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One of the reasons e-mail is such an effective tool is because an opened email is the focus of the reader’s attention for as long as that email is on screen. Unlike direct mail, television and other mediums there are few distractions. The key for the marketer is to hold the attention of the reader for as long as possible. This is done through effective written copy and eye-catching images.  Include photos of children bouncing and having fun on your inflatable products.  This will be easily relatable to your prospects.  The key to creating effective newsletter copy and to keep your readership high is to keep the information relevant.  Focus on information that will be interesting to the recipient; inflatable products, add-ons, customer testimonials and stories…  Chances are that if the reader does not find an article interesting they will not scroll down through pages and pages of text. The most effective newsletter articles are a one or two paragraph teaser linking to a web page that discusses the information in further depth.  Be sure to include a call to action at the bottom of the newsletter, a coupon or seasonal savings on your services is a great way to do this.  This is a very important item, and yet time and time again companies neglect to include this in their newsletters. Without a call to action it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of your newsletter.There are plenty of companies offering newsletter design software and the ability to send your newsletter.  This is done separately from your email system, so as not to bog it down.  A quick search of “email newsletters” will provide you with dozens of results.Email newsletter can include an unlimited number of hyperlinks, driving traffic to your website.  By regularly sending out these emails your database will come to expect them, and they will be in front of them when the need for your services arises.  Emails are also frequently forwarded to friends and family, further increasing your marketing reach.Your email newsletters should be sent to your customer database.  To further increase your marketing reach you may want to consider purchasing or renting a list.  You can specify demographics and geographic information for the list.  There are dozens of companies that specialize in this information.  While the cost may be somewhat prohibitive, the ability to specifically target will significantly improve the return on your investment.How to Promote Using Your WebsiteIn today’s world, people promote their business using their website. Turn on your TV and watch commercials. In most cases, they will display their website address. Why? Advertisers know the power of the Internet to promote their business, and they use a website to do just that. By using a website, you can list your business, what you do, how you do it, and the territory you cover. You can show samples of what you do. You can show pictures, video, and audio to describe what you do. If you have a how-to website, you can create a video that describes how to do whatever you are promoting. Going by this guide, by running a party event and rental company, you can advertise such a business on your website by showing various kinds of inflatables, showing kids playing on them. You can do this through a series of photos or a video. When creating your website, make sure an eye-catching headline is the first thing the customer sees. This is the first thing people will see. Make a good benefit-driven headline. You also need to include a picture of yourself so people can know what you look like and you will establish credibility.