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If you register your business with your state, you still may need a local license or permit to operate your business where you live. If this is the case, you will need to go to your local town or city hall and speak to the register’s office. In some towns, you may have to go to your courthouse. If there is no register’s office, go to the town or city clerk. You’ll get help there.     In order to get help with applying for a city or town license or permit, just go to They have an extensive amount of help available as well as sample forms. If you are trying to establish a home business, you can get valuable information by going to this website: Requirements    Each state has a number or requirements and regulations for the inflatable industry.  In many states you will need an Annual License and Rider Permit.  Your state’s requirements may include for this license may include the following:    Completed Application    Inspector Report    Certificate of Insurance    List of Operators    Manufacturers’ owners manual.    DIRECTORY OF STATE AMUSEMENT RIDE SAFETY OFFICIALSThis Directory identifies the individual state offices dedicated to ride safety to encourage communication among the states and the federal government. The high level of expertise developed by state amusement ride officials and their willingness to promote knowledge within this area have been invaluable in identifying unsafe mobile amusement rides and preventing future deaths and injuries on a national level.AlabamaState Department of Health Injury Prevention Division P: (334) 206-5634  Fax: (334)206-5609 of Labor Mechanical InspectionP: (907) 269-4925  Fax: (907)    Arizona Department of Administration - Risk Management    TELEPHONE: (602) 255-1406   FAX: (602) 542-1614 Arkansas