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Top 15 best inflatable interactives

Posted By : Gary Simon Date Created : November 10th, 2022 Date Updated : May 16th, 2023

In this article Jungle Jumps will present you with the top 15 best inflatable interactives! If you want to know more continue reading!

Commercial interactive inflatables for sale

Top 15 best inflatable interactives

Jungle Jumps is the leading commercial bounce house manufacturer in the nation that offers the widest selection of inflatable bounce games on the market. Our inflatables are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, with more options offered from any other commercial inflatable manufacturer. Games inflatables are an essential aspect of our business, allowing you to offer your customers even more choices for their next event. Whether you sponsor company picnics or want to add fun to your next backyard party, Jungle Jumps is one of the top manufacturers of commercial inflatables in the USA.

All of our interactive inflatables for sale are manufactured with the highest-quality materials, as are all of our bounce houses. Each Commercial Grade Bounce House comes standard with a three-year warranty. Jungle Jumps’ commercial inflatables and our commitment to customer service have made us a leading inflatables manufacturer. Our team applies incredible creativity to every product we manufacture, from themed creations to seasonal favorites. Whether you purchase one of our products for a block party or other family gathering or wish to launch your own inflatable rental company, Jungle Jumps is the premier source of creative, fun, and interactive equipment in the world.

15 best inflatable interactives

1) Jump Slide Obstacle with Slip-n-Slide 

Jump Slide Obstacle with Slip-n-Slide - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

13 x 78 x 15



Description (Jump Slide Obstacle with Slip-n-Slide):

Stretching out at an amazing 78 feet long, this multi-station inflatable combo is sure to have something for everyone. It has a slip-and-slide area that starts at the base of a towering single-lane slide. Inflatable arches over the slip-and-slide provide structural support and great style. At the far end of the slip-and-slide portion, a rectangular splash pool can be found. Just before the slide is an inflatable bouncy castle with mesh windows for great ventilation and castle turrets for decoration. There’s even an obstacle course! Jungle Jumps crafts its products from durable vinyl fabric for many years of performance and great looks.

2) MultiColor Obstacle Course 

MultiColor Obstacle Course - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

10 X 36 X 12



Description (MultiColor Obstacle Course):

Consider renting a top-quality industrial-grade inflatable product from Jungle Jumps for your next event. This inflatable interactive stretches out over 36 feet and features a dual-lane obstacle course, climbing wall, and slide. Riders start through the double-arched opening and into the inflatable obstacle course, which has both vertical and horizontal obstacles. At the end of the course, a combination climbing wall and ladder leads to the top of a wide single-lane slide. The top of the climbing wall and slide has a large mesh panel for added safety. Whoever wins receives bragging rights courtesy of fun interactive inflatables made right here in America by our dedicated staff.

3) Dual Castle Obstacle Course 

Dual Castle Obstacle Course - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

11 x 61 x 18



Description (Dual Castle Obstacle Course):

Choose a side, get ready to race, and battle your way through the inflatable obstacle course before reaching the short climbing wall/access ladder on one end of the unit. Our colorful, interactive inflatable products are a hit no matter what kind or size of party you’re throwing! This popular model features a double-arched opening with two separate lanes, allowing for head-to-head competition. The bright colors and exciting play opportunities will send kids running!

4) Inside Obstacle Course & Slide II 

Inside Obstacle Course & Slide II - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

15 X 24 X 13



Description (Inside Obstacle Course & Slide II):

Compactly designed and packed with fun features, our industrial-grade inflatable for sale offers a ton of fun for kids. The party-in-a-box is 15 feet by 24 feet, which makes it perfect for either large outdoor events or intimate backyard parties. It features an obstacle course, a four-sided climbing pyramid, and a curved single-lane slide that wraps around two sides of the inflatable. The access ladder to the slide and the top of the slide itself both have protective fine-mesh panels for added safety. The entire play area is surrounded by low inflatable walls to make it much like a play oasis! We’ve chosen tough and durable vinyl that won’t fade over time to manufacture our quality inflatables.

5) Colorful Slide Obstacle Course 

Colorful Slide Obstacle Course - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

10 x 38 x 12



Description (Colorful Slide Obstacle Course):

This commercial-grade inflatable interactive, over 38 feet long, is one of our largest and most popular models. It features two separate lanes for head-to-head competition between friends. Start through the double arches and into the obstacle course. Jump over, climb under, and run around the obstacles until you reach the short climbing wall, which leads to a wide single-lane slide and the finish line. High sides and an inflatable arch at top of the climbing wall add stability to the unit. We have chosen bright colors to dress up this inflatable’s appearance. It is made from durable, colorfast vinyl material for many years of hassle-free use at outdoor parties and gatherings.

6) 59 feet Obstacle Course with Slide

59 feet Obstacle Course with Slide - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

10 x 59 x 12

Description (59 feet Obstacle Course with Slide):

The 59ft. long commercial-grade inflatable interactive is one of our best models for outdoor use, featuring separate lanes for head-to-head competition between friends. Start through the double arches and into the obstacle course. Jump over, climb under, and run around the obstacles until you reach the short climbing wall, which leads to a wide single-lane slide and the finish line. High sides and an inflatable arch at the top of the climbing wall add stability to this unit.

7) Multi Configurable Slide/Bounce/Course 

Multi Configurable Slide/Bounce/Course - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

10 x 47 x 14



Description (Multi Configurable Slide/Bounce/Course):

We offer the biggest inflatable bounce house and slide combos for sale. This commercial-grade model provides hours of fun at parties and events all year long. Youngsters start off entering through the dual-arched tunnels, passing through the combination bounce house and obstacle course, then racing to the wide single-lane slide at the far end. Mesh panels on the bounce house and pass-through area provide great interior ventilation. We’ve added decorative castle-themed elements in the form of inflatable turrets, arches, and printed details. The durable vinyl fabric is colorfast and built tough to last for years of trouble-free use.

