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It may be better to get a credit card strictly for your business. This way you can keep track of what you are spending for your business. Everything you spend for the business is tax deductible. This is why I emphasize having a separate credit card. You need it. It helps you keep track of your business expenses so you know how much you are spending at any given time. Creating Rental ContractsJungle Jumps provide a rental contract to all our customers, you can use our rental contract follow instruction below to create your own.Any time you engage in business, you must have contracts between you and the client. This is extremely important for your safety as well as the safety of your client. What would happen if you worked without a contract and something happened? You could be sued. How would you protect yourself if you did not have a contract? You couldn’t. This is why a contract is so vital to have. When entering into a contract, you must have certain elements in place. There must be an agreement between parties as to the event, what will be done, when it will take place, and who is responsible for what. There must be something of value to exchange between parties. This could be cash, a product, or service. The contract should be in writing. Oral contracts are possible, but they are difficult to prove, so it is best to have a written contract. This way everything is spelled out exactly, leaving no guess work. When drafting a contract, just state the obvious. Put your contact info on the contract along with the client’s information. Put down the date of the event, the agreed to amount to be paid, the time of the event, and any rain dates to occur if necessary. Explain in writing what the party rental company will provide and give details. Next, explain what the client will provide and give details. Include what equipment will be needed and for how long. Make sure each piece of equipment is listed. You don’t want anything left out. Also, write down anything else that you deem necessary for the contract to be made legal, like the signature of both parties involved. Here is a website where you can find samples of various types of contracts. There is a contract for equipment leasing, if you want to use that when working with your supplier, and an independent contractor agreement. Of course there are plenty of other types of contracts as well. a look and choose the contracts that will fit your situation the closest. There are also contracts for most states, so check those that are for your state and see if any fit what you are looking for. Here is another website that may be useful. Here you have a sample contract on the page, and you can also look up other kinds of contracts as well. rental agreement for the inflatable industry should include at a minimum the following:•    Lessee and Lesser names and addresses•    Date and time of the event•    Delivery information