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When considering your marketing strategy keep in mind you will need a combination of marketing tools in order to reach your market. This marketing mix of tools is also referred to by consumers as “the offering.”If you mix your strategies well, and are consistent with them, you will do well with your marketing initiatives. The key is to work your strategies and adjust them accordingly. When you find a particular strategy does not work as well as it should, adjust. A successful company will always test and re-test the market. They will learn the market well. They will find what market wants or needs their product or products and will reach out to that market. They will perform surveys or use other tools to contact consumers so as to learn what the consumers need help with. Most of the time focus groups are used as a marketing tool. If you have ever been to a focus group, they sit you down at a table and ask a series of questions. When you walk away from the group, they pay you a small fee for your participation. This has been an excellent way for companies to get connected with consumers. When the company gets the results of the focus group, they use the feedback to determine what they will need to do in order to better market to their customers. The bottom line is that if you want to be successful in your business, learn what successful businesses do and repeat it. Why re-invent the wheel. Identifying Your Target AudienceOne of the critical keys to your party event and rental business’ success it to reach every potential customer.  The inflatable target audience is a limitless when.  Make sure you are thinking about your target audience with an open-mind to maximize your business’ profits.  Below is a list of your business’ potential target audience:Birthday Parties – From children three years old and up to adults, inflatables are a great addition to birthday parties.  This is the bulk of the business for many party event and rental industries.  This is a difficult one to actively target.  Instead get your business’ name out there and they will come.  Once you have clients be sure to record their birth dates and send email or mail blasts each year offering your services as the data approaches.Birthday Party Venues – Outdoor party venues are a great target market for inflatables.  Whether they keep an inflatable on site for birthday parties, or include this as a package add-on this is a great way to find regular, consistent business.  Put together a sales package (flier, product offerings, business card) and visit local outdoor venues.  A great source for this is  Do a search for “outdoor birthday party venues” with your targeted geographic location.School Events – From kindergarten to high school, school events are another great market for your inflatables.  Schools often have outdoor field days, graduation events, or simply rewards for the students that would be a great place for an inflatable.  Send your sales package to local schools in your area several times a year, including prior to graduation times to get your business in the forefront of their minds.Family Reunions – Adding inflatable products to outdoor family events is a great way to occupy the children and adults and to make sure everyone has FUN!  Most family reunions are not published so this is a tough one to market to.  Again, keep your business in front of as many people as possible and this type of work will eventually fall into your lap.Summer Camps – Camps are always looking for active ways to occupy the kids.  Inflatable are a great way for campers to expend tons of energy while having a great time.  You can do an online search of local camps in your area at