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A slide inflatable is made from the same durable material as the bounce house, and is also filled with constant flow of air.  As the inflatable industry has grown over the years, so too has the need for more and more products.  Slides can be dry,  or wet and dry , or wet only slides. Some Wet Slide have pools and other have a splash pool, (Splash pools is an inflated bed that water collects in)  Like bounce houses, slides also come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles. Slide heights start from 12 feet high to as high as 24 feet.     Interactive  / GamesInflatables are much more than just bounce houses and slides.  Today’s inflatables also offer dozens of interactive games to choose from.  These games will not only keep party attendees happy, but also engage their competitive spirit while having fun.  The interactive games available include; Velcro sticky walls, bungee runs, boxing rings, sports challenges and more.Inflatable obstacle courses also are a great way to entertain.  These products come in a variety of lengths, from the most challenging to basic courses.  Obstacle courses are fast becoming a big-selling item for corporate events and team-building activities.  Kids will also love the thrill of the race as they challenge one another.        The ConcessionsA natural add-on to your inflatable products is concessions.  These include popcorn makers, son-cone makers, cotton candy machines, dunk tanks and more.  With such a wide variety of activities to offer your customers there is sure to be something for everyone.  In addition, by including add-ons in your inflatable rentals you will be able to significantly increase your sales volume.     The  Required AccessoriesTo operate your inflatables business, you the the following accessories.Blower is the fan that keeps the unit inflated continuously ( Jungle Jumps provide required blower(s)with every inflatable purchase, so there is no need to buy additional blowers)Stakes, are required to anchor the inflatable on a grass surfaceSandbags or water bags, are required to anchor the inflatable on a hard surfaceTarps are required as a ground cover to protect your inflatables from damage.Tie down straps are required to ties down large inflatables like slides.     The  Required  Tools / SuppliesHammer : To hammer in the stakesCones : To cover stakes for safetyDuffel bag: To hold stakes and hammer)Duck Tape: To tape down extension cords to prevent tripping25 to  50 feet Extension cordsHand Truck : To transport inflatables from your vehicle to the install site.Hand Held Vacuum : To clean inflatable after useSimple green : To clean the  inflatables