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In order to file for a LLC, you must file Articles of Organization with the state in which you live. The first step is to go to the state website of the Secretary of State where you live. Once you go there and find your state, just go to the website, and read the instructions that are listed. You will find a listing of characteristics of different types of business forms. You will also find state codes describing the regulations for forming, changing, and dissolving the business. You will also find a list of fees you will have to pay as part of your registration. You will also find a list of business licenses you will need to fill out. In most states, you can file for your Articles of Organization right there at the website. You can even register for your business license, if that is a requirement. Filing for an EIN   Once you start a business, and have decided what type of business it will be, the next step will be to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Most businesses need an EIN number. However, there are businesses that don’t need one. You need an EIN number in order to open a business checking account. You also need an EIN number if you plan on hiring employees. So how do you obtain an EIN number? You do so by way of the IRS. To determine if you need an EIN number, just go to,,id=97872,00.htmlYou can also apply for an EIN number by going to,,id=102767,00.html.Creating a Business Bank Account As a business owner, you will be collecting money as you perform your services. The question is where you will put the money you make. Obviously, you will need a bank account. Since you have a business, you will need to start a business bank account. The reason for this is that when you get paid, the check will be more likely in your company name, not yours. If your present bank offers a free business account, go for it. You don’t get them that often. Many business checking accounts are not interest-based. But at least you’ll be able to establish business credit, which is what you need when starting a new business. If the bank you deal with does not offer a business checking account for free, you may have to create one that offers a low fee maintenance account. This means each month they take out a small fee as a monthly maintenance charge. If your bank does not offer business checking accounts at all, you may have to go to a credit union. This would be good if you are already the member of a credit union. But in some states, you are not required to be a member of an organization to join a credit union. The great part about a credit union is that they offer low-fee checking accounts. If you only have a savings account at your present bank, that may be enough to obtain a business checking account. You will need to go into the bank, see an account rep, and request information about their business checking accounts. Applying is easy. Just tell the account rep you want to start a business checking account and the rep will sit you down, have you fill out some papers, and if you have cash to deposit, the rep will handle that for you. Within minutes the rep will come back with a starter set so you can write checks right away. Obtaining a Business License/Permit