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How to Effectively Use EmailAs you probably know by now, email happens to be the most widely used way of communicating around the world. There are various companies around that sell email services, while there are also some that provide it free. The problem with free email is that you are limited to the amount you can send or receive, or the length of your email. A paid email service allows you to send and receive an unlimited amount. You can also set up unlimited email accounts. The best way to use email is to set up folders for each client you deal with. As you receive emails from your clients and customers, set up a folder to save their contact info. This way when you want to send them a special offer, all you have to do is go to the folder, click the reply to button, and send them a short email message. Set up an auto signature file. This is a small text file you can use that includes a blurb about your business, along with your email and website. Each email program is different so it would not make sense to explain how to go in and set up a signature. If you are unsure, ask someone close to you who knows how to do it. When you do send your email messages, make sure they are short but professional. You do not want your messages to sound amateurish, especially to your clients. That will turn them off quickly. Don’t use emoticons in your email. That is used for your personal email, and always spell-check your messages before sending them. Whatever you do, don’t get involved in chain letters. They are scams most of the time. The sender has a code that he uses to collect the email of each person who forwards it. Don’t create a mess for your clients. When you send your email message, follow up within a few days. Just give a short follow-up message that tells why you are writing. This is important. It shows that you are not a fly-by-night outfit. By following up with your clients, your email stays in front of them, and it helps them to remember you. The more they see your offer and business, the more they will remember you and will correspond. Don’t take email lightly. It does work. Just keep in mind to keep your email professional, polite, and short. Email MarketingEmail marketing is a cost effective way for businesses to stay in regular contact with customers and prospects. But more importantly e-mail marketing is the wave of the future. More and more businesses in the party event and rental industry are incorporating this type of marketing into their budget, and the number continues to grow every year. E-mail marketing is an increasingly important medium in a business’ marketing mix.   If you have not yet dabbled in e-mail marketing, chances are your competition has, leaving your customers vulnerable.Email newsletters are one of the most economical marketing tools for your business. They are much less expensive to create and distribute than most other marketing mediums, and allow you to reach the largest group of people for a relatively nominal amount of money.