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What are your delivery windows?ReservationsWhen taking a reservation, you will need the following information:Reservation DateResponsible Party NamePhone NumberEvent Day Phone NumberDelivery AddressEvent TimeEvent LocationType of SurfaceIs there an electrical outlet within 25' ?Is the area level and free of obstructions?Amount  required upon deliveryDrying Wet units.You will always need to make sure that your water slides or any water unit is thoroughly dry no later than 24 hours after your rental, specially  before putting it into storage. Even small amounts of water can lead to mildew odors and stains, a destroy your inflatable.1)    Using the hose you'll need to rinse off any large amounts of grass, sand or mud from the unit.2)     Keep the unit inflated to prevent the water from creeping into seams. 3)    Open a zipper and push down on the pool wall to drain water inside it.4)    Pull pool liner off, to allow all excess water to get out of the pool5)    Open drain holes under your inflatable and  tilt  the inflatable to allow the water to drain from inside the inflatable6)    Turn the blower off for deflation. 7)    Fold and  roll inflatable 8)    Within 24 hours use  blowup the inflatable and  leave the zipper open several inches to remove the air humid air, and let the blower air flow dry out the unit.9)    When the unit is completely dry  put the slide cover and pool liner backtogether, deflate, fold, and roll up to put in storage until the next rental.