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Press Releases    It is important to get your party event and rental business as much free press as possible.  Having your business’ name consistently in front of your target audience is certainly a benefit to your company.  One of the most important things is that press coverage tends to be free, leaving your marketing budget to be used elsewhere.  Press releases can be about anything from a new product or service that your party event and rental business is offering to upcoming events and functions.  Compile a list of local entertainment websites, magazines, blogs and other third party sources.  A simple online search should help you to acquire this list.  If possible try to find a specific contact to send the press release to, if there is not a person specified for press releases look for the editor or assistant editor as your contact point. Press releases should be concise and to the point.  Focus on features and benefits of your business and be sure to tout the services that you offer. Your press release should be 2-3 paragraphs and should always include contact information, including address, phone, website and email.  It is also advisable to include a paragraph at the end, separate of the release itself, with your company information and background.  This will establish the credibility of your company.Signs and Stationery to UseWhen marketing, you must get the word out in order for people to know you have a business. There are many ways to do this. You definitely need to get the word in front of your potential customers so they will take note of what you do. Some ways of marketing is with signs and stationery. As for signs, what better way to advertise your business than to use a large sign in your yard, on the side of the building, or someplace where it is easily to find and see? You can create any type of sign, but what do you think would attract more attention? It is obvious. The best type of sign would be a LED or digital sign. This is one that flashes a short message. Just make sure you know the rules of where you can place your sign. You wouldn’t want to place it somewhere and find you have to take it down because you violated an ordinance. As for stationery, the best type is personalized. You would want to get paper that already has your logo and letterhead on it. This way when you send letters out, people will know right away that it is from you. You can also have personalized envelopes that compliment your letters and will give you a more professional appearance. But don’t stop here. Create postcards that you can send in the mail. Or create flyers. If you can afford to, have everything monogrammed. This adds a professional touch to your stationery. You should consider vibrant colors that will make your designs stand out. You must have business cards. This is your calling card. The best business card to create is one that has your logo on it with a catch phrase. Maybe you should place a picture of your bouncing equipment, so people will know this is what you handle. Make sure to include your name, business name, address info, phone number, email address, and website. One great way to advertise your business, and not too many people do this, is by creating mouse pads. As you know there are many people who use computers. Why not give everyone a mouse pad with a picture of one of your inflatables, along with your website and your slogan. Marketing Collateral