8) Toddler Combo 

Toddler Combo - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

20 x 26 x 8



Description (Toddler Combo):

Our inflatable toddler combo is a great choice for backyard parties and events where little ones are expected. It’s easy to set up, easy to maintain, and will keep its great appearance for years to come. Then, we decorated the play area with shapes like inflatable mushrooms, a rainbow, animals, and simulated palm trees. Adding a small single-lane slide is the crowning touch. With one pass-through opening out of this inflatable toddler combo for sale, it’s designed to keep youngsters inside where they will enjoy hours of exercise and bouncy entertainment.

9) Backyard Go Course 30 

Backyard Go Course 30 - Jungle Jumps




W X L X H:

11 x 30 x 11

Description (Backyard Go Course 30):

This 30-foot-long inflatable combo interactive model by Jungle Jumps offers an obstacle course and a double-lane slide with wide slide lanes. Youngsters enter the unit by climbing over or under inflatable arms, then pass through the inflatable obstacle course, which features vertical obstacles. At the end of the obstacle area, two ladders/ramps lead to the top of the slide. Mesh roof and wall panels help keep things cool when playtime gets intense. We’ve chosen bright yellow, vibrant green, fire engine red, and sunny yellow vinyl material to give this combo interactive model a visual look all its own.

10) Enclosed Sports Inflatable Obstacle 

Enclosed Sports Inflatable Obstacle - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

10 x 30 x 14



Description (Enclosed Sports Inflatable Obstacle):

Inflatable obstacle courses are a fun way to inject entertainment into any party or event. Jungle Jumps delivers the thrills, thanks to this colorful inflatable interactive game. The four pillars are decorated with simulated sports balls. Printed details add even more visual interest to this interactive game. The bright vinyl fabric looks great and withstands many years of active play.

11) Vertical Challenge Wet/Dry

Vertical Challenge Wet/Dry - Jungle Jumps




W X L X H:

20 X 38 X 20



Description (Vertical Challenge Wet/Dry):

When you’re looking for a fun way to beat the heat, look no further than the Jungle Jumps Vertical Challenge inflatable. This model features two tunnel openings with decorative arches and an inflatable obstacle course built onto an incline which leads to dual wet/dry slides on each side. A small splash pool is found at the base of each sliding lane. The slides can be used dry during the cooler months, so go head-to-head or enjoy solo fun aboard this tough, colorful inflatable. The bright vinyl colors of sky blue and warm orange are complemented by printed details along the top arch, making this commercial-grade inflatable tough for long-lasting performance.

12) Skybound Challenge Dry

Skybound Challenge Dry - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

16 X 25 X 18



Description (Skybound Challenge Dry):

The Skybound Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course is an inflatable slide and obstacle course combination that’s perfect for park or festival settings where you want to give guests a fun experience. Participants enter through an inflatable arch at the base of the unit, then climb through the obstacle course positioned in the center. On one side, riders will find the two-level climbing ramp to the top of the slide, then zip down the single-lane slide forming the other side of the inflated structure. Vinyl fabric in shades of yellow, green, blue, and yellow creates visual interest, and printed details add character. We proudly manufacture our commercial-grade inflatable products right here in the U.S. as a commitment to outstanding quality and performance.

13) Rock Climbing Inflatable 

Rock Climbing Inflatable - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

20 X 20 X 20



Description (Rock Climbing Inflatable):

The Jungle Jumps Inflatable Climbing Pyramid is one of the most unique products in the inflatables industry. Standing 20 feet high at the top of its pyramid shape, this commercial-grade inflatable interactive is sure to engage and challenge your friends or participants. It offers three sides of climbing, with colorful raised square protrusions to serve as hand-and footholds. Challenge your friends to see who can arrive at the top first, or challenge yourself by climbing only on one color of handholds. The entire climbing pyramid is surrounded by a generously-sized inflatable enclosure with highly bolstered sides. We’ve chosen the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to help this inflatable interactive stand out from the competition.

14) Tropical 3 Pieces Combo 

Tropical 3 Pieces Combo - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

10 x 47 x 13



Description (Tropical 3 Pieces Combo):

We offer an incredible three-piece inflatable combo that is made to industry-leading standards. This commercial-grade model features an obstacle course, a bounce house, and a single-lane slide that can be enjoyed individually or all at once. The obstacle course has two tunnel entrances and leads to the bounce house. From there, riders will find the ladder that takes them to the top of the slide, which features an extra wide lane for thrills. Mesh panels on all three pieces provide ventilation and safety for young participants. This commercial-grade model is decorated with simulated palm trees and colorful printed details – it’s perfect for backyard parties or huge outdoor festivals alike!

15) Compete Course II 

Compete Course II - Jungle Jumps



W X L X H:

20 x 21 x 14



Description (Compete Course II):

Jungle Jump’s Purple, Red, Yellow, and Blue Inflatable Obstacle Course is a fun and colorful addition to outdoor gatherings and festivals or backyard parties. This self-contained activity center offers a lot of different choices for young participants. Dual arched openings lead to an inflatable obstacle course. In the center, a short double-lane slide is found. Mesh panels at the top of the slide protect youngsters, and inflatable arches add stability to the assembly. The entire play area is surrounded by a low inflatable wall, which is ideal for keeping the really little ones from wandering off.

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