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The usual costs to incur may be the following:•    License and permits•    Computer hardware and software•    Business cards, stationery, and other collateral•    Purchase or lease of the inflatable products•    Storage facility for the inflatable products•    Transportation for the products•    Initial advertising and promotion•    Salary of owner•    Utilities – Telephone / Internet connection•    Business Insurance•    Legal and other professional feesEvery single thing you may do in your business has to be accounted for. For instance, if you are working with balloons or inflatable products, you will need to buy them, hire someone to set them up, or have the company deliver them. Every aspect of the purchase or lease to the actual use of the product has to be considered. When you add up your initial costs, you will be surprised how much starting a business actually is. Many entrepreneurs do a lot of research ahead of time to find out what costs are involved so they can plan ahead. This can cut costs as much as possible. If you really want to know about start up costs, talk to established business owners to see what they went through. They may be able to offer suggestions to help you better manage your costs. Here is an example of how to calculate your initial start-up costs: a business start-up calculator visit Equipment Expense            Bounce Houses        Combos        Slides        Interactive         Games            Concession Machines            Sandbags / Water bags            Hand Truck             Truck / Van / Trailer         Optional Accessories         TotalOther Start-up Expenses