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Inflatables are a significant investment and should be cared for as such.  Simple care and maintenance will keep your inflatable in tip-top form.  Find a safe indoor storage for your inflatables.  Never leave your inflatables outside.  Weather conditions can adversely affect the material.  If the inflatable holds water make sure to drain all of the water and allow the inflatable and blower to dry completely before storage.  Then allow the blower to dry all of the water from the inside.  Do not ever pack your inflatables while wet or damp.  This is a recipe for disaster.To prevent your inflatable from hosting bacteria and germs you must clean and sanitize it after each use.  After an event, while the inflatable is still inflated do a walk through removing any loose debris.  Once this has been picked up, sweep out the unit, the pillars and the netting.After all the debris has been removed the unit can now be sanitized.  There are many products on the market for this.  One very good product frequently used  is Odoban.  This is a very powerful product sold in concentration by the gallon.  Spray down the inflatable, pillars and bounce floor with your choice of sanitizing products.This entire process will take only about fifteen minutes and will make sure that your products and your company maintains a clean reputation.  Always do a check through the inflatable after every event searching for any damage, tears or punctures.  If your inflatable does develop a tear or puncture this is repairable.  You first need to clean the area thoroughly using rubbing alcohol and wait for this to dry.  For those inflatables with visible cross-weaving the tear can often be sewn up using a strong, industrial thread.  If the material is smooth you will need to patch the area.  Many inflatables manufacturers include a patch kit with your purchase.  This way the colors will match and the patch will not stand out.  If you do not have this you can purchase a wet/dry vinyl repair kit.  These can be purchased at any pool store.  Cut a circular patch a little larger than the tear or puncture.  Apply a thin layer of the provided vinyl repair glue to the area around the damage on the inflatable.  Apply the same glue to the back of the patch.  Place the patch over the damaged area and smooth it over.  Let the area dry for at least two hours before using or deflating the inflatable.  Part Six:Identifying Your Target Audience and PositioningHow to Develop Your Marketing StrategiesEvery time you develop a marketing strategy you may have the tendency to rely on your intuition to make decisions. However, this does not always work. You may have some knowledge of what is going on, but you may not have all the facts to make a wise decision. By having a good marketing strategy, you will be able to define business goals and develop activities to achieve them.     The ways you can develop your marketing strategies can be by describing your company’s unique selling proposition (USP). This will be covered more later. You will also need to define your target market. Another way to develop your marketing strategy is by describing how you will position your product or service and how consumers will benefit from using your product or service. You will need to define the way you will market your product or service. How will you reach your market? Are you going to advertise? Will you use the Internet? Are you going to use direct marketing?