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Jungle Jumps eBook on Starting a Bounce House Business 7

A bounce house, also known as a bouncer, moonwalk, moon bounce, and jumper.  An inflatable structure comprised of a flexible layer of vinyl that is filled with air.  The constant air flow is what gives the bounce house its shape and ability to withstand jumping. Bounce houses were first developed in the 1950s and have since become very popular for both children and adults.  The most common use for the bounce house is a child’s outdoor birthday party.Today’s bounce houses come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles.  Some bounce houses are very similar to the “house” that their name implies, with an enclosed area for jumping.  Bounce houses can be as elaborate a design as a castle or multi-level style.The original bounce houses of the 50s were very basic with no enclosure.  This was proven to be very dangerous, as children could essentially bounce right out of the structure.  Today’s bounce houses are equipped with necessary safety features, such as enclosed areas and mesh netting to protect the bouncers.Jungle Jumps recommendation: If you plan to start with a few bounce house units, choose generic bounce houses (not themed) and  multi-colored units that appeal to both to boys and girls.The Modular Bounce House    The Modular Bounce  House refers to a bounce house that is manufactured to  allow removable art panels. Some companies that are starting out in the inflatable business, choose to buy modular bounce houses so they can change the theme of the bounce house with an art panel.       The ComboThe combo refers to a combination bounce house and slide.  This is ultimately the best of both worlds.  Jumpers have all of the features of a bounce house with the additional fun of being able to slide out.  The slide is built into the bounce house and incorporates the same theme and colors throughout.  Some Combos are to be used dry only and there are combos that can be used wet or dry.Some times the combos are refereed to as 2 in 1, 3 in 1,  or 4 in 1 and so on. The functions are 1) Jumping  2)Climbing  3) Sliding 4) Shooting Hoops 5)Crawling through Pop-ups       The Slide