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10.    Create inserts and have them placed in your local paper. By doing this many of the people in your area will get it and have it available when they need your business. 11.    Register with the Chamber of Commerce in your area and attend their meetings. This is an excellent way of getting in touch with other businesses and people. You never know who is going to throw a party and will need you to handle the entertainment for them.  12.    There are websites that have links to entertainment companies. Make sure you place a link to your website on that page. This way people will see it, click the link go to your website, see what you have to offer, and either email or call you. 13.    Posting neighborhood signs will give you plenty of local coverage at a very low cost.  Choose high-traffic areas for even more exposure.  Make sure to check with your local ordinances before placing your signs.14.    Door Hangers are another economical way to let local residents know about your business.  Keep in mind that door hangers are generally not kept, unless the recipient is in the market for your product.  To make the most of this type of marketing, make sure your fliers are economically produced, but still professional looking.15.    Magnetic business cards with your contact information are something that your customer can use.  Keeping your information in front of them every day is a great way to retain customers.16.    Take advantage of the free advertising space on your company vehicles with vehicle magnets.  The more you travel, the more your company name and contact information gets out there.17.    Local sponsorships are another great way to get your business in the spotlight, and in a favorable light.  Consider sponsoring a Little League sports team to target prospective customers.18.    Email marketing is an economical way to reach a high volume of customers and prospects.  Sending out regular newsletter, specials and coupons are an effective marketing tool.19.    When you do any marketing, do not go from the angle of yourself nor your business. Do not write from what you do. Instead, picture yourself as the customer. What is it that you would need to know as a customer? This is how you focus your marketing. Online Directory ListingsThere are dozens of online listings of inflatable companies.  Listing your company on these, which are also free, will give you company even more web exposure.  Many people use these directories to find what they are looking for every day. The following sites offer listings for business in the inflatable industry.