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Exciting Bounce House Games You Haven’t Thought Of Before

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : January 18th, 2022 Date Updated : January 18th, 2022
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You’ll need some game ideas for your kids to enjoy if you’re renting a bounce house for a fun birthday party in your neighborhood park or visiting an indoor bounce house site. Even more, you have to stock up on these great game ideas if you’re planning to buy a bounce house! There are popular gimmicks that kids will appreciate, but there’s also a slew of other games you may not have considered that will be ideal for whatever party or fun day you have planned. 

Playing on inflatables is enjoyable because it is not an activity that most children have access to daily. When planning enjoyable games to play in a bounce house, keep in mind that they should be as distinctive as the experience itself.

If you’re looking for a way to liven things up, go no further than this list of fantastic bounce house games.

Try to Stand Still in Freeze Bounce

Because it is as easy as it sounds, this is an excellent game to play in a bounce house. Take a page from freeze dance’s rule book and prepare for a challenge. Play some upbeat music and encourage the kids to jump around. Everyone must freeze when the music stops! Try standing still on an inflatable—you and your teammates will have a great time.

Avoid Getting Hit in Popcorn’s Popping

This game is fantastic for a younger audience. Fill a bounce house with balloons and get the youngsters to bounce. The objective is to avoid being touched by the balloons. Add a few more balloons each round for a more challenging game to play in a bounce house.

LOL in the Giggle Game

The finest games to play in a bounce house are the ones that make everyone laugh out loud. Allow the children to lie perpendicular to one another, their heads resting on their neighbors’ bellies—the first person to say “ha” as loudly as possible passes the phrase down the line. See how far you can get before everyone bursts out laughing.

Stay Alert in Red Light, Green Light

This is a fantastic land game, but it’s even more enjoyable in a bounce house. The regulations remain the same: green indicates speed, yellow indicates slowness, and red indicates a halt. Make sure you’re completely still when the leader yells “red light,” or you’ll be kicked out.

Try to Keep Up in the Sequence Game

The Sequence Game is another entertaining game to play in a bounce house. One child should do an action. The next child repeats the previous action before adding a new one. Until someone forgets the order, the sequence continues. This game will undoubtedly be a thrilling challenge that everyone will enjoy.

Prepare Your Singing Voice in Little Sally Walker

This is a great land game made even better on an inflatable, similar to red light, green light. The children form a circle, and one of them skips around the circle’s inner ring. They’ll halt in front of another player to do their thing and then stop, singing the Little Sally Walker song. The new player is tagged in to perform their thing, and so forth.


This is not a complete list of games to play in a bounce house. On and off inflatables, there are many games to choose from. However, give some of these games a try the next time you’re at a bounce house site or when you finally buy a bounce house. Your party will definitely have a great time!

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