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Jungle Jumps eBook on Starting a Bounce House Business 49 Youth Groups – Church events for their youth groups are another great market for inflatables.  There will be plenty of kids at these events and the church will be looking for activities to keep them occupied.  You can do an online search of churches in your geographic area at Scout / Boy Scout Troops – Targeting scout troops is actually two-fold.  Your inflatable products can be used by the troops themselves for a fun day, or you can market it to this group as a fundraising event.  You can find a listing of girl scout troops at and boy scout troops at Neighborhood Block Parties – These types of parties are generally loaded with neighborhood children.  Inflatables are a safe way to keep the children occupied and having fun, while still keeping tabs on them.  Keep your ears open for any neighborhood buzz or fliers posted leading up to these types of events.  At a block party inflatables are often welcomed as a last minute addition.Any organization offering an outdoor event / open house – Inflatables are such a versatile product, as far as who will enjoy them, that you can target your services to virtually any outdoor venue.  Similar to block parties, you will need to keep your nose to the ground on this.  Check local newspapers for this type of outdoor events to target.Mother's Groups – Mothers are one of the main renters of inflatable products, whether they are planning for a child’s party, or a social event.  Mother’s groups are a great way to reach this audience.  These types of organizations are generally based on geographic area.  Consider joining your local Mother’s Groups.  Watch discussion boards / email forums for party idea discussions and be sure to offer your services when the subject arises.  For a listing of Mother’s Groups by geographic location visit Picnics – Feeling like a kid again is a great reward for hard-working employees.  Inflatables are a fun, care-free addition to company picnics.  You may want to consider compiling a list of local companies in your area and target them with a message during the mid-spring when the planning, and budget, for the company picnic is underway.Fairs and Festivals – These events are jam-packed with activities for kids and adults.  An inflatable would be a great attraction, and money make for these type of events.  You can find a complete listing of fairs and festivals by state at,com_sobi2/Itemid,3/.Grand Openings – New stores are always looking for fun and innovative ways to attract a crowd.  Inflatables are a great way to do just that.  New store opening generally put a lot of hype into their marketing prior to their openings.  Look for ads, mailings and locations advertising new stores coming to target this market.Holiday Parties – Inflatable products are a great addition to holiday parties.  Consider ramping up your marketing and increasing your geographic presence during the holiday season.College Campuses – Colleges are always looking for fun ways to entertain students.  Inflatables are a great way to bring out the fun for hard working students.  To find a list of colleges by state visit