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•    No child should use inflatables if they have any kind of medical condition including neck, back or joint injuries, heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, circulatory problems or other health concerns.•    Ensure the electrical source is safe and stable before operation.•    Keep children away from the blower. •    Do not insert fingers, toes, etc., into the blower. It may cause injury.•    Do not insert foreign objects into the blower. Damage will result. •    Do not carry sharp objects into the play area.•    In case of blower malfunction, tighten blower vent and evacuate the play area immediately.•    Do not use inflatable toys in the rain, strong wind, or extreme weather conditions.•    Do not leave the unit inflated or outside when not in use. Prolonged exposure to sun will destroy the fabric.•    Avoid rough play. Rough play is dangerous for children and can damage the unit. Always, always, always, remember safety first. If you don’t practice it, you could end up on the end of a lawsuit that could cost you your business. Make sure your client knows NOT to use any form of silly string or other aerosol string around your unit, the silly string will discolor the vinyl Handling an AccidentYou can take all of the necessary safety precautions to protect your business and your products.  However, someday something will go wrong.  Whether this is an error on your part or a child not following the rules, you need to know how to handle an accident.If and when an accident does occur you will need to complete an incident report form.  Check with your insurer about this, many of them have their own incident form that you can use.  The form should be completed immediately after an accident and should have as many details about the accident as possible.  This way the truth will not be disputed in the chance that the incident may go to court.  Make sure the incident report is signed and dated by witnesses to the accident, and have them also include their phone number.  In the event of an accident remain calm.  This will be important to keep the crowd calm as well.  Assist un-injured people from the ride.  Once you have deduced that an injured guest needs medical assistance get help as quickly as possible.  The more time you spend standing around doing nothing the more negligent and liable you will look.  Do not ever remove an injured person yourself.  This can open you up to all sorts of post-injury liability.  Contact first-aid personnel or other services as required.Always show up to an event with a first-aid kit so that you will be equipped to handle minor injuries as necessary.  Your staff should also be well versed in first-aid skills, with periodic training updates, and current certifications.Maintain a record of all injuries.  Each state has a statute of limitations for how long this information must be kept.  Because the injured party may wait a year or longer to file the lawsuit you will need to maintain this backup information.Inflatable Maintenance and Repair