle Jumps! We’re a global supplier of commercial-grade inflatables made with the latest graphic design and manufacturing technologies available anywhere! Order now and get free shipping on all inflatable orders!

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